PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sweet Love Passion

Sweet Love Passion
(Until 2.22.2017)



スウィートショコラ[Ou] ║ Sweet Chocolat [Ou]
(6 colors)


スウィートショコラ[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat [Ba]
スウィートショコラ空[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat Sky Blue [Ba]
スウィートショコラ紅[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat Crimson Red [Ba]
スウィートショコラ月[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat Yellow Moon [Ba]
スウィートショコラ雪[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat White Snow [Ba]
スウィートショコラ雅[Ba] ║ Sweet Chocolat Elegant Purple [Ba]


スウィートショコラ[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat [In]
スウィートショコラ空[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat Sky Blue [In]
スウィートショコラ紅[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat Crimson Red [In]
スウィートショコラ陽[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat Orange Sun [In]
スウィートショコラ雪[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat White Snow [In]
スウィートショコラ影[In] ║ Sweet Chocolat Black Shadow [In]



ツェルハトゥール[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule [Ba]
ツェルハトゥール雪[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule White Snow [Ba]
ツェルハトゥール紅[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule Crimson Red [Ba]
ツェルハトゥール海[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule Blue Sea [Ba]
ツェルハトゥール鋼[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule Steel Gray [Ba]
ツェルハトゥール雅[Ba] ║ Zell Hatoule Elegant Purple [Ba]


ツェルハトゥール[In] ║ Zell Hatoule [In]
ツェルハトゥール雪[In] ║ Zell Hatoule White Snow [In]
ツェルハトゥール影[In] ║ Zell Hatoule Black Shadow [In]
ツェルハトゥール海[In] ║ Zell Hatoule Blue Sea [In]
ツェルハトゥール月[In] ║ Zell Hatoule Yellow Moon [In]
ツェルハトゥール雅[In] ║ Zell Hatoule Elegant Purple [In]



リングチャンプM[Ou] ║ Ring Champ M [Ou]
(6 colors)

リングチャンプF[Ou] ║ Ring Champ F [Ou]
(6 colors)


リングチャンプM[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M [Ba]
リングチャンプM紅[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M Crimson Red [Ba]
リングチャンプM空[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M Sky Blue [Ba]
リングチャンプM陽[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M Orange Sun [Ba]
リングチャンプM雪[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M White Snow [Ba]
リングチャンプM影[Ba] ║ Ring Champ M Black Shadow [Ba]


リングチャンプM[In] ║ Ring Champ M [In]
リングチャンプM紅[In] ║ Ring Champ M Crimson Red [In]
リングチャンプM海[In] ║ Ring Champ M Blue Sea [In]
リングチャンプM雅[In] ║ Ring Champ M Elegant Purple [In]
リングチャンプM雪[In] ║ Ring Champ M White Snow [In]
リングチャンプM鋼[In] ║ Ring Champ M Steel Gray [In]


セクシースタイル ║ Sexy Style
セクシースタイル雪 ║ Sexy Style White Snow
セクシースタイル雅 ║ Sexy Style Elegant Purple
セクシースタイル紅 ║ Sexy Style Crimson Red
セクシースタイル桜 ║ Sexy Style Sakura Pink
セクシースタイル月 ║ Sexy Style Yellow Moon



  • ノーヴィカッツェ雅[Ou] ║ Novi Katze Elegant Purple [Ou]
  • ノーヴィカッツェ冬[Ba] ║ Novi Katze Winter White [Ba]
  • ノーヴィカッツェ藤[Ba] ║ Novi Katze Lavender [Ba]
  • ノーヴィカッツェ冬[In] ║ Novi Katze Winter White [In]
  • ノーヴィカッツェ雅[In] ║ Novi Katze Elegant Purple [In]
  • ノーグライアー雅[Ou] ║ Nogue Lyra Elegant Purple [Ou]
  • ノーグライアー雅[Ba] ║ Nogue Lyra Elegant Purple [Ba]
  • ノーグライアー冬[Ba] ║ Nogue Lyra Winter White [Ba]
  • ノーグライアー玄[In] ║ Nogue Lyra Mysterious Black [In]
  • ノーグライアー雪[In] ║ Nogue Lyra White Snow [In]
  • アークスダッフルF冬 ║ ARKS Duffle F Winter White
  • アークスダッフルF玄 ║ ARKS Duffle F Mysterious Black
  • アークスダッフルF夜 ║ ARKS Duffle F Night Blue
  • アークスダッフルM冬 ║ ARKS Duffle M Winter White
  • アークスダッフルM玄 ║ ARKS Duffle M Mysterious Black
  • アークスダッフルM静 ║ ARKS Duffle M Tranquil Blue

Color Variations

  • アルナール・ヘッドCV ║ Alnar Head CV
  • アルナール・ボディCV ║ Alnar Body CV
  • アルナール・アームCV ║ Alnar Arms CV
  • アルナール・レッグCV ║ Alnar Legs CV
  • ヴォグルス・ヘッドCV ║ Voglus Head CV
  • ヴォグルス・ボディCV ║ Voglus Body CV
  • ヴォグルス・アームCV ║ Voglus Arms CV
  • ヴォグルス・レッグCV ║ Voglus Legs CV

Female Voice #141 (CV: Risa Taneda)

  • 女性追加ボイス141
  • 女性C追加ボイス141 (Cast ver.)

