PSO2 Live Broadcast Recap #34

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 Post Livestream Update

  • Added minor tidbit with PSO2es.
  • Added PSO Concert tidbit.


ARKS Festival

Secret phrase august

Say おどったろう in chat sometime between now through 8/26 maintenance to receive these wonderful items from the live broadcasters and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi at a later date:

  • Mitsuyoshi Hair
  • Momoi Hair
  • Ichitaro Hair
  • Light & Fluffy Chignon
  • Mitsuyoshi Glasses

These items can be retrieved from the visiphone some time in a future maintenance.



EQ Boost Poll 2

★ Emergency Quest Boost Poll ★

  • Viewers selected [A Profound Invasion] for the Emergency Quest Boost.
  • The Boost will occur after the ARKS Dance Festival on August 16th @ 22:00 JST
  • +200% Rare Drop and +200% EXP Boost.
  • Extra +10% if you attend the Live Event.



Cosplay Contest Winner

PSO2's 3rd Cosplay Contest

  • Congratulations to Shoumatsuya for winning the Cosplay Contest



Otsukimi 2015

Otsukimi Lobby

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/14)
  • Traverse the clouds in the lobby.
  • Otsukimi Bingo (~10/14)
  • Otsukimi Xie
  • New Bingo Rewards


7th Dragon Scratch

Early September Update

  • Collaboration with 7th Dragon 2020-II
  • Hacker & Lucier costumes, hairstyles, & accessories
  • A variety of other costumes and parts.


7th Dragon 3

November Update

  • 7th Dragon III code: VFD collaboration.
  • Samurai, (Female) Fortuner, and (Female) Rune Knight costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • PSO2es Collaboration too


Kuron L EQ

Early September Update

  • New Kuron Emergency Quest for a limited time
  • Luna Nyau summons Gal Gryphon?
  • New weapon Drops.


  Mega Dimension

Late September Update

  • New Scratch (Mega Dimension Heroine)
  • IF, Uranus Uzume, and Purple Heart's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • SEGA Hard Girls Accessory and Room Items
  • Weapon Camos too.


Ragol Memory Next

Late September Update

  • More items at the Ragol Memory Exchange Shop
  • Fomar and Fomarl Repca.
  • New Client Orders for Ultimate Naberius & Ultimate Lillipa! (Hans & Franka)


Ultimate Naberius Adjust

Late September Update

  • Ultimate Naberius Readjusted.
  • Adjusted enemy behavior, stats, and drops.
  • New 12 weapon drops.
  • Get 13 "Nemesis" weapons by trading in Garrel crystals.


PSO2es Event Update

PSO2es Updates

  • New 9 ARKS Quest.
  • We finally reach to the story's conclusion.
  • What will be the fate of Seraphy and Dr. Cohen.
  • New Boss: Blu Ringahda
  • Please wait for a followup report on future story developments.


 PSO2es Limited

PSO2es Event & Updates

  • Emergency Quest Ranking Event.
    • PSO2es limited costume (King Rappy Suit) & Rare Items
    • Rank high or achieve certain scores to receive Operation Stars and get all sorts of items.
  • Improved the contents of the Tutorial
  • PSO2es My Shop feature will finally support 12 weapons and 11 units
  • Relaxed interlocking EXP Cap from PSO2 to PSO2es.


PSO2es Event updates

PSO2es Event And Update

  • PSO2es first 12 chip will be a weaponoid designed by Yuji Himukai!
  • 12 chips will appear for a limited time in certain scratches as a "Seasonally Rare Chip"
  • New Weaponoids, characters, PAs, and Technics will be added in the future.


Road Map 2015 Autumn 

Episode 3 Roadmap

Fall 2015

  • New Story Quest
  • New Dark Falz
  • New 12 Person Boss Battle
  • New Anime Collaboration Scratch
  • Limited Quest


  • New Video Game Collaboration Scratch
  • New Time Attack Quest
  • New Mining Base Defense
  • Extreme Quest Expansion

(And a new legend begins…)


~ PSO2 The Animation Preview ~


~ End of Episode 3 ~


Reborn Episode 4

 Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 4

  • Reborn: Episode 4 will be coming in 2016.
  • New Title Logo coming along with the release.


PSO2 for PS4

PSO2 2016 Announcement

  • PSO2 has been announced for Playstation 4. It will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show!


PSO2 Setting Material

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 1&2 Setting Material Collection (Tentative Title)

  • Contains illustrations and explanation materials to the world of PSO2.
  • Interviews with the main staff.
  • Item Codes are also available.


PSO 15 Concert

PSO 15th Anniversary Concert: Sympathy 2015

  • Yuji Naka (PSO1 Producer) and Takao Miyoshi (PSO1 Director) will appear as guests.
  • Additional performers: Shouta Aoi and Emi Nitta

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