Phantasy Star Portable 2: Grinding and Trading Weapons, Communication

A new Famitsu magazine scan popped on the internet. This time it details the Grinding system, Trading, and a large communication section. So again here's a quick rundown of what's been shown. Later on this post will be written in a formal blog format, but everyone loves bullet points anyway.

new boss

  • Matching Counter
    • Displays the Party List (20 or less at a time)
    • Party Create, Party Search, Simple Mail
    • If you blacklist a person you can not enter their party and vice versa.
  • Partner Card
    • Up to 100 people you can exchange your partner card.
    • You can view data and information of up to 8 characters on that player's account.
    • You can only trade items with people on your partner card.
    • You can exchange mail with people you partner carded with.
    • You can send the same message to up to 3 people at a time.
  • Item Trader
    • Located in the Cafe, players can trade items with each other.
    • However, you can not exchange items of A and S Rank.
    • You can only exchange items with someone in your partner card.
  • Grinding System
    • You can no longer grind weapons with Grinders
    • You can grind weapons with meseta.
    • The amount of meseta you spend depends on grade and the phase of grinding.
    • A weapon can grind 10 phases.
    • The weapon's power is randomly increased each phase
    • When you reach the last grind a "Final Grind" is possible.
    • The "Final Grind" can be done through use of a "extend code" item.
    • The method of obtaining the "extend code" item was not revealed at the time of this publication.
    • The weapon can evolve once this is done.
  • Final Grinding Evolution
    • When you reach this point several changes occur.
    • A weapon may change appearance. (For example those meat weapons in psp1)
    • Weapons with lower grades can evolve to S grade.
    • The weapons performance improves dramatically.
    • You can change the special effect of the weapon. (for ex. apply confusion)
  • Extra Mission
    • Bruce Dungeon
    • Egg Thieves
    • Shred the Darkness Mission: The Big Push
  • Fazuntal and Seguntal
    • A new Boss. They fight together.
  • Communication
    • Players can chat with a Software Keyboard
    • Add emoticons and tiny pictures as well.
    • When players say the same phrase, the chat bubble increases
    • There are 12 Chat shortcuts 
  • Auto Word
    • Auto Word is a feature where your character will say different things based on the situation.
    • The phrase appears automatically and is setup by the player.
    • (In other words your character will say phrases in situations an NPC would)
  • Auto Word List
    • Mission Start Time
    • Mission Clear Time
    • Level up!
    • My Friend Leveled up!
    • I am unable to battle.
    • I Revived!
    • My Remaining HP is less than 30%
    • My Remaining HP is less than 10%
    • Recovered you from a status effect
    • Healed you
    • Using a recovery item
    • Rare item get
    • Minor damage received
    • Moderate damage received
    • Large Damage Received
    • Battle Cry
    • Performed a photon art
    • Released a charge shot
    • Performed a Just Gaurd
    • During Urgent Evasion
    • I picked up a key
    • I unlocked the door/gate
    • Caught in a trap
    • Saved from a trap
    • Saved a friend from a trap
    • Open Personal Belongings (Open Item Menu)
    • Awaiting Orders

[view scan]

Meet Tonnio and Liina


Tonnio Rhima a free agent mercenary…

Linna Sukaya

This is Liina Rhima… oh wait a minute..

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 and mixi social networking.
  • I won't be covering this because mixi is Japan Only.

[via pspo2 blog + shougai pso]

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