2nd Phantasy Star Nova Demo on November 13th!

Opening Demo

Phantasy Star Nova's "Opening Demo" is scheduled to be released on November 13th, 2014.

In the demo, you can create a character, explore the early parts of the story, and fight the Gigantes! In addition, you can transfer your save data over to the official version!

The contents depicted in the demo may be different than what is reflected in the official version. The Phantasy Star Nova demo requires 1.9 GBs of space, and is available at the Japanese PlayStation Store.


Combo Effects

Skill Board

We talked a little bit about Combo Effects in our previous article. To recap, a Combo Effect is activated when you place certain skills together on the Skill Board. A few more examples of combo effects were detailed this week, with skills from other classes.

Combo Effect Examples

  • Fury Stance (Hunter) + GP Slayer (Buster)
    • Fury S Up: Increases the Effect of Fury Stance.
  • Chase Advance (Buster) + Power Magazine (Ranger)
    • Bullet Mastery: Increases the chance of inflicting a status effect while shooting.



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