Phantasy Star Online 2: Pre-Open Beta Site and Download Begins!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Players Site has launched, and features a wealth of information. This post will act as a guide to getting the game as well as vital information about the test and rules. Refer to a future blog post for an actual game guide.

The Pre-Open Beta Runs:

  • 6/15 @ 6AM to 11AM Eastern
  • 6/16 @ 6AM to 11AM Eastern.

Anyone who has the Closed Beta Test game client may launch the game to update their client. There is no need for you to re-download the entire game again.

Anyone who does not have the Closed Beta Test game client can download the game through the PSO2 Players Site. If you have NOT signed up for the PSO2 Pre-Open Beta please refer to this post.

If you need to reset your SEGA ID password please click here.

Pre-Open Beta Download

Click the BIG SPACEY BUTTON to get the downloader.

During the Pre-Open Beta unexpected malfunctions may occur that could result in your character data being wiped, rollbacks, etc. If a problem occurs, you must immediately submit a bug report (in japanese) at the bug report page.

Submit the following reports here:

Please note that all data in the Pre-Open Beta Test is deleted at the end of this test and will not carry over to the Open Beta.

There are five ships (servers) in the Pre-Open Beta:

  • Ship01:フェオ Feo
  • Ship02:ウル Ur
  • Ship03:ソーン Thohn
  • Ship04:アンスール Ansul
  • Ship05:ラグズ Laguz

Please take note that you can not move your character to another ship. Please make sure you choose a ship you and your friends will be playing on. The PSOW/PSUBLOG/GAMEFAQS/FACEBOOK communities will be choosing Ship 2 and Block 20/21. Other gaming communities will choose different ship numbers so please refer to their websites for information on which ship and block you should connect to.

As the test moves on, NEW ships will be added based on need. Please keep in mind that you can not purchase Arks Cash during the Pre-Open Beta Test, this means you can not create a 2nd character on any ship. (You will have to delete your first character and remake them on another ship.)

The Pre-Open Beta version of PSO2 can load the characters you created in the character creation demo. We highly recommend you begin to finalize your characters now before participating in the Pre-Open and Open Beta test. If you saved your character data in the Closed Beta, PSO2 Pre-Open beta client can also load that character.

The contents listed in the Arks Cash shop is roughly similar to the official version. Unfortunately, during the Pre-Open Beta, you can not purchase Arks Cash, therefore, all players who participate during this test will have access to My Room and My Shop.

During the Pre-Open Beta you can input an item code for certain weapons in the Arks Lobby, My Room, and Camp Ship. Since the data is reset once the test is complete, hold on to your item code since you will be able to type it in again in the next test.

Currently you can type all "Nacht" versions of weapons through the vision phone. This includes Rocket Punch, AntiARifle, PicoPico Hammer, Lord Axion, and Gaebolg. The Open Beta Test data transfers over to the official release, so you do not have to type them in another time


 PSO2 Launcher

PSO2 Launcher Screen

  • ゲームスタート : Game Start (Starts the Game and Patches)
  • 環境設定: Settings
  • ファイルチェック: File Check will check the integrity of all patches.
  • 終了: Will close the launcher.

When you first start PSO2, you may note that the game is running slowly. We recommend changing your graphical sliders down to 1 or 2 to make the game run faster.

 Simple Settings

Settings Screen

Top Buttons: (Left to Right)

  • 簡易設定: Simple Settings 基本 Basic Settings 画面 Screen 描画 Drawing Settings 音声 Sound 機能 Functions

Bottom Buttons: (Left to Right)

  • 設定を保存 Save Settings 初期化 Reset 公式サイト Website 戻る Return

The large slider from 1 to 5 is a quick way to change the major graphic settings for the game. Lowering your slider down to 1 will run the game faster.

Shaders can greatly impact the performance of your game, therefore we recommend those with integrated or lower end graphic cards to move the slider down to 1 to run the game with simple shaders. Shaders will be on by default if the graphical slider is set to 3. You may save your changes by clicking the first button on the left, then click the last button to return.

