AC Scratch: Universe Star Collection (3/6/2013)

Universe Star Collection

This week’s update introduced a new Arks Scratch titled “Universe Star Collection.” The items contained within this scratch are available from March 6th through April 10th, 2013. Since there are too many items to list within one blog post, you can view other color variations of previously released items at the official site.


Emilia repca

エミリア・レプカ Emilia Repca
エミリア・レプカ雪 Emilia Repca Snow
エミリア・レプカ影 Emilia Repca Shadow
エミリア・レプカ桜 Emilia Repca Sakura
エミリア・レプカ月 Emilia Repca Moon
エミリア・レプカ海 Emilia Repca Ocean


Guardians F Repca

ガーディアンズFレプカ Guardians F Repca
ガーディアンズFレプカ雪 Guardians F Repca Snow
ガーディアンズFレプカ影 Guardians F Repca Invisible
ガーディアンズFレプカ紅 Guardians F Repca Crimson
ガーディアンズFレプカ葉 Guardians F Repca Leaf
ガーディアンズFレプカ桜 Guardians F Repca Sakura


Marie Wind

マリーウィンド Marie Wind
マリーウィンド紅 Marie Wind Crimson
マリーウィンド影 Marie Wind Shadow
マリーウィンド萌 Marie Wind Sprout
マリーウィンド桜 Marie Wind Sakura
マリーウィンド陽 Marie Wind Sun


Guardians M Repca

 ガーディアンズMレプカ Guardians M Repca
ガーディアンズMレプカ雪 Guardians M Repca Snow
ガーディアンズMレプカ影 Guardians M Repca Shadow
ガーディアンズMレプカ紅 Guardians M Repca Crimson
ガーディアンズMレプカ雅 Guardians M Repca Elegance
ガーディアンズMレプカ桜 Guardians M Repca Sakura


Blue Rappy Suit

ブルーラッピースーツ Blue Rappy Suit


Heretic Queen

ヘレティッククイーン Heretic Queen
ヘレティッククイーン葉 Heretic Queen Leaf
ヘレティッククイーン海 Heretic Queen Sea



  • Candy Crown
  • Adventos
  • Blitz Ace
  • Heretic Lord
  • Ranks Series
  • Angrif Series


  • Two Eretique Reine variations
  • Two Heretic Lord variations


Kana Hanazawa Voice 17

  • 女性追加ボイス17 Extra Female Voice 17
  • 女性C追加ボイス17 Extra Cast Female Voice 17

Yōko Hikasa Voice 21

  • 女性追加ボイス21 Extra Female Voice 21
  • 女性C追加ボイス21Extra Female Cast Voice 21

Hiro Shimono Voice 14

  • 男性追加ボイス14 Extra Male Voice 14
  • 男性C追加ボイス14Extra Cast Male Voice 14

Nobuo Tobita Voice  22

  • 男性追加ボイス22 Extra Male Voice 22
  • 男性C追加ボイス22 Extra Male Cast Voice 22


 FUN Scratch



  • Wild Pony


  • Valentine (PSU)
  • Living Universe (PSPo2)
  • 継承者の腕輪 (KC)

Lobby Action

  • 追加ロビーアクション05 (Angry)
  • Please verify Lobby Action in comments.


Block Changes

  • Six Playstation Vita blocks were added to Ships 5,6,7,8, and 9.
  • Temporarily converted four PC exclusive blocks into PSVita Exclusive blocks.
  • For PSVita and PC/Vita shared blocks, they reduced Premium Space capacity in each block, and added more space for normal players.


Who is Shougai?

Shougai is a Japanese PSO fansite  from ( that mainly covers PSO2 articles from magazines and gaming sites. The Phantasy Star community relies on Shougai to relay information covered in Famitsu/Dengeki magazines. The articles from Shougai contain not only their thoughts and opinions on the subject matter but also official information covered in the magazine. So when we are quoting or referencing an article from Shougai, we'll often say things like:  (Shougai thinks.. Shougai speculates.. Shougai comments.. Shougai believes…)

Since this was confusing to new readers, we'll make a clearer distinction between whether a statement is an opinion from Shougai, or an actual comment from Sakai. So at the end of every article that uses them as reference we'll list things from what we know to what we don't know.


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