PSO2 JP: Maintenance (8/24/2016)

Ride the skies of Las Vegas in the latest update for PSO2!

August 24th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 8/24/2016 @ 10:55 ~ 14:30 JST
  • 8/23/2016 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

PSO2 Tidbits

  • Some Prescheduled Emergency Quests will soon appear at random. It's currently unknown as to which ones will switch over to this format.
  • With the new Ultimate Quest on the horizon, they're thinking about having blocks that only players who meet certain conditions can enter. While this is not finalized, the current idea is to allow players who've cleared Solo Extreme Training (Floors 1 ~ 5) to enter these blocks. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change.
  • They're planning on introducing a new Solo Quest that's said to be harder than Heaven and Hell (Floors 1 ~ 10). No date has been announced for it, but it could arrive before the end of the year.
  • Though the Ride Roid is unsuitable for battle, it can apparently damage enemies when disembarking from the vehicle. This is done by pressing the second button in its Action Palette.
  • Ride Roids have a "Just Timing Boost" which allows for faster traveling speeds at the cost of draining PP. The boost ends when no more PP is left. Just Timing Boosts can be initiated when the JA ring appears.
  • You can recover your Ride Roid's HP and PP by flying through green Energy Rings.

Update Notes


  • *Solaris (Partisan & Wand Camo)
  • *PBセイバー (PB Saber) (Double Saber Camo)
  • *神剣クロストリー (Divine Sword Crosstrease) (DblSb, Sw, Ka Camo)
  • *Liberation (Katana, Rod, Wand Camo)
  • いかのぼうし (Squid Cap)

New Pet

  • シンクロウ (Shinkurou)

New Photon Arts

  • New Pet Photon Arts

Gathering Update

  • Added Gathering Spots to [Floating Facility Exploration] and [Las Vegas Exploration].

Limited-time Client Orders

  • Added client orders from Kid and Silva
  • Available until September 21st


Las Vegas Day

New Quests

  • Free Field: ラスベガス探索 (Las Vegas Exploration)
  • Riding Quest:
    • デイライド:A区 (Day Ride: District A)
    • ナイトライド:A区 (Night Ride: District A)
    • デイライド:B区 (Day Ride: District B)
    • ナイトライド:B区 (Night Ride: District B)
    • デイライド:C区 (Day Ride: District C)
    • ナイトライド:C区 (Night Ride: District C)
  • The available Riding Quest gets rotated daily.

The Las Vegas field can be accessed by clearing the following client order:

Koffie's Client Order

  • 適正能力審査試練・東京 [Ability Review: Tokyo] 

Riding Quests become available by clearing the following client order:

Koffie's Client Order

  • 遊撃許可申請・ラスベガス [Military Raid: Las Vegas]

New Collection Sheet

  • Las Vegas Collection (Obtainable until October 19th)

New Client Orders

  • Added new Client Orders, Daily Orders, and Team Orders.

New Interrupt Event

  • Added new Interrupt Event

New Partner Cards

  • キッド (Kid)
  • シルバ (Silva)


Ride Roid Image

Riding Quests & Ride Roids

  • Riding Quests are a new type of quest where you aim for a high score within a limited amount of time. Increasing the score raises the rare drop rate for the items that appear at the end of the quest.
  • Players can travel across the map using flying vehicles called Ride Roids. They can travel at even faster speeds by pressing the [x] button on the Gamepad or the [□] button in PS4 when the JA ring appears. This will activate the [Just Timing Boost] which drains PP while the boost is active. Pressing those buttons from the back palette will make the Ride Roid do an 180° turn.

Shop Update

  • Added items to the product listing of the Skill Ring Shop, Recycle Shop, and Culinary Shop.
  • Removed 4th Anniversary Donuts from the Badge Exchange Shop.

Balance Update

  • (XH & SH Only) To regulate the number of pet eggs obtained from Type 15 Tank, Train Ghidoran, and their rare counterparts, they reduced the drop rates for ★7 and ★8 Wanda Eggs. In response to these changes, ★10 and ★11 Wanda eggs will have increased drop rates.

Quick Links

Kid & Silva's Client Orders

Silva Astral Riser-NT

Character Catalogue



Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • ARKS Leagues are typically 3 hours long. Check the event itself for details on its duration.


Buy AC Campaign #28

Buy AC Campaign 28

Purchase set amounts of AC during the campaign period to receive these wonderful prizes.

Campaign Period

  • August 22nd @ 18:00 ~ September 9th @ 17:59 JST

Campaign Qualifications 

(1) Purchase 500+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • 1000 FUN Ticket (x3)
  • 5,000 EXP Ticket (x3)

(2) Purchase 2000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • Good Fishing Rod (x10)
  • Good Pickaxe (x10)

(3) Purchase 5000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • White Rappy Suit (x1)
  • +30% Ability Affixing Success (x1)

(4) Purchase 10,000 AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Ragol Memory (x3)

If you purchase 2000+ AC during the campaign period, you will receive (1) and (2). However, if you purchase 10,000+ AC, you’ll receive all four prizes! Please be sure to login with a character on your account.

※ Purchasing [AC] or [iAC] from PSO2es will not count towards the campaign.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late September


ARKS Orders Rush: Revenge Campaign

Revenge Campaign AOR

Here's your chance to collect the items we failed to get from the ARKS ORDERS RUSH Web Panel Event! Players who clear the following Story Board pieces during the campaign period will receive the last two Web Panel rewards.

