PSO2 Station! Plus #1 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase in chat to receive several prizes.
  • エトワール12月18日出撃
  • You have until November 13th's maintenance to complete this task.
  • Prizes: Ceiling Fan (x1) and Gold Prize Medal (x50)
  • And now you know Etoile's Release Date. (12/18/19)


PSO2 Station!+ Broadcast will start at 20:30 JST (6:30AM EST), you can watch it on Youtube


Feel free to vote on the Boosted Emergency Quest poll on Twitter before the broadcast

① トリックオアトリート2019! (Trick or Treat 2019!)

  • +200% Rare Drop Rate, +100% Experience

② 壊城に舞う紅き邪竜&崩城に甦る黒衣の邪竜
 (Crimson Castle Crusher + Dark Demolisher)

  • +100% Rare Drop Rate

The winning EQ will occur at 23:30 after a Live Concert at 23:00 (JST)


30 Day Premium Set Special Price

  • Purchase the Premium Set Special Price from the AC Shop.
    • Premium Set 30 Days
    • EP Oracle Poster (Room Item)
    • Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]


Road To Etoile Campaign

  • Starting Nov 6th, various campaigns will launch to help you achieve high level items before Etoile's release date.
  • ★15 Weapon Get Campaign, ★12 Unit Get Campaign.
  • You can also earn the Novel Series Voucher for Novel Weapons.
  • ★13 Unit Upgrade Campaign: Earn Shvelle Boosters to upgrade to Schvelle Units
  • Click Here For More Details


Nov 6th Update

  • Support Partner Hologram
  • This will show support partners at the same size of player characters
  • Different poses are also available.


Late November Update

  • Evangelion Event Begins!
  • There will be story events featuring Evangelion characters using their original voice actors
  • Eva Unit 01 will appear in the Arks Lobby
  • Cobalt Medal Exchange Shop
    • ★15 Orb Weapon/★13 Unit Series (which can also drop)


Late November Update

  • Evangelion Scratch
  • Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Eva Unit 01 Outfits!
  • Hairstlyes, headsets, weapon camo, and A.T. Field Lobby Action.


Late November Update

  • Evangelion Scratch
  • Fantastic Animal themed outfits and Talis Pose LA


Late November Update

  • The 6th Angel attacks the Arks Ship in a new Emergency Quest.
  • This is an 8 Player EQ where you pilot the A.I.S.
  • Destroy the A.T Field and Attack the Core!
  • As an [Arks Mission] reward, you'll receive the [Caliente Orb Megis] weapon camo.


 Level Unlocking Changes (Nov 20)

  • The Lv 75 and Lv 80 unlocking Client Orders will be removed, allowing you to reach level 90 without those roadblocks.
  • Standard Classes
    • Level Limit Unlocking Trial I: ……To Lv 40
    • Level Limit Unlocking Trial II: …..To Lv 90
  • Successor Classes
    • Class Adequacy Examination I: ……To Lv 40
    • Class Adequacy Examination II: ……To Lv 55
    • Class Adequacy Examination III ……To Lv 70
    • Class Adequacy Examination IV ……To Lv 90


Early December Update

  • Franka's Cafe (Snow Cafe) ~2/5/2020
  • Merry Christmas '19 Collection & Egg Collection
    • Fornis Weapons
  • Merry Christmas '19 DX Collection
    • Profound Intenxion


Early December Update

  • Christmas Casper AC Scratch
  • Matoi, Harriett, and Luther Christmas Outfits.


Early December Update

  • Shiva's on Harukotan?
  • What's Sukunahime's secret strategy?
  • Sukunahime and Kotoshiro have new outfits!


Early December Update

  • Merry Christmas on Ice 2019
  • Many Prefixed Name Bosses will appear!
  • Saint Rappy Suit Mini will drop
  • Boost Items for certain quests will appear in the Scratch Bonus!
    • Christmas 2019+100% : Rare/Exp/Meseta Boost for Christmas On Ice 2019
  • Matoi will show up in her Christmas outfit.


