PSO2: New Genesis At Tokyo Game Show

The next colossal update for PSO2 will be in the form of PSO2:NGS. Fans have been waiting for news, and the time has come! Check out TGS on September 25th for the latest info.

Corner Name

  • PSO2 NEW GENESIS Introduction

Broadcast Content

  • Delivery of the latest information and gameplay of PSO2:NGS

Date and Time

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PSO2: New Genesis JP Announcement Campaign

PSO2 New Genesis Campaign (JP)

To kick off the announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Sega of Japan will be giving out items for both new and returning PSO2 players.

Campaign Period: July 25th ~ August 19th

Task Reward
Login to PSO2 JP during the campaign period.

Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow] x1
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold] x3
Tri Boost +150% x5
EX Tri Boost +100% x5
136 "Air Guitar" x1

Login each day during the campaign period. 1,000,000 EXP Ticket (up to 10 max)

Prize distributed upon meeting the conditions.



Returning Players

If you let someone classified as a "Returning Player" join your team, you and all your team members will receive items.

Task Reward
Have a "Returning Player" belong to your team during the campaign period by August 19th's maintenance.
Bonus Key Tokyo [Rainbow]
Tri Boost +150%
Ex Tri Boost +100%
130 "Terminal Operation"

Prize distributed mid September.

Next NGS CBT Notice

Sega is planning to start signups for the second closed beta on February 2nd, 2021. Those who have signed up for the first beta, but didn't get in, will automatically be entered into the drawing for the second beta.

If you were already selected to play in the first beta, you will automatically be able to participate in the second beta.

The game client from the first beta will also be used in the second beta, so there is no need for you to uninstall the game.

Details about signing up for the beta will be posted in the future.