The Viva Las Vegas Seasonal Makes Its Debut!

September 30th, 2020 Update


Viva Las Vegas Emergency Quest

Viva Las Vegas is an enemy rush style quest where players must aim for a high score by defeating as many enemies as they can. Defeating the target amount of enemies in time will net you Bonus Time which triggers a massive enemy spawn. In fact, this will be the first time in PSO2 history where up to 42 enemies will spawn at once.

The higher the score, the higher the rare drop rate. In addition, the bosses that spawn at the end will be determined by the current score.


Collection Files

The Viva Vegas Collection Files will bring back a few of the [Acht] and [Fornis] weapons at +35. Additionally, the SP Collection is delivering the new ★15 Dual Blade [RA Blade].

In addition, another new Collection File will also be added. The [Hr/Ph/Et ★15 Weapon Collection] lets you obtain weapons geared towards the first three successor classes.


PSO2es Event

Ignis, Kazami-no-tachi, Optreion, Elder Pain, and Saika Hyouri, weaponoids who've won the General Election, will all appear in the lobby. Clear their Client Orders to receive their Partner Cards along with the weapons [Ignis-NT] and [Elder Pain-NT].


Ignis will be opening up an Exchange Shop during the event. Collect [Rainbow Ribbon 2020] to receive weapon camos, posters, and more! 


Infiltration Training: Enhancer Returns!

The 8th Anniversary Limited Quest [Infiltration Training: Enhancer] is making a limited-time return. In addition, a Quest-Linked boost will also occur alongside its revival.


Skilled Weaponoid (AC Scratch)

Dress up as the 2019 winners of the Weaponoid Costume General Election. A variety of cosmetics will also be in the scratch, it has a little something for everyone!


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