PSO2 New Genesis Introduction Recap

PSO2 New Genesis Main Points

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is an action online RPG.
  • The game takes place 1000 years after PSO2.
  • The graphic engine has been overhauled.
  • It features expansive open fields and exhilarating battles
  • You have a high degree of freedom in creating your character.
  • The game will launch sometime in 2021!


New Genesis : Races

  • There are four races in New Genesis: humans, newmans, casts, and deumans.


The Lobby

  • Unlike previous games in the Phantasy Star series, New Genesis allows you to travel seamlessly across different sections.
  • When you login, you'll start in the lobby where you can meet up with many players.


Adventure Area

  • You can leave the lobby by just running out into the adventure area.
  • You'll match with up to 8 players in a section.
  • You could start off in a forest and then continue running into another section and seamlessly match up with different players.


Day and Night Cycle

  • Time will flow between day and night.
  • Weather will also occur.



  • Dash lets you move quickly across the field.
  • Glide lets you descend from high to low areas.


Healing Items

  • Items for healing will not be available at shops.
  • Instead, healing items called "Resta Signs" will be scattered across the field.
  • You can heal in the heat of battle without having to stop what you're doing like in PSO2.


New Genesis Classes

  • PSO2 NGS revealed three classes so far: Hunter, Ranger, and Force.
  • In New Genesis, up to 5 continuous normal attacks can be performed.
  • The first four have normal stats, but the 5th strike would be as powerful as a PA.
  • There are no perfect attacks (Just attacks) in New Genesis.


New Genesis : Hunters

  • You can guard attacks with the Sword just like in PSO2.
  • If you press the normal attack button after a successful guard, you'll perform the 5th strike right away.


New Genesis : Rangers

  • The ranger class excels at long distant combat.
  • Assault Rifle damage changes based on the distance you are from the enemy.
  • You need to maintain the optimal distance to deal the most damage.
  • Assault Rifles have access to the sliding shot weapon action.
    • This allows you to change your distance while attacking the enemy.



New Genesis : Forces

  • Forces attack in a bit of a floaty style.
  • They specialize in long-range elemental attacks called Technics.
  • Just like PSO2, there are charged and uncharged Technic attacks.
    • Uncharged Foie shoots fireballs.
    • Charged Foie causes a direct explosion.
  • Rod normal attacks will shoot bolts at the enemy so you can attack at a distance.
  • Rods can now guard against attacks which produces this hexagonal visual effect.


Adventure Areas

  • The adventure area has multiple sections that are seamlessly spread out.
  • There are two types of sections: exploration and battle.
    • Exploration sections lets you gather materials and ingredients.
    • Battle sections are where you mainly engage with enemies.
  • In the exploration section, you can jump and pick fruit from the trees.


Adventure Area : Gathering

  • You can also gather materials from tame animals.
  • If you don't defeat them they could even run away
  • You can use these materials for cooking which provide temporary boosts.


Adventure Area : Combat

  • Within combat sections, there's yellow markers that indicate the enemy spawns.
  • The Dolls are the main enemies in New Genesis, but there are other enemy types.
  • Trials (known as Interrupt Events in PSO2) will occur randomly in the field.
    • Trials will display as a T marker on the field.


Adventure Area : Combat

  • There's also another enemy type called Alters.
  • Alters appear to somewhat resemble the "native" enemy types from PSO2.
  • The "Lizard" enemies can cause status effects.


Adventure Area : Combat

  • There are different species of Dolls with various designs.
  • The one showed here, Gororon, blocks your attacks from the front.
    • Use ice technics on it to trigger a special "downed" state.
    • When they go into this state, it'll trigger an elemental damage reaction.
    • This will place ice shards over the enemy's body.
    • Eventually you can destroy its shield to reveal a new weakpoint.


Adventure Area : Combat

  • Another enemy called Dots can snipe at players far away.
  • You have to get on their back to attack their weak point.


Adventure Area : Combat

  • Elemental Damage reactions exist for each enemy.
  • Some enemies can go into a rage state.



