PS Festa 2016 Recap in Sapporo (Now With Skill Rings)

Post Convention Update

  • Added ShougaiPSO's tidbits..
    • Three Skill Ring sections have been added to this post.

EP4 New Story Boards

February 25th Update

Click the Read More button to see the rest of the Skill Ring updates.

Late February Update

  • A new Story Board Event where Kohri appears!
  • Al in new duds in the streets of Tokyo.
  • A bath scene with Hitsugi and Al?
  • What's going on in the world that developed the high-speed wireless 'Ether' net?


New Scratch Feb

Late February Update

  • Tokyo Heroine Selection
  • Hitsugi, Kohri, and Al's Layered Costumes.
  • Girls Day themed bonuses in the AC Scratch.


PS Festa 2016

Late February Update

  • New Client Orders for Xie (PS Festa 2016)
  • New PS Festa 2016 Bingo II (Until 3/9)
  • New Limited Quest in the Forest (Until 3/9)
  • Nagisa, Rico, and Flowen continue to appear.
  • Earn Quest Points to increase the chances of bosses and E-trials.
  • Enemies that didn't appear in the previous LQ, will show up here.


Malon and Melon

March Update

  • New Pets: "Marron & Melon"
  • They store the damage they receive, and explode when thrown at enemies.
  • When not thrown, they'll self destruct, so you should just throw them anyways.

Additional Info

  • Storing the damage they receive, they grow larger and eventually explode.
  • Prior to their self-destruction, they can deal damage when thrown to enemies.
  • When they store too much damage, there's a high risk of self-destruction.


Malon and Melon Attacks

March Update

  • Marron deals heavy damage to enemies when it explodes, but gets incapacitated for a while.
  • Melon doesn't deal as much damage as Marron, but if your timing is good, it can be thrown several times.

Additional Info

  • Marron deals heavy damage through a single explosion.
  • Melon's damage isn't as much as Marron, but if you have good timing, you can hurl Melon several times.
  • Melon and Marron can faint after they explode.
  • Switching pets resets the damage they've stored.


Gathering Update 1

March Update

  • Let's obtain materials through [Mining] and [Fishing]!
  • Forest, Ruins, Coast, and Tokyo are fields that qualify for this feature.
  • Acquire Skill Rings and Cuisine from materials you've gathered.

Additional Info

  • There will be harvesting spots on the field where you can mine for materials.
  • You'll use tools such as an axe for [mining] and a fishing rod to [fish].
  • Some of these tools will make it easier to get rare materials.
  • You can increase your Fishing and Mining level by clearing achievements.

Additional Info Live Steam

  • The Gathering System (Fishing/Mining) is limited through Stamina.
  • Performing a Fishing or Mining action consumes Stamina.
  • Stamina will also regain over time.


Gathering Update 2

March Update

  • Let's enjoy fishing by the waterside!
  • You could even catch some rare fish!
  • Your cuisines can give special effects.

Additional Info

  • One cuisine effect increases the rate in which you gather rare ingredients.
  • Others may strengthen stats, and recover HP and PP.

Additional Info Live Stream

  • With the right timing, you can catch some rare fish.


Gathering Update 3

March Update

  • You can obtain vegetables, ores, and gems through Mining.
  • Meat will drop from enemies.
  • New Equipment Category: Skill Rings
  • Skill Rings can be equipped on your left and right hand.
  • Gather materials and strengthen your skill ring.

Additional Info

  • A FEVER can also occur increasing your rate to acquire rare materials.
  • Left Skill Rings affects actions, while Right Skill Rings are based on skills.
  • The Massive Hunter ring allows you to use that skill on other classes.

 Additional Info Live Stream

  • Two Forms of Chances can Occur
    • When a "Rare Chance" occurs, it becomes easier to acquire rare materials.
    • An "Extra Chance" gives you an additional opportunity to get materials without consuming stamina.


Skill Ring Grinding

Skill Ring Grinding

  • You can grind Skill Rings at the Item Lab.
  • Skill Ring Grinding requires materials and grinders.
  • You can select which stat's grind values you wish to increase prior to grinding L-rings.
    • S-ATK, T-ATK, or DEX were given in one of the examples.
  • Each Ring has a Ring EXP value.
  • You can increase its EXP by defeating enemies while the ring is equipped.
  • Increasing the Ring's EXP, increases the number of possible grinds you can perform on the ring.
    • For example, initially when you acquire a ring, you might be at its current grind cap.
    • The Ring's current grind cap will increase after you gain a certain amount of EXP.
    • From here, you can head to the Item Lab and grind the ring again to reach the new cap.


Left Skill Ring Descriptions

Left Skill Rings modify actions.

