PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 1 Period

Check your email to see if you can participate in the first closed beta of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The beta will run for three days at specific times between January 29th through January 31st.

Closed Beta Schedule

The first Closed Beta Test will utilize gameplay data of PSO2 as of January 21st maintenance.


Campaigns and Prizes

NGS: Boss Suppression Campaign

Players who defeat the Boss: Naglus (ナグルス) will receive:

  • Biting Rappy Earring (Accessory)
  • Baton Handoff (Stamp)

Both items are tradeable.


Play a PSO2 Quest Campaign

Players who clear a quest on a PSO2 Block will receive:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1

It doesn't matter what quest you play or what clear rank you receive.


NGS Player Shop Utilization Campaign

Players who sell and purchase at least once using the Player Shops:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Player Survey Campaign

Completing the survey for either the 1st Closed Beta or 2nd Closed Beta will net you:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Distribution Period

Prizes for all campaigns will be distributed some time after New Genesis officially launches.

Even More PSO2:NGS Gameplay Footage

Planet Halpha: Central City

New gameplay footage was shown during the Phantasy Star Online 20th Anniversary stream! Comedy duo, Nasu Nakanishi, explored Central City during an Emergency Quest notification. Within Central City, you can explore a variety of facilities and conference areas. Utilizing double jump, you can reach on top of the buildings, and see the city from new heights. You can even run atop the castle walls surrounding the city.


The Adventure Area

From the city, you can simply run out into the adventure area with no loading screens at all.  Here you can fight enemies, such as the "Alters," who resemble the natives from PSO2. In fact, one such native, the monkey-like " Oodan" makes an appearance under its new title, "Oodan Roa." There's also enemies reminiscent of the dragonkin known as "Lizard Feurei" and "Lizard Ice," who appear to release elemental attacks. 


If a fellow player becomes incapacitated, you have the ability to revive them with a Moon Atomizer.


Eventually, Nasu Nakanishi made their way to the "Dolls" where they fought a Shifta buffed "Gororon."  These rotund enemies can release long-distant shockwaves from their bellies as well as perform spindash attacks.


We also got a brief glimpse of an Emergency Quest area which can randomly spawn on the map.


The Tutorial Cocoon

Scattered across the field are "Cocoons," that hold instance quests. One such quest, known as "First Steps," gives players a tutorial on some of the features they may use on the field. You can perform the Photon Dash by holding [RT] while moving. If you wish to perform a Photon Glide, simply hold or press A during a double jump.


The Phantasy Star series iconic, "Photon Blast," will also make a comeback. Just as in past games, you must fill the blast gauge during battle until it begins to glow. From here you can activate the attack by either selecting it within the sub-palette or by pressing its shortcut key.


Shigeki Nakanishi also demoed some more of the character creation aspects of PSO2: New Genesis.

PSO2: New Genesis (JP) Closed Beta Announcement

SEGA has officially announced the closed beta testing of PSO2: New Genesis. Registration is currently open for the first test, scheduled to begin late January. Participants will receive bonus items to be announced at a later date.

1st Closed Beta Test

Around 50,000 applicants will be selected for the first test. In order to participate, you must have PSO2 gameplay data on your SEGA ID account.

Registration Period

  • December 15th, 2020 ~ January 4th, 2021

Registration Link

Beta Period

  • On a weekend between Late January ~ Early February 2021 

Purpose for the 1st Beta

  • Testing the Basic Game System
  • Testing the Server Load
  • Verification of Game Data shared between PSO2 and PSO2:NGS
  • ARKS Cash / AC Scratch Testing

2nd Closed Beta Test

Even more players will be recruited for the second test, including those who have not played PSO2 before. Participants from the first test will automatically be selected for this test. However, game data from the first test will not be carried over.

Registration Period

  • To Be Announced

Purpose of the 2nd Beta

  • Testing the game with even more players.
  • Testing corrections made based on the 1st Beta.



Players can register for the Closed Beta by logging into this SEGA ID page. Only players with gameplay data on their accounts are eligible to register for the first closed beta test.   After typing in the username, password, and hiragana captcha, click the large blue Login button to sign in.

Once you're signed in, you'll need to click the checkbox for the Terms of Service and the grey button beneath will turn green. Click the green button to secure your registration.


System Specs

  • Windows 8.1 64bit or Windows 10 64bit
  • 【Low / Medium Quality】Intel Core i5-9400 or equal
  • 【High Quality】Intel Core i9-10900
  • 【Low / Medium Quality】8GB RAM
  • 【High Quality】16GB RAM
Hard Drive
  • About 100GBs (NGS is about 30GB and PSO2 is about 70GB)

※You can reduce download times by completely installing the currently available version of PSO2. However do note, that the "PSO2 currently in service" and the  "PSO2 used for the closed beta" both require disk space for each version.

Monitor Resolution
  • 【Low Quality】1280x720
  • 【Medium / High Quality】1920x1080
Graphics Card
  • 【Low Quality】NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 or equal
    • AMD Radeon™ R9 285 or equal
  • 【Medium Quality】NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060
    • AMD Radeon™ RX 580
  • 【High Quality】NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER
    • AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT
Sound Card
  • Yes
  • DirectX®11 and above