Mid December Update

  • Awake Administer (SG Scratch)
  • Contains Xiao and Assassin Quna's outfits.


Mid December Update

  • Sukunahime and Kotoshiro's new outfits.
  • LA: Sukunahime Pose 1 ~ 3.
  • Scenery Pass: Afterlife


Late December

  • Bingo is Back!
    • Evo Device / Pegi
  • Harriett and Luther will appear in the lobby.
    • You can also receive their Partner cards.


Late December

  • Etoile Operation (AC Scratch)
  • Etoile Costumes and Parts


Late December

  • Etoile Operation (AC Scratch)
  • Patty and Tiea's new Japanese outfits.


Late December Update

  • Ultra Hard Elder with new powerful attacks.
  • Weapon Camos from Gettemhart and Melphonsina will drop.


Late December Update

  • You can upgrade the Novel series into the Liberate series.
    • Requires an item which initially can only be obtained from achieving 1300 titles.
    • However, you can also get this material at an event around New Years.
  • There's also the ★13 Liberate Unit series
  • The Liberate weapons support S4 / S5
  • Added Ultimate Booster Potentials.
  • New Skill Ring: L / Phantom Step Shift
    • Activate Shift PAs from [Step]
  • ★15 Weapon Added to the Special Collection
  • ★13 Weapons can now be listed in My Shop
  • Sage Crest Exchange Shop
    • Resonant, Genon, Anacates,
    • Serpen Blaze, Neo Cabliss, Yasminkov 5000S, and more!
  • Reduced the time it takes to get into the Running Phase (aka Dash)


Late December Update

  • New Successor Class: Etoile
  • Weapon Types: Double Saber, Dual Blades, and Wand
  • Double Saber: Skillfully guard and counter attack.
  • Dual Blades: The [Edge] allows you to simultaneously attack and defend.
  • Wand: Attack and Guard while moving. PA behavior changes through the [Weapon Action].


Late December Update

  • Etoiles can't use Technics, but they do have Support and Defense skills.
  • Over Drive:
    • Increases the party's max PP. Recovers HP and PP.
  • Double Saber Quick Take:
    • Perform a quick approach when you press normal attack / weapon action at a certain time.
  • Wand Teleport:
    • Attack and move a short distance after the weapon action.
  • Dual Blade Lock-on Chase:
    • Makes normal DB attacks approach the locked-on enemy.
  • Etoile Training Quest
  • [R / Effort Symbol Et]
  • [*Etoiles Order]


~ Etoile Class Trainer ~
~ Lucotte (CV: Akiko Yajima) ~


PSO2 7th Opening

PSO2es Update

  • Season3-7 Story: Akhtar vs Khorshid
  • Clan of Nemesis & Slave (Series Quest) 12/4
  • You can now go back out on a quest from the results screen.
  • You can now skip portions of the results screen.
  • Rarity is now excluded from Link Skill's equipment restrictions.
  • Added new quests to Quick Search.



PSO2es Update

  • Characters from IDOLA become Chips! (11/13)
  • Uly [IDOLA]
  • Stella [IDOLA]
  • Rosalinde [IDOLA]
  • Jasper [IDOLA]
  • Gene [IDOLA]
  • Wyndis [IDOLA]


PSO2es Update

  • When you release Idola chips, their artwork and element can change.


