PSO2 JP: ARKS Unity Festival [Panel Rewards]

ARKS United

ARKS Unity Festival takes place between January 22nd, 2014 until maintenance on March 5th, 2014! During the festivities, everyone will be given a Bingo Card. Each time a line is cleared horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, you'll achieve a BINGO Point that is tallied up with the scores of all players. This score is used to unlock rewards after the event is over. 

The reward and target values are displayed underneath each panel. Once a score for a particular panel is achieved, we all work together to unlock the next panel.

Recent Post Updates

  • 1/23: Added Toro and Kuro Client Orders
  • 1/23: Added ARKS General Election
  • 1/25: Added [Vita Contest]
  • 2/12: Added Valentine's Update
  • 2/12: Added Valentine Bingo
  • 2/12: Added Valentine Bingo [Reverse]

ARKS Unity Festival Panel Rewards

Arks United Rewards[View Current BINGO Progress]

Rewards List

  • #1:  1000 FUN Ticket
  • #2: Hit and Blow ヒットアンドブロウ (Room Item)
  • #3: Fun Points Doubled [Reward Period]
  • #4: +1 Login Stamp Bonus [Reward Period]
  • #5: Recycle Shop (20% OFF) [Reward Period]
  • #6: *アポトーシス Apoptosis
  • #7: +150% Meseta [Reward Period]
  • #8: *ジークムント Sigmund
  • #9: *セブンリリーパ Seven Lillipans
  • #10: *マジカルトランプ Magical Trump
  • #11: Extreme Pass (x2) / Half Doll / EXCube
  • #12: *チェインドワイヤー Chained Wire
  • #13: +150% EXP [Reward Period]
  • #14: *アートルム Artrum
  • #15: Boosters: Grind Success +10% and Ability Affix Success +10%
  • #16: *メイ・プルクラ May Pulchra
  • #17: +150% Rare Enemy Chance [Reward Period]
  • #18: +150% Rare Drops [Reward Period]
  • #19: +10% Item Grind Success [Reward Period]
  • #20: +10% Ability Affix Success [Reward Period]

Boosts that apply during the [Reward Period] will begin after maintenance on March 12th up until maintenance on March 19th, 2014.

Items unlocked during the event can be picked up at the Visiphone after maintenance on March 12th up until maintenance on April 2nd, 2014.

Both "Valentine Bingo" and "Unity Festival Bingo" count towards unlocking the web panel rewards.

Arks Unity Festival Update

  • Arks Ship Fire Swirl (Emergency Quest)  (until 3.5.2014)
  • 造龍来たる魔の海域 Atrocious Ocean (Limited Quest) (until 3.5.2014)

Valentine's Update

  • チョコレートの行方2 Where's the Chocolate 2 (Emergency Quest)
    (until 3.5.2014)
  • Valentine Bingo Added
  • Super Hard versions of 'Raging Dark Arms' and 'Utterly Profound' Added
  • New Latent Abilities Added
  • New Items Added


The Rappy Heart weapon camo is obtainable until March 5th, 2014.

 Xie's Valentine Client Orders

Giri Heart

Xie's Valentine's Client Orders

バレンタイン茶飯事! / A Valentine's Staple!

  • Clear "Protect the Cake Shop" Emergency Trial
  • Award: Giri Heart (Talis)

チョコレートへの試練!/ A Chocolatey Trial

  • Defeat 60 LV1+ Dragonkin

愛情たっぷり隠し味!? / Just A Pinch of Love!?

  • Deliver five "騎龍の角" 
  • Drops from  Dirandals and Sol Dirandals

恋慕を後押すウワサ話 / Kiss and Tell!

  • Defeat Lv 1+ Goron Zoran

今ここに、バレンタインは完成す! / The Perfect Valentine!

