PSO2 Alpha Test 2 Start Dates and Download

Hello guys, for those who are in the PSO2 Alpha Test, you can now start downloading the client to connect to the game when the Alpha Test 2 servers are up. The download size is about 1.2Gbs

Alpha Test 2 Start Dates Japan

  • January 27th, 16:00 to 23:00 JST
  • January 28th, 18:00 to 26:00 JST
  • February 1st, 16:00 to 23:00 JST
  • February 3, 15:00 through Feb 4, 23:00 (32 hours continuously)

Alpha Test 2 Start Dates Eastern Standard Time

  • January 27th, 2AM to 9AM
  • January 28th, 4AM to 12PM
  • February 1st, 2AM to 9AM
  • February 3rd, 1AM to Feb 4th 9AM

Alpha Test 2 Start Dates Pacific Standard Time

  • January 26th, 11PM to 6AM
  • January 28th, 1AM to 9AM
  • January 31st, 11PM to 6AM
  • February 2nd, 10PM to Feb 4th 6AM

Alpha Test 2 Start Dates Greenwich Mean Time

  • January 27th, 07:00 to 14:00
  • January 28th, 09:00 to 17:00
  • February 1st, 07:00 to 14:00
  • February 3rd, 06:00 to Feb 4th 14:00

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PSO2 Alpha Test 2 Control Scheme

(Haven't gotten any sleep yet so this is unfinished.)

* The entry listed as STEP will change to Dive Roll if you are a ranger, and Mirage Escape if you are a Force
* The button layout may change based on your controller brand.

An alternate control layout is available (TPS Style Layout) where the attack and photon arts button moves to the L2 / R2 position like in shooter games. Additionally based on each of the three battle styles (Striking, Range, and Force) you can set the default control layout and any additional settings you want in the options page.

Oh my gosh what does this all mean? Well there's two modes, Mouse Mode which lets your mouse do all the attacking, and Camera Mode which lets your mouse just control the camera when there's no menu or windows open. I recommend using Mouse Mode for TPS style for precise control.

If you want to change modes press the [T] Key




  • Movement [W] [A] [S] [D]
  • Jump [Space]
  • Extra Action [Shift]
  • Sub Palette [1] ~ [0] (not numpad)
  • Lock-On [Q]
  • Switch Lock-On [Tab]
  • Picking up Item [E]
  • Switch Point of View [Z]
  • Auto Run [V]
  • Action Palette Selection [R] / [F]
  • Quick Action Palette [1] ~ [3] (numpad only)


  • Main Menu [CTRL + F1] Esc] / [J] / [Home] / [Pause]
  • Item [Ctrl]+[F2]
  • Equipment [Ctrl]+[F3]
  • Nearby Players [Ctrl]+[F4]
  • Quick Menu [Ctrl+F5] / [K] / [End]
  • Party [Ctrl]+[F6]
  • Friend List [Ctrl]+[F7]
  • Mail [Ctrl]+[F8]
  • Character Information [Ctrl]+[F9]
  • Logout [Ctrl]+[F10]
  • Cancel or Close [ESC}


  • Starting Chat [C]
  • Log Window Scroll [PageUp / Page Down]
  • Log Window Tab Change [Ctrl + ←] / [Ctrl + →]
  • Log Channel Tab Quick Change [Ctrl]+[1]~[5] (Not numpad)
  • Shortcut Word [F1] ~ [F10]
  • Lobby Action [Alt + A ~ Z]


  • Radar Map  [M]
  • Area Map Display [N]
  • Camera Zoom in / Zoom Out [+] [-]
  • Mouse Mode / Camera mode  [T]
  • Event [E]

User Stats

PSO2 Alpha Test 2 lists character stats in your Character Information Screen. To reach this screen press the icon with the shillouette of a person on the main menu.

  • HP : Player's Max HP
  • PP: Player's Max PP
  • 打撃力: Striking Power
  • 射撃力: Ranged Power
  • 法撃力: Technic Power
  • 技量: Ability
  • 打撃防御: Striking Defense
  • 射撃防御: Range Defense
  • 法撃防御: Technic Defense

This "ability" stat is a damage stat. The higher your ability, the more damage you do.

In addition there are 6 elemental attribute resistances 属性耐性. These are marked with an attribute icon and a tiny shield on the lower left corner. You will receive less damage from the corresponding attribute. Attributes consist of FIRE, ICE, LIGHTNING, WIND, LIGHT, and DARK.


Character Menu

When you select another player in the lobby, you will open up the Character Menu. It lists the following features:

Character Menu

  • パーティーに招待する: Invite to Party.
  • メールを送る: Send Mail
  • ブラックリストに登録: Black List
  • フレンド登録要求を出す: Friend Request
  • マイルームへ移動: Go to their room

Choose the first option: パーティーに招待する: Invite to Party, when you want to invite a person to your party, or you are the party leader.



If you were invited to a party, you'll see the party invitation window as well as a party invitation icon at the top of your screen. Clicking YES [はい], the party icon at the top of the screen, or the main menu's Community / Party [コミュニティ / パーティー], will let you reach a screen where you can choose to join or refuse your party invites.

  • パーティーに参加する Join Party
  • 参加を断る Refuse

If you'd like to send a friend request select フレンド登録要求を出す in the Character Menu. The person who recieves the request will see the window in the screenshot above as well as the Friend Request icon at the top of their screen.

If you click on YES [はいi] in the Friend Request Window, or click the icon at the top of the screen, or click on Community / Friendlist コミュニティ / フレンドリスト button you will reach to your Friend list window.


Under the top category Unreplied Requests 未返答の受信登録要求, you can see all your friend requests and approve or reject them.

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