We Have A Bumped Twitter Now!

Hello, Everyone! While this is not a PSO2 update, we have started a Twitter Account for Bumped. You can now get updates and reminders directly into your Twitter Timeline! Additionally, the Twitter Feed will be available on our Sidebar.

You can follow us: @bumpedorg!

14 thoughts to “We Have A Bumped Twitter Now!”

    1. Congrats on bitching about the most mundane thing! Namely a news source making ways to make it easier to see!

      You know, like a lot of other things. That just do that. I say that but you clearly don't because you immediately came here to whine and complain about twitter like it's entire existence is against your very being. It's not like it'll affect you, or it's userbase will rob you of what joy you have.

    2. Oh yes, anyone who spends any amount of effort defending someones use of THE MOST WILDLY USED SOCIAL PLATFORM IN THE WORLD is defending censorship. Do you not realize how stupid this sounds, because it sounds like a lot of stupid.

      Clearly this is a hill to die on, attempting to shame this group of people trying to do something. Yes, show us how mighty you stand, trying to do… nothing really.

      I mean let's just ignore how MAX here has basically been off their rocker saying things like "now people can play the game instead of using the visiphone" when the topic of the player shops going down was brought up again, ignoring that it's part of the game.

    3. Look up what "ad populum" is.
      Twatter being super popular doesn't excuse its corruption.
      Then look what "Red herring" is.
      My position on trading system has nothing to do with my position on social media censorship.

    4. Don't be blind to Jack Dorsey's disgusting moves these past few years, @ROXADOO. That social media site has caused people to lose jobs due to blue checkmarks digging up old tweets.

  1. You're all fucking idiots who are just as bad as the SJWs you complain about. Oh yeah, bad things have happened there, clearly that means everything about it is terrible and anyone who touches it is the absolute worst thing ever.

    No it doesn't, this level of stupidity would be unbelievable if people being so stupid wasn't a daily constant now.

    Holy shit, if you're that upset about twitter being used, just stop playing PSO2 and get the fuck off of here, because Sega uses it too.

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