106 thoughts to “PSO2 New Genesis Introduction Recap”

    1. What are you on about? Dolls are evil as hell.. They twist their heads around saying "mama" while they're ripping your intestines out. And if you even think about cheating on your girlfriend… be prepared to be woken up night after night to that detachable penis song.

    1. dude, why are you SO impatient!? DID they SAY what DATE? they said YEAR 2021 OVER and OVER every time they posted an update about the games FEATURES, NOT DATE. ALSO, due to CO-VID19 things are slower that anticipated.
      gosh, people like you who see a trailer of a game that clearly stated 2021 (no official date) and ask, WHENS the game date coming out!? major stupidity right there.

    2. He or she only asked a simple question. I see no provocation here why do you feel provoked? Maybe someone got insider information what's wrong asking for a monthly date? The trailer says 2021 so what? Saying it's 2021 is really vague and open for questions. Better would be if it's 2021 tbd cant remember seeing this in the trailer. Maybe it's in the trailer so wtf I have not infinte data to watch every trailer for as simple as a question as this.

  1. If I heard right – EVERYONE has the five-attack combo, with the fifth being the most powerful. This combo is taking the place of the Just/Perfect Attack. Additionally, the Step remains and can be canceled into a Step Attack, which is beneficial for Ranger players.

    1. I don't think so for ALL classes but I think its just for melee class, cause I see Ranger just went full auto on the enemy.

    1. I think SEGA thinks that without it will keep the fast gameplay flow of the game. I hope that they at least keep the perfect guard and the frames.

    2. Kind of implied by the fact that as Hunter, you get an instant fifth hit if you successfully guard that perfect guard is still a thing because I seem to recall that being similar to a Hunter ability except it was a just attack instead witch furthers the whole "fifth hit is replacing just attack" thing.

    3. @XROS

      Hope the new system is not multibox friendly. Saw someone complaining somewhere how they cannot macro JA timings lol.

      And I hope instances are kept.

  2. Was there any info about , cross region playing like how FFXIV has it Where you can swap between Region servers? Would be nice to have Cross Region So we can play with Friends from NA, I'd rather not start over, if the rumor about keeping old gear is true, also have a lot of JP friends here that speaks decent english. Kinda interested to see how the upgrade system will work. If its similar to affixing doesnt that mean all NG gear is gonna be garbo as it stands right now the current top affixes can barely go over 360 from what ive seen so it's gonna be interesting to see

    1. There's a number of problems with that idea. Since NGS is in the same client as PSO2, that would mean PSO2 NA would have to match JP, which it doesn't even in terms of certain mechanics (like height and items from fresh finds)

      Also the two regions have entirely different consoles they can play on too.

    2. I'd rather not see people who gone to NA or started playing there… ๐Ÿ˜€

      P.S. we will be able to use all suits from PSO2 in NGS (as they said earlier)
      NA and JP have different suits at some points…even LAs

      So, no way U can cross-region NA and JP :3

      No offence intended

    3. That's something that we will make quit since it means that it will have "global standards" aka censorship if it happens. The other thing that will make me quit is that Microsoft buys SEGA (rumors resurfaced yet again…) because they will also implement their global standards.

    4. You seem to be under the impression that eventually being able to use Pso2 equipment will be worth while. Could, and will most likely, be like Pso2es where the affixes do nothing and/or they have an entirely different way to improve gear. If they do allow affixes to work it will probably only be certain s-class abilities that are easier to control the impact they have on the game. "Alright! My 2% damage boost to my 25 damage is awesome!" lol…

    5. Not to be offensive here but, hey man, do you have even the slightest clue of what you're asking for? As Max said, not only will we have "Global Standards" and the heavy censorship. BUT, do you really want all the toxicity on NA to infect the JP servers as well? I mean there's already some toxicity on JP, but on NA it's on a whole different level. And not to get political, but do you also want SJWs to come and infest this game? You don't need to be some rocket scientist to think about

    6. My experience with games like this tells me that obviously the old PSO2 equipment will be nerfed in NG and it makes perfect sense. I will surprised if they boost the equipment instead as I don't see that happening in the future.

