What new weapons are in store for Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Test?

Through various interviews we've long known that new weapon classes we're going to be added into the game. For those who have read up on datamining of Alpha test clients would already know what weapon classes are hidden deep inside the data. But today we have our first confirmations to these weapon types. This was posted within Famitsu's PSO2 Beta Test article, which Shougai summarized.

New Weapon Class: Partizan

  • Hunter Exclusive
  • Quick Attack
  • Wide area attack
  • It has a special action called "舞い twirl?" (We're not quite sure in what way the move actually looks like.) this speeds up your gear which eventually makes it likely that you'll release some kind of forward shockwave.

New Weapon Class: Launcher

  • Rangers Exclusive
  • A heavyweight high power shooting weapon
  • You hold this gun beside the body like PSU's Grenade Launcher.
  • Wide range blast.

New Weapon Class: Talis

  • Force Exclusive
  • Throw cards to directly hit the enemy
  • Throw cards and a technic is fired off from the card.
  • *You could throw a card at a party member and make it cast resta
  • *You could throw a card in the sky and cast a wider range Razonde technic.
  • (Don't know if you are supposed to jump to throw cards in the sky.)


  • Mags have photon blasts
  • When a mag does a photon blast it changes into a "幻獣" mythical beast.
  • For example, it can change into something resembling a unicorn. 
  • The player can act freely during a photon blast too.


  • The Arks lobby has been renovated.
  • In the center there's a elevator that transports you between 2 floors.
  • The upper level is called the Gate Area where you can receive quests.
  • The lower level is the shop area and rest area.
  • Shougai says the lobby is reminiscent of PSO ep2 Lab area.

 Sakai's update

Just to recap since it's covered already, in the latest Famitsu you can read about a new  weapon classes, new lobby, and mags and photon blasts. In the closed beta test, each class got a new weapon type, so there's 8 for now. More weapon categories will be added in an update after the official game comes out. The mag's photon blast design is very flashy. The Arks lobby has expanded!

On 3/18 you can watch the Dengeki Playstation conference live on Nico Nico. PSO2's coverage begins around 15:40 JST. He's going to show some PSVita images and show the new information that was posted in Famitsu Magazine.

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