Notice of My Shop / Trade Being Disabled (10/13/2020)

Updated: All Features have resumed to normal usage. Compensation has been given out, please check the visiphone to receive it.

Due to serious issues found, the following features will be disabled again until further notice:

  • My Shop
  • Trade
  • Room Items that can deliver items such as Photon Gacha
  • Team Storage

You can still play the rest of the game normally. They are sorry for the inconvenience.


33 thoughts to “Notice of My Shop / Trade Being Disabled (10/13/2020)”

  1. Alright, screw it. I'm not gonna bother spending another dime on this kusoge anymore let alone play it. I'm done, stick a fork in me, i'm done. SEGA can't be bothered to upkeep their game enough and the last bits of "content" have been utter garbage. If what we're seeing now is representative of the game's current state of care, I can only imagine the absolute dumpster fire NGS will be.

    1. It depends on the compensation. I dont spend money to get fcked all this time to get get some utter usless SG. Star gems are free to play after all. What was the last compensation? I forgot. Maybe my inventory got full and I couldnt retrieve it.

  2. The game runs for over 8 years with little to no issues. No RMT, no hackers.

    The game gets released in NA, later global, and not even 5 months later hackers force drastic measures to be taken, while RMT bot spam suddenly is an issue in their version.

    Really makes you go "hmmmm".

    1. Dude. in 2012 player hacked SO MUCH you cant guess what it was. A lot of them got backtracked because we were 3ht party users. Nowaydays u have to pay for their hacks. They themselves wont ever get banned I can tell. This has nothing to do with NA release etc.

    2. And yeah I WAS one of them. I created a second account and never hacked with their bullshit software ever again. But now I feel like it again but fuck this.

    3. I will tell you everything I know at the present. You hold a button down at Sonic Arrow and spammed then like TMG from Hero class. You could Save your current map location move to a previour location, clear the quest or start it anew mload the location start the quest without paying (back in the days) your Advance capsules. Infinite PP usage. No Imagine those who are at top rank with unreasonable points in ranking show up it's insane.

    4. So of course you can someday multiply items you just need some time , a lead -exploits. I wont say no more

  3. Happy for your globalized game now? So bored waiting for content on your brand new server that you have to bring your shitty values here and ruin the fun for the rest of us that have put in the time playing legit?

    Fuck You. Nothing has changed, you've shit the bed all over again. No wonder there's been a massive uptick in the amount of bad players in expert blocks, you didn't put in the work, you don't know how to play.

    "I wonder why it took them so long to localize it?"… riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Be mad at Sega all you want for how they're handling it, I don't blame them, they surely factored in the likelihood of having disease spread when they took that sweet, sweet Microsoft money.

    They waited right until the end, you still couldn't help yourself.

    God forbid you have to grind.

    1. A proper counter measure should be made, not just banning the h4x0rs
      I hope they dont just decide to block the NA IPs on their servers

    2. Most of the game is getting drops and then selling them though. So markets being dead just makes people not login at all.

  4. Welp i mean… if u doods want to play a trading game im sure there are tons of them out there… (anime ones idk) Besides im sure what this games is about is nude mods and finding lewd companions to do some really sick roleplays, (and killing stuff looking cute/sexy/lewd as a sidetrack) at least thats what i do and i enjoy the heck of the game♪

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