PSO2es Update

  • Luther [White Christmas] (12/4)
  • Crusade Lore (11/13)
  • Matoi [Memorial] (11/13) (EQ Ranking Reward)


PSO2es Update

  • Wakuchi Shunkou (11/6)
  • Diabolic Gauntlet (11/13) (Tower)
  • Rappy Cannon (11/27) (EQ)
  • Arks Protector Regius [TCG] (11/6)
  • Dudu [TCG] (Special Quest)


PSO2es Update

  • Belcard (11/6)
  • Demonic Fork (11/20)
  • Attache Obs (11/27)
  • Ranma (11/27) (Exchange Shop)
  • Santa Sleigh (12/4) (Exchange Shop) (Special Quest Drop)


PSO2es Weaponoid Side Stories

  • Tarnada (11/6)
  • Ray Bow (11/13)
  • Sukei Suzumi (11/20)
  • Huge Cutter (11/27)


PSO2es Update

  • Nightmare Tower Returns: Nov. 13th ~ Nov. 27th
  • Aculd Dual Blades and Twin Machineguns available
  • Wyndis [IDOLA] Chip will also be obtainable


PSO2es Update

  • Emergency Quests will take place Nov. 28th ~ Dec. 3rd)
  • Alethiea Twin Daggers will be available
  • Rappy Cannon and Jasper [IDOLA] Chips will be obtainable


PSO2es Update

  • Special Quest featuring Dudu [TCG] and Santa Sleigh chip.


to be updated


PSO2 Matoi Nidy-2D-Ver

  • Scale: 1/7
  • Price: 14,500 Yen
  • Sales Date: April 2020


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Bonuses

  • Purchase the PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray or DVD to receive item codes.
    • Matoi's Hairstyle, Accessories, and Liberty Cluster layered wear.
    • Ash's Hairstyle, Accessory, and Close Quarters layered wear.
    • Omoi Matoi Music Disc and EP Oracle Vol 1 Poster.

13 thoughts to “PSO2 Station! Plus #1 Recap”

  1. So, through those campaigns we're gonna get a 2nd Lightstream, Novel upgrade, and Evleda/Cleasis units?
    Everything seems good except for the SG Scratch for Dec and the fleshie Etoile outfits, they look a bit too much like Riad/Riva redesigns

    1. It's actually the third possible Lightstream weapon outside of drops, since the Armada EQs have a title-based stone as a reward for hitting 7.2mil total overall points.

      It's similar to the event doing the same for Atlas prior to Phantom's drop. They're giving you a chance to have one of each class weapon type using the best currently available.

    2. Technically the Novel from this campaign will just be a certificate for the current Novel series, and the upgrade will come later after the new class releases.

  2. I am somewhat disappointed by 7th opening…I don't know why tho…
    We've got cute and badass Mikasa clone as Phantom, badass Etoile appearance (I must agree with people in YT saying that Cast is great choice…cuz humanoid outfit for male is just 90% male layering wear from Ep5+ :D).
    Also…what's that huge walking luminmech boss with axe in the end? Such thing never appeared during Armada's attacks.

    Also..wasn't opening supposed to show us ARKS fighting space Magatsu? @[email protected] I'm confused.

    But I guess the key problem of the intro (that made it non-appealing for me) is music… It felt like something between Ep4 opening and Persona-series openings..which in my opinion don't fit for space themed futuristic fights.
    This is just my point of view..not making anyone think same. 🙂

    1. Agree, Ep5 opening may not great, but has some hype about Hero, showcase some Hero attack. But this new opening appear 2 new class, but only few sec showcase the new class ability

      Imo they should do opening about a stealth mission in the enemy battleship, not a space war. feels weird for phantasy star setting

  3. Liberate weapons with ultimate booster potential adding S4-5? Will it be same power tier as Lightstream? Or maybe Altas EX/Lightstream gonna fall behind?

    December finally can sell 13* weapon? Let's see how much can sell for Fornis series and Zeinesis/Qliphad series. Or some rare 13* for camo like sword Huge Cutter?

    Etoiles need guard/just guard a lot to survive, and cannot use tech, unlike hero for replenish hero will or phantom stealth tech

    1. Older class hunter, fighter, braver, ranger, and gunner cant use technice, but can survive. Its about how good you can play this class in right way. In my opinion.

    1. If you mean by entering the item code, you can do so at the Visiphone. Go to it and select the Item Code option. Type in the Item Code and you'll receive the items.

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