  • Defeat a Lv 1+ Vol Dragon


 Valentine Bingo

Love Rappy

Valentine Bingo

1 +50% EXP Booster
2 +50% EXP Booster (×2)
3 +75% EXP Booster (×3)
4 500 FUN Ticket
5 *Space Cake
8 +10% Ability Affixing Success
Complete +100% Tribooster


[dropdown_box expand_text="VALENTINE BINGO" show_more="EXPAND" show_less="HIDE" start="hide"]

Valentine Bingo
A-1 Clear Xie's Client Order:
A Valentine Staple!
A-2 Defeat a Caterdran Lv.20+
A-3 Clear Xie's Client Order:
A Chocolatey Trial!
A-4 Defeat a Sol Dinian Lv.20+
A-5 Clear E-Trial: Destroy the Darchyme  
B-1 Defeat a Goron Zoran Lv.20+
B-2 Defeat a Nodiran Lv.20+
B-3 Clear Xie's Client Order:
Just a Pinch of Love!?
B-4 Clear E-Trial:
Defend Naura's Cake Shop!
B-5 Clear Kressida's Client Order:
Rookie Lava Rock Gathering
C-1 Play FUN Scratch  
C-2 Destroy a Green Container  
C-4 Feed your Mag  
C-5 Successfully elemental grind an item.  
D-1 Clear E-Trial: Evade the Vis-Bolt  
D-2 Clear Where's the Chocolate 2 Emergency Quest  
D-3 Clear Xie's Client Order:
Kiss and Tell!
D-4 Defeat a Pendran Lv.20+
D-5 Clear Franka's Client Order:
Supplying Vol Dragon Meat
E-1 Defeat a Dagan Lv.20+
E-2 Defeat a Digg Lv.20+
E-3 Clear Xie's Client Order:
The Perfect Valentine!
E-4 Clear Koffie's Client Order:
Support Partner Lecture
E-5 Defeat the enemy Sol Dirandal Lv.20+



 Valentine Bingo [Reverse]

Love Rappy

Valentine Bingo [Reverse]

1 +10% Grind Success×3
2 Trump Chain
3 +250% Rare Drop Booster
4 *Love La Fin
5 Excube×2
8 Extreme Pass×5
Complete +100% Tribooster×2


[dropdown_box expand_text="VALENTINE BINGO Reverse" show_more="EXPAND" show_less="HIDE" start="hide"]

Valentine Bingo [Reverse]
A-1 Defeat a Dirandal Lv.51+
A-2 Clear Filia's Client Order:
Faint Memories of a Pink Flower
A-3 Defeat a Blumegalla Lv.50+
A-4 Defeat an El Dagan Lv.50+
A-5 Defeat a Sadinian Lv.50+
B-1 Defeat Dark Falz Elder Lv.70+
B-2 Clear Coast Exploration S Rank Clear
Hard or Higher
With Azanami only.
B-3 Defeat Bal Rodos Lv.50+
B-4 Clear Raging Dark Arms Super Hard or Higher
B-5 Defeat a Gwanada Lv.63+
C-1 Defeat Blundarl Lv.20+
C-2 Defeat Fordoran Lv.20+
C-4 Observe the "Heat Wave" weather effect
in the Vol. Caves Area
C-5 Defeat an Ol Micda Lv.20+
D-1 Defeat Breu Ringahda Lv.63+

Clear Fourie's Client Order:

Seeking a Benefactor
D-3 Clear Lottie's Client Order:
Please Go Training With Me
D-4 Clear Quarry Exploration S Rank Clear
on V. Hard or Higher
With Lisa only.
D-5 Defeat a Quartz Dragon Lv.63+
E-1 Clear Tiea's Client Order:
Lend us a Hand!
E-2 Clear Echo's Client Order:
Secret Training
E-3 Defeat a Sil Dinian Lv.50+
E-4 Defeat a Diggnats Lv.41+
E-5 Defeat a Dinian Lv.50+



(OLD) ARKS Unity Client Orders and Bingo

Xie Fun and Client

Xie's Client Orders and Unity Festival FUN Shop
(Available until 3.5.2014)

[dropdown_box expand_text="ARKS Unity Festival Client Orders and Bingo Cards" show_more="EXPAND" show_less="HIDE" start="hide"]


Xie's Client Orders

共闘祭への乱入者! / Festival Intruders!

  • Defeat Lv. 1+ [Naberius Natives] x60

共闘祭への一幕! / Unity Festival Act 1!

  • Complete Quna Emergency Code [Enemy Assault]
  • Atrocious Ocean limited quest only.

