The Irregular at Phantasy Star Online 2


Next Update: August 13th, 2014


Limited-time Summer Event

Summer Rappiess

Summer Rappies will be releasing a new feature this time around. For the first time in PSO2's history, from level 61 onwards, the Summer Rappies will be dropping all-class items with native PAs and Technics.  Once equipped, they will allow access to certain PAs or Technics regardless of the player's current class. The level 1 equivalent will be available for players who have not yet learned the specific Art; but for everyone else, it will apply the current level.

Rainbow Board

Rainbow Board (Sword)

This colorful surfboard comes equipped with "Ride Slasher" as its native Photon Art. Unlocking its latent ability further strengthens Ride Slasher's power.

Storm Shade

Storm Shade (Rod)

This colorful umbrella comes equipped with "Anti" as its native Technic. Unlock its latent ability to strengthen the power of "Resta."

It's time to head back to the shores for Beach Wars 2! This emergency quest, which appears for a limited time, will feature level 70 enemies on Super Hard from the Coast and Seabed. Expect to see NPCs like Huey, Patty and Tiea, Azanami, Lottie, Io, Zeno, and Echo appear in swimsuits in Emergency Trials across the field.


Lilli Shark

Summer Xie will be handing out new client orders as well. Clearing the orders will net you various rewards like the [Lilli Shark] launcher and [Camalots Mask].


Irregular's Summer Scratch

Shiba Miyuki B

Sega teams up with The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) to bring you costumes, hairstyles, and weapon camos from the main characters. Aside from that, there's going to be even more summer costumes and accessories coming on August 13th.


第一高校二科生男子制服 First High School Course 2 Male Uniform
First High School Course 2 Male Uniform
第一高校一科生女子制服 First High School Course 1 Female Uniform
First High School Course 1 Female Uniform
Mobile Terminal CAD
Short Wet Suit
Short Wet Suit
エアリーサマードレスAiry Summer Dress
Airy Summer Dress
Tropical Pareo
Halter Top Pantsu
ホルタートップパンツ + トロピカル麦わら帽子
Halter Top Shorts + Tropical Straw Hat

Other Updates

  • Ruins and Oceanids: Stage 61 ~ 70!


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