PSO2es Guide: Chip Database

PSO2es Chip Library

A database of the chips available in PSO2es.


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Chip Database

Photon Art and Tech Chips

Sword PAs

Wired Lance Pas

Partizan PAs

Twin Dagger PAs

Double Saber PAs

Knuckles PA

Gunslash PA

Katana PA

Dual Blade PA

Assault Rifle PA

Launcher PA

Twin Machine Gun PA

Bullet Bow PA

Jet Boots PA


Intensifier / Specializer / Buster Chips




6 thoughts on “PSO2es Guide: Chip Database

    1. Will there be more info on PA/Tech chips and more importantly, the enemy chips? I’m still completely clueless on the enemy chips.

    2. We’re too understaffed for PA chip coverage right now, but the enemy chips were supposed to link to another page but it appears it didn’t link properly. We had a problem with listing all the chips on the same page, but we found a way to work around this. If we can get a few more people, we could have a more comprehensive database of chips.

      Tonight I’ll put the enemy chips back up

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