Beach Wars Returns In PSO2's Next Update

JP Update: August 19th, 2020


Beach Wars 2020

Beach Wars makes it return with a major change! Borrowing from other Seasonal Quests, players will now be tasked with collecting as many points as they can before time runs out. Once enough points have been collected, Dio Hunar will spawn. Afterwards on Ultra Hard, enemies with shields will drop equipment with many slots.


Hitsugi and Kohri will be strutting the beach in their summer swimwear. As a matter of fact, players who also wear swimsuits and other summer outfits will receive a special PSE [Costume Bonus] for increased EXP and RDR.


Available in the quest drop pool are the ★15 gunslash [Lumigunny], [Super Grand Parfait], and S-Class Ability Capsules.


Summer NPCs

The Heroines of PSO2 will be in the Shop Area boasting their new bikinis. Clear their Client Orders for their partner cards and the Mag Device [Evo. Device / Occha].


Collection Files

The [Beach 2020 Collection] will feature the Calamity, Fornis, and Vades weapons at +35.  For the Summoner friendos, shiny ★14 Eggs are around to add to your collection.


Don Quijote in Tokyo

The Don Quijote shop appears once again in the Tokyo Field. Be sure to stop by when visiting Tokyo for your weekly screenshots.


Road to Luster

Get yourself prepared for the hottest new class releasing this September! Various campaigns will run from August through September under the [Road to Luster] banner!


The Limited Quest [Special Training: Episode 6] will be making its return for two weeks as a Quest-Linked Boost.  Playing this quest applies boosts towards  [Beach Wars 2020] and [Requiem of the Specter's Grudge].


Sunshine Summer Resort

New swimsuits hit the shelves in our latest AC Scratch. Pick from a variety of swimsuits ranging from cute, sexy, reserved, and… weird. A new version of the [Crouch] lobby action will also be available!


10 thoughts to “Beach Wars Returns In PSO2's Next Update”

    1. There is no 'scythe weapon' tho, it's just a rod.
      By that logic Force is just as edgy.
      And Hunter with Hero, since there is also another scythe camo for swords.

    2. He didn't say 'Scythe weapon', he said 'scythe'. Sure, you could slap on a scythe camo/weapon on the other classes, but by then you're doing it with the intentions of making it look edgy. Phantom came out edgy by default, fully dressed in black, deep blue, and a scythe wep camo, which goes as hard edge as possible. Luster is just silly and flashy, with a punk feel in terms of appearance.

    3. Pretty sure any class can look edgy with the right outfit. Gunner was pretty much 1st place edgy until Phantom showed up.

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