Screen Settings

Screen Settings

ウィンドウモード Window Mode

  • ウィンドウモード表示 Windowed Mode
  • フルスクリーン表示 Full Screen Mode
  • 仮想フルスクリーン表示 Virtual Full Screen Mode

 画面サイズ Screen Size: Choose a Resolution (1280*720)

最大フレームレート Maximum Frame Rate: 60 fps

文字の大きさ Graphic Size (UI Zoom)  [Right Column]: 1280


 Drawing Settings

PSO2 Draw Settings

テクスチャ解像度 Texture Settings

  • 高解像度 High Resolution
  • 通常 Normal
  • 圧縮 Compressed

シェーダー品質: Shader Quality

  • 標準 Standard
  • 簡易 Simple

There are 2 major graphical settings, "Simple Shaders" or "Standard Shaders". In the PSO2 English communities we normally refer to "Simple Shaders" as the "Shader-less" or "Shaders Off" or "SD Graphics" version.

Simple Shaders are best suited for lower end graphic cards and computers, while Standard Shaders are geared towards high end computers. If your game crashes when loading character models, change your shader settings to Simple.


Basic Settings

Language and Monitor

言語設定 Language Settings: Only Japanese language is currently supported. (Officially)

Monitor Screen in Lobby

  • 巨大モニター動画を再生する : Play Videos
  • 巨大モニター動画を再生しない: Do not Play Videos


Manner Up!


During your course of PSO2, you'll meet many players and interact with them. However, sometimes a slight remark or action may trouble your team mates.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Real Money Trading Services
  • Cheat Tools / Item Modding and Duping
  • Unauthorized access / Program modifications.
  • Obstructing Administration / Stealing or Fraud

When users are caught performing these actions their accounts may be banned from playing the game. In addition to those actions stated above, other prohibited actions include:

  • Altering Stats
  • Speed Hacks
  • Use of outside programs that affect the game.
  • The use of (external programs) to perform actions automatically.
  • Slandering specific players or groups.
  • Obstructing Admin (harm to game events, false reports, pretending to be admin, etc.)
  • Account Phishing
  • Etc.


PSO2 Authorized Net Cafes

Those who play within a net cafe officially sanctioned by PSO2, will have access to extra privileges within the game. You earn 1 cafe point every minute of playing time. As you collect cafe points, you can spend them on items within the net cafe shop.

Net Cafe Counter

The Net Cafe Shop is located right next to the My Room shop. With each point you collect you can spend them on various items.

Net Cafe Privileges

  1. For every minute playing in an authorized net cafe, you gain 1 cafe point!
  2. Item Trader
  3. Open My Shop.
  4. Use My Room.
  5. Use Premium Storage.
  6. Access Premium Block.
  7. FUN Points x2 Boost.
  8. Purchase items from the Net Cafe Shop.

In the Pre-Open Beta, privileges: 1, 3, 4, and 8 are available.  As for the "Net Cafe's My Room" privilege, you won't be able to invite other characters to your "My Room".

  • EXP Boost+50% = 60 Cafe Points
  • Rare Drop Boost+50% = 60 Cafe Points
  • Grind Risk Decrease (-1) = 45 Cafe Points
  • Grind Success + 5% = 45 Cafe Points
  • Star Atomizer = 20 Cafe Points

 (Generally it would cost around 2000 yen or $50 to play 9 hours of Pre-Open Beta.)

Copyright Information (YouTubers Please Read!)

Phantasy Star Online 2 allows players to record or take screenshots of their gameplay. You may post these screenshots to any website or video hosting site by following the recommendations below:

Screenshots: You may insert the following copyright notation either within the screenshot or below all screenshots you have taken. (This copyright notation is copied directly from PSO2's official website.)


Near where the images are placed, please place a link to PSO2's official site as follows:


If you can not place the copyright notation within the website, you can take screenshots from within the game and it will embed the copyright notice for you in the lower right corner. (Screenshots are located at DOCUMENTS\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\ folder.)

You are allowed to crop, resize the image, and/or photoshop your player id name or character name. In fact, by taking screenshots within the game, there is  a setting that will remove the user interface and character names as well.

Videos: For those who are streaming videos in real time, or uploading videos onto video hosting websites or blogs, should follow the below recommendations:

Video users should place the copyright notation at the beginning and end of the video for more than two seconds OR within the video description area.


In addition, in the video description area, please include the following note:


Changing the playback speed or adding unrelated videos and music to your gameplay is prohibited. You are allowed to edit the video to obscure character or player ID names.

If you are doing a live stream please place this in your stream description area:



Today's porori image is of the Vol Dragon and his 3 forms.

Tomorrow the Pre-Open Beta starts at 6AM through 11AM eastern. In the official release, Sakai plans to add Time Attack quests and the Frozen Tundra field.


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