Male Voice #106 (CV: Takuma Terashima)

  • 男性追加ボイス106
  • 男性C追加ボイス106 (Cast ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 284「ダンス42」 ║ Dance 42 (/la dance42)


  • ノーヴィミディアムヘア ║ Novi Medium Hair


  • うねりマフラー ║ Waving Scarf
  • カジュアルニット帽 黒 ║ Black Casual Knit Cap

Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/技量 ║ Food Device / DEX
  • 進化デバイス/ラブラッピー ║ Evo. Device / Love Rappy

Support Items

  • 属性変化(炎属性) Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(射撃&PP) ║ Add Special Ability (R-ATK & PP)


Bonus Scratch

Play this scratch a specific amount of times to receive exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Evo. Device / Lovekumami

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Peach Heart Earrings (Accessory)

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • 286「紙飛行機」 ║ Paper Airplane (/la papercraft)

(4) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Ragol Memory

(5) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Magatsu Bonus Key [Silver]

(6) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.


FUN Scratch

Lobby Action

  • 285「聞き返す」 ║ Pardon? (/la pardon)

PSU Music Discs

  • Moatoob
  • Alfort Tylor
  • Galenigare Mine


  • 前分けストレートロング ║ Parted Straight Long


  • ふさふさ二重まつげ 黒 ║ Black Lush Double Eyelashes
  • ふさふさ二重まつげ 紺 ║ Blue Lush Double Eyelashes
  • ふさふさ二重まつげ 茶 ║ Brown Lush Double Eyelashes
  • ふさふさ二重まつげ 白 ║ White Lush Double Eyelashes


  • リアスカートB ║ Rear Skirt B
  • ウェストブースター ║ Waist Boosters
  • バケツ 赤 ║ Red Bucket
  • バケツ 銀 ║ Silver Bucket
  • 新光紅鬼面 ║ Pristine Red Devil Mask
  • ピンクメイドキャップ ║ Pink Maid Cap
  • くわえハンカチB ║ Bitten Handkerchief B
  • ハートアイパッチ ║ Heart Eye Patch
  • スイートショコラ ║ Sweet Chocolates
  • バレンタインクッション ║ Valentine's Cushion
  • スイートチェア ║ Sweet Chair
  • スイートテーブル ║ Sweet Table
  • スイートベッド ║ Sweet Bed
  • スイートソファ ║ Sweet Sofa
  • スイートローテーブル ║ Sweet Low Table
  • スイートラグ ║ Sweet Rug
  • スイートシェルフ ║ Sweet Shelf
  • スイートライト ║ Sweet Light
  • スイーツ・テーマ ║ Sweet Theme


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20 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sweet Love Passion”

  1. The Valentines EQ this year is actually pretty fun. Makes the party split up kind of like some challenge mode areas. Drops Gix stuff at a pretty decent rate too at the end crystal.

    1. Yeah, no more running in circles killing random spawns. Also clears most of the reverse-side bingo in one go which is convenient.

      I'm told the new CFs have also resurrected Amd UQ to a degree at least though personally not seeing much point in getting the Fornis weps over Astra tbh…

    2. Oh a stupid who posted a full patched game with his nickname easy to see… 😀 Ahem sorry.

      Well, I've been a little surprised to hear the theme of the Challenge QUests before starting but it looks cool. That's right, running in circles in Amd. skyscape each year since 2013 was a little boring…

    3. lol why would that matter with a patch Sega said they were OK with? People have been streaming and recording with English patch for years. I'd have gotten banned 4 years ago.

    4. Did SEGA officially say it's ok?

      ToS still stands, and they can whack you with it anytime and you have no defense.
      If you have the patch, then you must be able to justify that you're playing in japan.

      Rather be safe than get hit with a random jap complaint to temp ban you.

    5. A long time ago Sega put out a statement saying they know foreign players are playing using a translation patch. They said it was fine because it was doing no harm to players as long as they behaved the same as everyone else.

      They said they absolutely would not tolerate all the hacking and harmful third party programs that were going on however. Basically said "if you behave yourself, you're safe".

      Other plugins and the proxy are most likely not ok yet I've still never heard anyone banned over it. I don't use the proxy personally but all SEA or chinese players have to. Sega will even respond to support emails that are sent in english.

    6. even JP hacker are in risk of being banned since it's more to being a threat to server community.

    7. I known and I wasn't saying that seriously. It's just that, I know they know about us, I know they tolerate and we're a source of money too, but in my memory it was advised months ago to avoid posting photos/videos of with translations (At least I'm sure for mods, for Costumes for example. Pretty normal thing after all). But in another hand, as long as we don't put trouble and stay cool, they'll "forget" about us.

      Anyway to return to the EQ, I've done it twice today and it's nice. Finally a change compared to the other years (And as Challenge Blocks are generally empty, it's good to return to this just a litle).

    8. Yeah I knew you weren't being malicious or anything. I'd understand if people want to be cautious as well. Its a personal choice I make to not worry about it on my own behalf.

      It's fun but oh man going right at the split is hard if you don't have Gix weapons or lightning element stuff. The party should basically divide into light going left and lightning going right.

    9. Yup it's everyone's choice. I stopped using patches years ago because I was tired of waiting quarters to uninstall and reinstall it each time (I was on a laptop during this time) but finally I survived even without, so…

      I'll pay more attention to these elements next time. I have to admit I didn't really searched and just followed people in front of me. And as usual it was a carnage but there didn't seem to be too much problems…

      Oh by the way Fael, wasn't it you who had "problems" with BGM doing strange things lately? What happened?

    10. Yeah they did an early maint to fix those issues. It was just bugs I guess. Haven't heard anything weird since. Basically wrong music was just playing in the wrong places sometimes lol.

    11. Aha, must have been a little strange.

      I guess they fix during a maintenance, yeah… I myself have something working again but I don't know if it's them or the latest Tweaker.

    12. Sega knows how to make money with this game. They're not going to turn away foreign players who are throwing money at them just like everyone else unless they do something harmful or if the game is hosted in their region.

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