    7. @PEWPEW

      you got it wrong dude.. whats important in PSO2 is never been afix.. or ur current equipment considering how fast sega updating their content.. whats more important IS OUR PHASION.. OUR HAIRSTYLE COSTUME ACC BA OU IN ETC EVEN OUR DANCE LA AND WEAPON POSE!

    8. Sorry about the wrong referencing, but as LordKaiser said, Do you really want PSO2 with "political correction?" that's the real question.

    9. Please stay on NA serves. Just please. I'd rather learn Japanese or use Google translate than put up with your region-mates.

  3. As an FYI:

    Healing items have been condensed down so that – at least as far as current information goes – Resta Signs are the ONLY SOURCE OF HEALING in PSO2NG out in the field.

    May wanna add that tidbit into the Resta Sign part.

  4. so much for keeping my weapon out :/ looks like they are still "sheathing" weapons and turning them off ruining the chance to admire the artwork of a weapon and spitting in the face of the artist behind the weapon

    1. Because wearing active lightsaber on your back is kind of retarded?
      You can still do that with legacy PSO2 weapons and camos.

  5. Just attacks are outdated surrogate for gameplay depth, from the times of limited technology, just like stationary healing.
    Good riddance.

    1. Oh hey look who it is from the Gematsu Forums!

      Just letting you know, as much as I despise Microsoft, they are pretty tame to censorship. If something gets Censored, it's not them inforcing, it's the ESRB or the publisher themselves trying to get a lower age rating out here in the wild west.

  6. This game looks and sounds phenomenal!

    I wonder if SEGA is handling all the development in house or if theyve outsourced to Tri-Ace again like they did with Nova.

    1. I just hope Sega America is localizing it and that's why PSO2classic was outsourced to an overworked and underpaid company called Lionbridge Software that doesn't even have a list of past works like some of the actual translators who worked on the translation do (who I'm pretty sure were all independently contracted) and they usually don't make so much of a complete mess, they worked on stuff like Dragalia Lost and a couple of Story of Seasons games (aka: the REAL Harvest Moon games because Natsume kept the trademark when Marvelous decided to use their subsidiary, Xseed to publish in the states which is why all the recent HM games suck).

    1. Aida said on discord they will try their best to keep up with NGS in terms of translation, just like they do with PSO2.
      So unless it's completely impenetrable somehow, I think fan translation with go on.

    1. Literally just watch the first Opening trailer for PSO2. NGS is what they wanted to do with PSO2 8 years ago but couldn't

    2. @XROS I think so too. I mean, after beating the story, our character does the jump LA in the campship which might refer to the first trailer.

    3. Hilariously enough, I have read this nearly exact phrase on PSo2 announce.
      Apparently It was too fast for PSO spirit, too zoomy and flashy to be a proper sequel.
      History repeats itself.

  7. @max how do you use a blade grinder on a lightsaber? but my point is pso never had putting weapons on your back you where always ready with the weapon out.

    1. You use grinder on crystal inside saber to make it more focused :^)
      But really, imagine jedi or gundams running around with their lightsabers' beams out. That's just not logical.
      I hate every single weapon in current PSO2 that keeps photon blade active while sheathed, it doesn't make sense and looks stupid.
      I'm glad new default NGS weps retract them on holstering.

    2. How does grinding even work at all? I mean how does grinding improve rods and wands? They're not pointy. How does grinding improve guns that don't use physical ammo? That's really a dumb point to make considering we don't even know what the act of "grinding" actually entails and the general lack of logic if it is anything like grinding a sword…

  8. @max but this is phantasy star online not star wars or gundam. also mai the unseen. and photon blades you can wear on your body.

