Gamespot Japan Adds Tons of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Screenshots


Well I guess this is part of the "new information" the Rappy kid was talking about on the official blog. I'm sure there will be more news as the day progresses. This Gamespot article pretty much sums up everything that was revealed already and adds some minor new elements. The mission counter shows us exactly which monsters and what weapons will appear. The article also includes new screenshots for the default characters.

Charge Shot Animation

When you use charge shots, your character will perform a new animation. Let's take a look at the charge shot animations.




twin handguns

Twin Handgun (jump backwards)



Note the amount of PP each charge shot use. Since this game does not have any photon charges, you shouldn't constantly use Charge Shots all the time.


Notable Screenshots


A Ground elemental Shield.



Neutral Elemental Shield
About 20 PP is consumed when the shield blocks enemy attacks. 



The "Variety Shop"


makeup counter

This counter shares the same logo as the makeup counter.
Though AMY talks about how cute her wand is.. 

Just Guard Updates

  • Shougai PSO updated information related to Just Guard.
    • Just Guard can only be performed with the shield.
    • You can not use Just Guard with two handed weapons, but you can still defend with them.
    • While defending with two handed weapons, the damage received is reduced.

Official Blog Updates 8/31 – 9/1/09

  • Improved enemy AI, to make formidable opponents.
  • 3 times the number of missions than the previous game.
  • New fields, new boss, new items, new weapons…
  • He hints that characters from the previous game will appear in this game.
  • He asked if there was a character  from the previous games that appeared in the opening movie.
  • Rappy Kid says lots of new info may be given on Thursday.

[via gamespot jp and and 4gamer]


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