Character File: Silva

Silva Astral Riser-NT

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race CAST Female
Class ranger_iconhunter_icon
JP Name シルバ
EN Name Silva
Voice Actor Emi Nitta
Location Shop Area

The PSO2 character of a young girl in elementary school. She supports her allies in combat with the peerless accuracy of her assault rifle.

※Silva was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on August 24th, 2016.

Unlocking Her Partner Card

  • Clear her 「一生懸命なRINAのために」 client order.
  • Accept her 「静かな才女と共に」 client order. (Old Method)



  Silva Face
Costume シルバ・レプカ
Silva Repca
Voice 女性共通シルバボイス
Female Voice – Silva
Weapon アストラルライザー-NT
Astral Riser – NT

※Silva’s cosmetics are included with the Vol. 6 Blu-ray/DVD of the PSO2 anime.


Client Orders

January 25th ~ February 22nd, 2017

Client Order Objective
一生懸命なRINAのために Defeat [Zo Shubarizan] x5
Defeat [Defanzaur] x3
Defeat [Zo Shubarzas] x1
Reward: Silva's Partner Card
悪癖になる前に Defeat Lv. 61+ [Natives] x150
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Oceanids] x150
Reward: Astral Riser – NT

August 24th ~ September 21st, 2016

Client Order Objective
With the Silent Woman
Clear [Subdue Goronzoran] with
only Silva in your party.
Ponderings of a Silent Woman
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Mechs] x300
Reward: Astral Riser – NT


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