  9. This looks bad.
    Okay fingers can move I get it but it just looks like a random open world with slow glide system and class flavor removed.
    Why is no JA bad? Because it was called good game design : you can totally play without JA and not be screwed to the point the game is unplayable yet if you use it you are rewarded with some better damage output.
    Not mandatory but makes a difference. Gameplay diversity and stuff you know?
    And while it's still in developpement I can't believe nobody pointed that the enemies were immune to any kind of physics, no KD, no juggling, just dumb sandbags.
    And what with everybody have the same base moves? So we are all Hr now? Melee Hr, ranged Hr and tech Hr.
    3 totally different classes yet they play the same, just at different rangrs with different weapon skin basically.
    I know I am beeing pessimistic but nothing look improved (besides graphics duh) from pso2 FOR NOW. I have good hope they will change a lot of things before release. No seriously, just give a graphically upped to date pso2 and the playerbase would be more than happy you know.
    But fingers can move so it's okay I guess.

    1. Is this a joke? Literally every class is DPS to begin with, there is no "holy trinity" of RPG classes. Sure you can play a bulky hunter but you can't actually tank and playing a support role as techer is entirely optional.

    2. How do you even come to this conclusion?

      Ever since EP5 Sega has been trying to make JA as non-existent of a mechanic as possible with new skills being added that help you JA everything. Force, Techter and Phantom even went as far where EVERY tech they charge is automatically a JA. It's been clear for 3+ years that the JA system is just causing problems for players with DPS upkeep and balancing and Summoner proved that you don't even need that system to make a Class. Synchro has TAJA mechanic without the JA part.

      The "random open world" is legit what they originally imagined regular PSO2 would be. The gameplay demos we were shown today look like the CGI trailers we got 8 years ago trying to hype up the game.

      How is class identity lost exactly?
      NGS Sword Hunter plays exactly like current Sword Hunter except more fluid and less clunky.
      Ranger got an much needed overhaul to be more agile and less clunky.
      Force got a much needed overhaul so that uncharged Techniques aren't irrelevant and the class not only is more mobile and less clunky but also can protect itself without wasting a Technique that needs to be crafted into a block button.
      Unless you equate clunkyness to Class Identity I really don't see it.

    3. @xross Except that Firstblood and similar skill are there to remove the need to do normal atk/step first in order to access JA ring before you use your first PA/Tech in a combo. Tech have it real bad before EP5 because all tech weapon's attack animation are really slow.

      "Sega has been trying to make JA as non-existent of a mechanic"
      Well, the brand new class Luster still have a TAJA based skill and the class before Lu also have a JA/TAJA based skill.

    4. And TAJA on Lul is pretty annoying – simply using 3 different skills isn't enough as missing JA will make you lose 40% PP discount. Fighting against controls instead of your enemy isn't all that fun.

    5. @HKMR These skill rings existed / skills exist because Sega finally realized after 3 episodes that JA was a dumb mechanic that punishes players way too much, sometimes for dumb reasons like "evading". Legit no JA ring after a step until the skill ring came out.
      If JA was such a good system it wouldn't need so many crutches on the skill tree.

      Like I said in the post you were replying to, you don't need JA for TAJA based mechanics so that's a moot point.

  10. only 4 main class mentioned there,
    no lv. cap info
    still much I want to know,
    I gues maybe wait another 8 years for this genesis thing to reach 4 advanced class just like nowaday pso2

    1. I don't think additional classes will be the same ones as in PSO2.
      Maybe they'll introduce new ones or maybe basic trio will just have access to all weapons based on attack type like Hunter can use all S-Atk weapons and Force can use all T-Atk weapons with some Vanguard-like class that can use everything but has lower stats.

    1. PSU was its own thing. I mean it had Dulk Falkis instead of Dark Falz at first and absolutely no connection to the rest of the franchise aside from some face value throwback to Phantasy Star 2 apparently? AotI was just a desperate attempt at trying to save the game.

    1. Of course we deserve to play this fantastic game!

      This could be up for debate, but I think having the game F2P has a lot to answer for this mentality. Stick a price or subscription fee on the game and that will probably help to whittle down the playerbase who use the game purely as a free way to get some kicks.