共闘祭でも変わらずに! / Unchanged Festival!

  • Defeat Lv. 1+ [Darkers] x60

みんな大好き、大人気! / Such Love, So Popular!

  • Deliver [ゲームのギア] x16
  • Drops from Mechs.

宴もたけなわ、大一番! / The Grand Finale!

  • Defeat Lv. 1+ [Chrome Dragon] x1


ARKS Unity Festival FUN Shop List

  • ブラックテンガロンハット Black Ten Gallon Hat (3000 FUN)
  • 錠前ネックレス Lock Necklace (3000 FUN)
  • ホワイトフォックステイル White Fox Tail (3000 FUN)
  • バレットベルト Bullet Belt (3000 FUN)
  • 小悪魔ヘッド Demon Wing Head (3000 FUN)
  • ラッピーチュチュ Rappy Tutu (500 FUN)
  • 抱っこラッピー Carry Me Rappy (500 FUN)
  • セガサターンマスク Sega Saturn Mask (500 FUN)
  • ドリームキャストマスク Dreamcast Mask (500 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション01(/la liveit) (6000 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション02 (/la deny) (6000 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション04 (/la happy) (6000 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション17 (/la bed2) (6000 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション39 (/la clight1) (500 FUN)
  • 追加ロビーアクション40(/la clight2) (500 FUN)
  • Rest are self explanatory…


(OLD) Toro and Kuro Client Orders (VITA ONLY)

Toro Kuro Client Orders

New Toro Client Orders


  • Deliver「海王種の霜降り肉」 x10
  • Drops from Oceanids


  • Complete the Aircraft [Code: Protect] Emergency Trial


  • Complete the Toro and Kuro [Code: Unite] Emergency Trial
  • Atrocious Ocean Limited Quest only.
  • Prize: A Kyoutou Sensei Helmet

New Kuro Client Orders


  • Defeat One Rappy


  • Defeat One Chrome Dragon
  • Prize: A Chrome Dragon Helmet


(OLD) ARKS Unity Festival Bingo

ARKS Bingo Card

ARKS Unity Festival Bingo [Front]

1 +50% EXP Booster
2 +50% EXP Booster (×2)
3 Orgel (Music Box Room Item)
4 +75% EXP Booster (×3)
5 1000 FUN Ticket
8 +10% Grind Success
Complete +100% Tribooster



Clear Atrocious Ocean


Defeat Vid Gilos LV20+


Successfully Grind an Item


Defeat De Malmoth LV20+


Clear Xie's Client Order


Festival Unchanged


Defeat Dolluahda LV20+


Defeat Strahda LV20+


Observe "Heavy Rain" at the Beach.


Clear Xie's Client Order


Unity Festival Act One


Clear Xie's Client Order


Such Love, So Popular


Defeat Seglezun LV20+


Defeat Luda Sorcerer LV20+




Defeat Org Blan LV20+


Defeat Tyraluda LV20+


 Falcabone LV20+


Clear Xie's Client Order


Festival Intruders


Play FUN Scratch


Defeat Decol Maluda LV20+


Defeat Due Solda LV20+


Clear Emergency Trial

Aircraft Defense


Clear Koffee's Client Order


Free Exploration Coast


Send a Good Job


Defeat Biol Meduna LV20+


Defeat Chrome Dragon LV20+



(OLD) ARKS Unity Festival Bingo Reverse

ARKS Bingo Card

ARKS Unity Festival Bingo [REVERSE]

1 +10% Ability Affix Success (×3)
2 Half Doll
3 +250% Rare Drop Booster (×2)
4 *Fan Fan Bazooka
5 Extreme Pass (×3)
8 EXCube (×4)
Complete +100% Triboosters (x2)



Clear Quna's Client Order


Idol's Challenge

[Requires Matter Board #9]


Defeat  Fordoransa LV40+


Clear Enemy Assault Emergency Trial

(Together with one other ARKS member)


Clear Lottie's Client Order


Powerful Corruption


Defeat Gul Solda LV40+


Defeat Predicahda LV40+


Acquire Matter Board 10


Clear Lubert's Client Order


Kartagot's Weak Point!?