  • L / JG Rising Flag
    • Rising Flag activates when you successfully Just Guard with a Partisan.
  • L / DS Whirlwind
    • Has a chance to automatically activate the Whirlwind after specific Double Saber PAs.
  • L / Front S-Roll
    • You can perform a forwards stylish roll with Twin Machine Guns.
  • L / Tech C Parrying
    • Just Guards become possible when you begin charging Technics with Tech weapons.
  • L / High Time Keep
    • Has a chance to preserve High Time, even if you get hit, (but only once), during Showtime.
  • L / TD Air Chase
    • Makes normal attacks and certain PAs draw closer to a locked-on enemy, while Twin Daggers are in the air.
  • L / Knuckle Chase
    • Makes normal attacks and certain PAs draw closer to a locked on enemy, while Knuckles are on the ground.
  • L / DB Snatch
    • Appends striking damage to Dual Blades when the player moves with the DB's shift action.
    • DB's Shift Action = L Stick + R1
  • L / RR Field
    • Reduces the recast times for Reverser Field.
  • L / Hunter Gear Save
    • While Hunter Gear Boost is active it decreases both the gear's consumption and its rate of decay.
    • Available only for Hunter Weapons.
  • L / Katana Gear Guard R
    • Forcibly activates Katana's gear while guarding for a set period of time.
    • From the livestream, you need to have full gear to activate this skill.
  • L / Short Combat
    • While Katana Combat is activated, it stops normal attacks from pursuing the enemy.


Right Skill Ring Descriptions

Right Skill Rings are based on skills but with one added twist.

R / Massive Hunter

  • Enables the Massive Hunter skill.
  • Hunters will not be able to equip this skill ring.

Typically, classes that can learn the skill are excluded from equipping the ring.

R / C Strike Striking

  • Increases Striking Attacks critical rate and critical power.
  • Fighters will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / C Strike Range

  • Increases Range Attacks critical rate and critical power.
  • Fighters will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / C Strike Tech

  • Increases Tech Attacks critical rate and critical power.
  • Fighters will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / Killing Bonus

  • Recovers PP when enemies die nearby.
  • Rangers will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / P Keeper Striking

  • Increases Striking Damage towards enemies when HP is above a certain value.
  • Gunners will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / P Keeper Range

  • Increases Range Damage towards enemies when HP is above a certain value.
  • Gunners will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / P Keeper Tech

  • Increases Tech Damage towards enemies when HP is above a certain value.
  • Gunners will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / PP Convert

  • Same as Techer's "PP Convert" skill
  • Techers will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / Photon Flare

  • Same as the Force's "Photon Flare" skill
  • Forces will not be able to equip this skill ring.

R / Attack Advance

  • Increases normal attack's power.
  • Bravers will not be able to equip this skill ring.

However, the next one is different.

R / Boost Slayer

  • Increases the damage dealt towards Boosted enemies
  • Decreases the damage received from Boosted enemies.
  • All classes can equip this skill ring. Yay!




Franka cafe

March Update

  • Franca's Cafe
    • Obtain Skill Rings and Cuisines from materials you've found.
    • Gathering related Client Orders will be implemented as well.
    • You can also access the Quest Counter from here!
  • Additional Info Live Stream
    • Daily Craft NPCs will appear in the Cafe.
    • You can sit at a table and make food appear.


Anime EP4

Episode 4's Connection

  • Episode 4 takes place in the year 2028, 1 year after the anime.
  • The story takes place in a world with widespread 'Ether' communication.
  • Characters which appeared in the game, also appear in the anime!
  • Aika, as a summoner, uses a Rappy.
  • Seiga and Tensei are sister schools!


38 thoughts to “PS Festa 2016 Recap in Sapporo (Now With Skill Rings)”

    1. Wait, it can get worse…? Then again… if they can make such a plot happen…maybe it can..

      Do they even care anymore..? That EP4 "connection" is just a recap of 5 episodes and the opening.

    2. People have been complaining about anime cliches and terrible plot during ep1. Its four years of being surprised that water is wet.

  1. It's funny. Earlier I was just discussing about the possibility of other pets on Reddit. And here they come! It's interesting what they're doing with these new ones, btw. And I'm very disappointed that that little boy's sweater won't be wearable with bare legs for men… What's even the point, then?

    1. ikr
      i wanted to get that sweater only because of that, but why would i even get it? (i will still get it tho damit sega)

    2. Idk, pretty sure that shirt's outerwear. If you looks closely the female version isn't exactly going barefoot either.

      I'm guessing we should be getting some kinda bare-legged basewear for men by the summer at the latest, so be patient with your shota fetish needs I guess? :v

  2. I'm having a problem, my pso2proxy is enabled, but i can't connect to the server. It says :" Server connection timed out" . Can someone help me? Thanks.

    1. Turn off your antiviruse software and re-enter the proxy address. Server proxy isn't saved and needs to be re-entered every-time you load the tweaker. Antiviruse software will block changes being made to the syshost file

  3. So summoner with get a crapload of "weapons" while the other classes are stuck with what they have, adding the fact they forgot completely about PA crafting.

    Also seems like every outfit will be layered from now on except maybe collabs (altough if sega owns the collab material maybe they will pul layers on those as well)

    1. These aren't pets. They're just prinnies.

      If that's their idea, then maybe it's good we don't have any PA-related thing yet.