  11. Why are people complaining so much about NGS? I know that complainers will complain but I'm genuinely curious considering a lot things that we've seen so far are actual improvements or fixes to issues that plague PSO2 currently. For example:

    1) Just Attacks are clunky and serve to slow down a game with fast action. Considering PSO2 has gotten faster and more action packed with every episode, I'm glad theyre getting rid of JAs for NGS. You cant even see the JA ring half the time when everyone is huddled around a boss core or if theres too much stuff going on.

    2) Having invisible sheathed weapons is a plus and minus. The only minus is that you cant see the weapon BUT weapon positions are not always easy to coordinate with costumes in PSO2. Even though they introduced some customisation options in Ep4 (?), many weapons still either clip through loose clothing and hair when sheathed or literally float in midair with no consistency of positioning. This just looks ugly and can sometimes spoil a perfectly decent weapon/fashion combo. Simply removing their sheathed state is the easy solution to this issue however having more control over weapon positioning like rotation controls etc would also be nice. Either way, its still too soon to consider this valid grounds for an actual complaint.

    3) PSO2 is stale and any sense of exploration was lost around Ep4 in favour of the linear racetrack quest design. If this is your thing then fair play, but ultimately Phantasy Star is an adventure RPG and SEGA have clearly decided to return to their roots with wider exploration possibilities. Its true that a lot of other games follow this suit nowadays so its easy to jump to the conclusion that NGS is copying , but to say that NGS is not PS anymore is the same as saying PSO2 is not PSU anymore (the latter had a similar multi-hub layout to NGS). Whether the open world exploration is fixed or randomly generated is still up for debate at this stage.

    1. " Its true that a lot of other games follow this suit nowadays so its easy to jump to the conclusion that NGS is copying"

      Is it really jumping to conclusions that they're copying Monster Hunter when Monster Hunter copied PSO first?

    2. "but to say that NGS is not PS anymore is the same as saying PSO2 is not PSU anymore (the latter had a similar multi-hub layout to NGS"

      When were multi-hubs confirmed? Sure Hiiro said there would be buildings you could go into, that doesn't necessarily mean other hubs.

    3. @Xros

      I agree. Orbit are one of the most universally appealing designs I've ever seen in PSO2. It works with practically everything unless you have something like an awkward wing accessory that clips the sides of the rings. Assuming you cant tweak the accessory to facilitate the weapon, it leaves you having to move the sheathed weapon further back which may or may not work aesthetically.


      Thats my point. Especially seeing as the original PSO served as a blueprint for the majority of MMORPGS to come. I think its just easier for people to make a reverse comparison especially when PSO has laid dormant in the west until recently. I just think it was too soon to criticise NGS based on a completely different game is all.

      Maybe my choice of words was confusing about the comment regarding multi-hubs. I meant more in a sense of how PSU used to function such as when you took the Old Rozenom City route from Parum. There would be maybe one or two hubs along the way that served as resting areas eventually leading to Paracabana Coast which acted as a mini hub/lobby where you could just chill out.

      Perhaps I'm being a bit presumptuous as to how NGS and PSU may share this progression. To me it felt as if there would be a similar kind of flow with multiple hubs separating enemy and gathering areas, but just take that with a pinch of salt for now I guess.

  12. There's nothing to complain about because there's still not enough info. The worst you can complain about is Force being overhauled to basically being Wand Etoile with the ability to cast Techs which isn't even a bad thing.

    1. Considering even basic enemies aggressively shoot and run around, and first boss leaps in your face with a shockwave slam (instead of lumbering around like rockbear), and much larger possible area of operations, all these inherited advanced moves like blocking and ground slamming are very much needed.
      Overall NGS is much more dynamic at level 5 than level 5 PSO2.
      I wonder how much time itll take this time before the game starts speeding up.

  13. So, the 5 normal attacks seems to be exclusive to Hunter, if not sword only.
    -Rod is shown doing only 3 animations repeated
    -Rifle is shown as a held-to-extend attack, but doesn't drain PP like Hero TMGs do.

    Rod's play also shows that the casting animation shares the normal attack animation.
    The tech charging seems much shorter than PSO2, more comparable to Phantom's charge rate.
    It also seems like rod's normal attack is only the "bolt" that's fired, unlike in PSO2 where the Photon Bullet would stack with your normal attack.