Defeat Caterdransa LV50+


Defeat Fang Banshee LV20+


Defeat Crabahda LV20+


Defeat King Yedi LV20+




Defeat Signobeat LV20+


PSE Burst


Defeat Krahda LV40+


Defeat Zeshrayda LV40+


Clear Emergency Trial

Burning Angel

(EQ: ARKS Ship Fire Swirl)


Defeat Dagash LV40+


Defeat Micda LV20+


Defeat Dragon Ex LV50+


Clear Hans Client Order


The Bearer of Destruction

E-3 Defeat Dark Ragne LV61+

Clear Revelle's Client Order


Extermination Journey II


 S-Rank Clear Ruins Exploration with Quna only.
On Very Hard+





ARKS General Election

Male Voting

It's time for the ARKS General Election! All players will be able to vote for their favorite NPCs. You may vote once a day in both the female and male divisions. Midway through they'll post the results of the election. Once the results are finalized, Sega will create items based on the winning characters!

Voting Period

  • Now until February 19th, 2014 @ 16:00 JST

Election Details

  • You may vote both in the male and female divisions once a day.
  • You may vote again after the clock strikes midnight in Japan.
  • Once the election is over, Sega will create items based on the winning characters.
  • These items will be revealed at a later time.

To Vote

  • Click [Female Bracket] and [Male Bracket]
  • Click on the little blue tab next to the NPC.
  • Click the left button 「はい」 to vote.



PSO2's ARKS Unity Festival 2014! [Details]

ARKS United

The ARKS Unity Festival is a web event to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of PSO2 Vita! This post will mainly focus on the activities during the event. The Panel Rewards post focuses on the rewards schedule and panel unlocking

ARKS Unity Festival begins January 22nd and lasts until March 5th, 2014.

New Bingo Card

ARKS Bingo Card

In conjunction with the ARKS Unity Festival 2014 event comes a new bingo card. Win prizes by covering each square of the card by defeating enemies and completing client orders.


Interlocking Web Panel Event

During the festivities, everyone's BINGO scores are tallied collectively and used to unlock panels on the ARKS Unity Festival website. Work together to win prizes like the weapon camos designed by the winners of last year's ARKS Grand Prix. The prizes unlocked will be distributed after March 12th for a limited time.


ARKS Unity Festival Fun Shop and Client Orders


Xie is back, and not only is she handing out client orders, but is also the proprietress of the ARKS Unity Festival FUN Shop. This shop is available for a limited time and will include some accessories from the Item Design contest.


Toro and Kuro Client Orders (Vita Only)

Chrome Dragon Helm

Toro and Kuro have been updated with new client orders. If you complete them, you can receive prizes like the Chrome Dragon or the Kyouto Sensei helms. Please note that some of the new client orders will only be available for a limited time.

New Limited Quest

Sea Demons

The ARKS Unity Festival will introduce a new limited quest set mainly on the beach! The Atrocious Ocean quest pits you against an array of Bird and Aquatic Darkers, Oceanids, Mechs, and Naberius natives. In addition, there's a high chance for Chrome Dragon or Haze Draal to appear.


Toro Kuro Trials

NPCs like Toro and Kuro or Quna can also appear within Emergency Trials.


Arks Ship Fire Swirl Returns

ARKS Ship Fire Swirl

Get those crafted Rescue Guns to experience the Super Hard version of Arks Ship Fire Swirl. This emergency quest is available for a limited time.


Winners Design Reception AC Scratch

Gilnatch lamp

The winners of the Item Design Contest will have their designs featured in this upcoming scratch! In addition, you can dress up in Oni inspired outfits.


Sexy Ogre

セクシーオウガ Sexy Ogre


Wild Ogre

ワイルドオウガ Wild Ogre



*イクリプス Eclipse
Sword Camo


E Calceolaria

E カルセオラリア Engage Calceolaria
(All Race Female Costume)


Cutey Flower

キューティーフラワー Cutie Flower


Magika Fleurir

*マギカ・フルーリア Magika Fluerir



カルラアスセティック Calrassetic



*エレクティフィニス Electifinis
Twin Machine Gun Camo


With that all squared away, we'll continue our work on the crafting guide.