    2. Would be kinda normal for the new class to get stuff added fast so as to round them out properly you know…

  4. >gathering only in four areas

    one wonders how long they plan to dodder about before making it an option in more places. and seriously. no mining stuff in caves or complex is pretty silly. those would be like. the obvious spots to go for minerals.

    as for that scratch, uh… sega really needs to stop trying to realworld fashion, because they're not good at it.

    is the anime's site romanizing "koori" (コkoオoリri) as "kohri"? game companies and being bad at romanization…

    1. If by "caves" you mean the Amduscia surface, it'd arguably be rather too unstable and volatile for that (and the Magical Magnetism of the place prolly screws with equipement anyway). And if by "complex" you mean the Lillipa tunnels, wot. That's self-evidently the portions that were mined out long ago and turned into infrastructure for the actual mineheads (wherever the fig *those* now are).

      …don't ask me wtf we're supposed to be foraging in Tokyo though. Orphaned cellphones and old manga?
      ( ´◔ ‸◔')
      I got nuttin'.

    2. I guess the "Find rare minerals" and the "Use the drill machines when glowing" arks quests in those 2 areas must be wrong then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. if by caves, yes, I do mean volcanic cavern. the first area of amu-amu-amumumu amduscia. and what are you on about, too unstable. if that dump was so unstable you couldn't smack a rock off any of those protruding formations we'd have all drowned in lava the first time ol' trogdor went for a dive to build up his lava armor. or even noodledragon going for a dive.

      by complex I do indeed mean the place the game calls "UNDERGROUND COMPLEX" in english when you visit it during the story. there seem to be quite a few bins full of rocks and such strewn about. there's no telling just what state those things were in when the civilization that built the place died out, thus it's worth a look. and are you forgetting the "weather" effect that periodically has shiny mineral dusts fill the air? it's got to come from somewhere, and it's got to settle somewhere. dust settles, it's what it does.

      why would you call it tunnels after looking at it, anyway. there's nothing even tunnel-like about it. more of a giant cavern than a tunnel.

    4. "Amduscia". As in King Amduscias (also "Amdusias" and several other spellings) of the Ars Goetia fame. (Other names that might ting a bell therein are Marquis Naberius and Duke Vepar.

      Also you have to dodge random rockfalls and magma eruptions just *walking around there*. That sounds pretty damn unstable to me…
      And whatever the big dragons do sure af isn't any kind of normal digging, they basically just dive into the ground like it was freaking water. Buggers probably use some kinda specialised photon majick trick to pretty much turn the rock semi-liquid or smth. And seeing as how they're native to the environment they presumably have some means of sensing the local geology (prolly related to the strong Magical Magnetism of the planet) and, you know, not bury themselves under a massive cave-in by accident.

      Could also be theorised the ARKS are deliberately limiting gathering of whatever local minerals might be found near the surface in for diplomatic reasons, ie. so as to not annoy the uninfected Dragonkin who only reluctantly tolerate their presence there due to the Darker problem…

      "Subterranean Tunnels", sometimes "Underworks", is what the Eng patches call the Lillipan underground. Deal with it.
      Also, place looks like mostly mothballed transport infra at best; the piles of whatever lying around are likely mostly slag and other detritus. (The Lilli UQ zone would presumably be what the system looks like fully functional and powered.) Not really promising for resource foragning, and the Collection e-codes would arguably largely cover what useful traces are left.
      And does that mapset even spawn the mining-machine e-code? I can't remember if I've ever seen it there…

  5. Fuh… Still no clue of where is Matoi.
    … I'm missing this girl in the lobby and Quna too.

    … Hey Quna, didn't you wrote SOME NEW SONGS IN TWO YEARS TOO? (Oops sorry.)

    Anyway, I wish the Storyboard parts were released more often than that. These things can be completed in an hour, worst than Matterboards with 100%…

    1. I guess so, too. That, or maybe she went with Sukunahime? Doesn't she give the idea to Matoi in a past Matterboard or something like that?

  6. ☞skill ring dedicated to further trying to fix sword gear
    let's be honest, neither partisan or wiredlance have major issues related to needing gear like sword does; this is another case where sega is admitting to a problem but being too stubborn to fix it directly. it's actually rather annoying how they do that so often.

    maidoll tends to depict sword gear as a ball n' chain in her four panel comics, and hunter gearboost as a rollerskate under it. I wonder how she'll depict this ring, as sega makes sword HU have to give up interesting upgrades in order to try to fix something that sega should globally fix to begin with. kinda like gearboost, where you have to burn five points to again fix something that sega should just fix from the ground up, while other classes/weapons suffer far less with gear maintenance.

    maybe we'll be lucky and have sega give us a second slot per ring type (L/R) before the year is out.
    then again, I'm still waiting for them to give subunits a legitimate function as equipment.

    1. Skill ring UI window is twice as wide to fit extra ring pair.
      But we should focus on having seventeen dedicated people that could simultaneously draw self-derogatory comics about how their preferable weapon/class is bad. Maybe that way it will become obvious that absolutely all aspects of this weapon system are broken and abandoned, no matter how many lazy uninspired dripfed updates Sega throws at us in between bath scenes about summoner?
      phew. Did I get all meta in one post, or there is still something missing?

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