    1. Why are you comparing Rifle/Ranger to TMG/Hero? The similarity between the two classes/weapons is a figure identical to zero barring the fact that the weapons happen to be ranged.

    2. You mean aside from the fact that several of the classes seem to have been merged into these three? ร‰toile and Force don't have anything in common either aside from using rods yet in NGS forces get that floating mechanic that rod รฉtoiles get.

      You're thinking in PSO2classic terms, this is NGS.

  14. Are these pictures from the livestream? The look kinda blurry but they're promising. Now I can go afk in the last corner of the world map doing stuff nobody cares :]

  15. You know, there were yellow objects in the stream that looked like resta signs that were also loaded onto the hotbar/subpallet, I wonder why those weren't explained yet? I wonder if they're like all the atomizers rolled into one?

    1. The icon itself is the PSO2 icon for Anti (which itself is the PSO1 icon for Reverser).
      So yeah its probably just Anti as an item, probably single target if they plan on keeping Resta and Anti in Techters toolkit as the only one who can AoE Heal.

  16. A bit late to these comments, but has anyone noticed the pop-up when the player entered the battle area?
    It's unfortunately super blurry because the stream quality wasn't good, but it looks like it says ๆˆฆ้—˜ๅŠ›:500 (and if going on a real stretch, maybe ้€š็ฎ—ๆˆฆ้—˜ๅŠ›:500?). That basically means (total) power level : 500. Is NGS getting a new system to measure player power so we don't have to always rely on clunky difficulty levels and title unlocks to know if players are fit to enter content? I hope it's real.

  17. I wonder, will the overhaul also fix minor issues like clipping? For example a sitting lobby action, I noticed that a portion of the legs clips below the floor lmao, also will this update also allow tights(bodypaints) to go over a normal costume's undie? And last of all, will costumes now become actual costumes and not remain like some latex stuff? (yes, I'm talking about bunny costumes, I play female char, and I'm proud of it) Peace out

    1. Well I always using Female character
      Except for some games but JMMORPG? Definitely goes with female options
      Also we clipped through because the way the old engine's Character size calculation works
      And with the new engine I think only Costume/Clothes related's Physics will be improved
      If they doesn't want us to clipped through then they need to have character tilted as the floor steep down instead of upright like Current pso2

    2. Also by tilted I mean every direction, Different on floor level , Slope , Steep down hill tilted left or right Anything that has to do with Angles

  18. All the good things we can say, like the visual aesthetics and the free-running, I'll leave out since everyone has thought the same thing on those fronts. I have a few issues that are definitely things that might not even be a problem on release.

    Enemies literally have no hit-reaction animation and hitstop seems non-existent. While hitstop often made attack timings awkward, it looks like there wasn't any replacement to add that sense of satisfaction, so every attack looks like you're just swinging at the air through everything. What a shame, hope it doesn't stay that flat looking.

    The lack of JAs kind of sucks because it was a fun micro-game I always enjoyed about PSO as a series, but the removal is also understandable. I don't know what micro-management we're going to have to do anymore (PP is not hard enough to manage as a primary system), but hopefully it means that enemy attack patterns can become more dynamic as a result of removing the need for timings. I assume this is the main motivator, as attacks that are too fast-paced or timed a certain way would make the JA system frustrating. The change makes a lot of sense.

    The biggest concern beyond the other two things I have for this is that it might be a lot of padding. Any time a game goes open-world, it opens huge opportunities to add a ton of padding disguised as immersion. Things like run-and-get-this-item quests, having to run from base to the objective over and over again, run-out-and-interact-with-this-prop-for-5-seconds quests, RNG-based enemy spawning mechanics, there's a lot of possibilities even though I don't think SEGA would do that. Extremely open to how it gets handled, because they do look like they're still relying on a hub-system at its core.

    1. PSO2 already has fetch quests in a sense, either through gathering COs or enemy drop COs so I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

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