Campaign Period

  • August 24th ~ September 7th

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Clear [077-A] on the Story Board to receive:

  • *Blanc Noir

(2) Clear [083-B] on the Story Board to receive:

  • VD「情報屋、変革します!」

Players who've already cleared the qualifying pieces will receive the items when they log in.

Present Pickup Expiration

  • Available until December 7th's Maintenance

47 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Maintenance (8/24/2016)”

  1. I like the idea of making blocks for people who cleared Solo XQ 1-5, so at least I know I can do EQs with people who can really contribute.

    Maybe I should get going and finish 5-10, I haven't even tried that set yet.

    1. Feels kind of like a Player Apartheid plan. I don't like it when Newbies and Veterans don't see much eye to eye.

    2. I see both sides.

      Personally, nothing is more frustrating than failing an EQ or UQ because the people in the run don't know what they're doing or aren't well enough equipped for the challenge.

    3. I get what you mean, I love that the game is enjoyable whether you're casual or hardcore, with the same content, but sometimes it's annoying when other players just seemingly don't put any effort in, expecting to be carried.

      I admit that on a second thought, I'm not too fond of the idea anymore though.

    4. I agree. If people care that much about fighting with people "on their level" they'll just organize an MPA anyway.

  2. "With the new Ultimate Quest on the horizon, they’re thinking about having blocks that only players who meet certain conditions can enter. While this is not finalized, the current idea is to allow players who’ve cleared Solo Extreme Training (Floors 1 ~ 5) to enter these blocks. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change."

    y'know. a month or two ago, I think it was, this idea was cooked up on pso-w. it was called out, however, with the obvious problem: it goes against sega's insistant efforts to have newbies and veterans playing together.

    I have problems believing that sega is outsourcing their bad ideas to PSO-W now, much less running with ones that are counter to their own intents.

    and given that the current solo XQ ranges from cake to bullshit depending on your class, they'd likely be facing a huge amount of rage out of the jp playerbase if they tied anything important to it. if they DID do something so stupid, they'd likely end up changing it fairly quickly.

  3. Heaven and Hell Extreme Quest is a bad requirement. Due that even the worst players can beat it if they have their inventory filled with scape dolls and having like unlimited retries. Lol not to forget the option of buying dolls midquest when the incapacitated menu shows up. And floor 1-5 can be a cakewalk on some classes and really annoying/difficult on others.

    It doesn't distinguish good players from the bad or newbies from veterans.
    For example: Player "A" can clear it with 1 class but can't get passed the first floor with any of the other classes. Player "B" can't clear it on any class but does end up reaching the final floor with all classes. Is player A better than player B? I have no idea. (Leaving that to you.)

    It's near impossible to distinguish players based on skills in this game, (Due to this game's mechanic and content) and I think it's not the right thing to do.

    A better requirement is for players to have a minimum amount of 'atk' equipped (varies per weapon type). And yes i know even this has flaws.

    For example: You start up the quest, you go into campship and a portal is blocking you from going down (Same as with Extreme quests) but instead of showing it an Extreme pass the portal scans you and sees you have a Bow equipped. It then tells you that bows needs to have at least 1300 R-ATK. (Can be any amount of R-ATK you guys think is reasonable.) And if your bow has at least that amount the portal goes up and you can begin the quest.

    1. >scape dolls
      that's the other thing. whales can cheese anything without a severe time limit, while people with budgetary limits…

      moreover, how many billions you've spent on your gear doesn't make you good, either. I've watched people with tricked out austeres fuck up royally in demise and such.

    2. I agree that the amount of ATK doesn't make a player good or bad, and yes even people with let's say 1600 ATK equipped can and will screw up quests. But you have to agree with me that atleast someone with a decent amount of ATK 'can' (or maybe could, not saying they always will.) contribute in a mpa, while someone with really low ATK more often than not will be the weak link in the MPA.

      But due how this game is, there is no perfect solution and never will.

      What actually surprises me the most is how (many) people screw up MPAs or don't have a clue what they are or should be doing. You don't need a high IQ to be a decent player.

  4. So basically those of us that don't have a focused DPS build on a character are stuck spending probably 30 min doing the first set of the solo XQ just so we can get into blocks with possibly 'good' players?

    Yeah that doesn't seem like a stupid idea at all SEGA.

    1. Maybe it's time to build your char to something that can contribute to mpa damage rather than something for 'fun'? Jokes aside (cuz i don't know your build), you don't need a dps focused build to clear it. Because all of enemies HP is reduced a lot in favor of increased damage, as long as you can stay alive (either by tanking or evading, but mostly evading) you can clear it given enough time and patience. Sure some class can cheese the hell out of it (ex, BrHu) but you don't really need top dps to clear it. The first time i cleared it i used *13 Katana from Magatsu with default affix and element but still can clear it thanks to automate, massive.h and c.escape lol

    2. I just attempted it and it went about as expected. TeRa in small arena against multiple bosses equals alot of shots in the back.

      Got to floor 3 before I got combo'd. Diabo knocked me into the air after using his fall down spin attack. Before I hit the ground Rare Ringhda, who I had dodged a charge earlier, did its twin funnel pincer attack that I bounced on keeping me in the air. Finally Diabo finished me with a horn in the stomach.

      Had used my halfdoll on floor 2 because I didn't dodge Gig's multi slash end stab the first time.

    3. >setup that can soak a few hits
      and then you have no damage. SEGA(tm) balance dictates you either do lots of damage and shred like tissuepaper when hit, or you can take a few hits and take forever to kill things with the inflated HP values of XH-tier anything.

      I took my tankHU through the first half of the solo XQ. diabo was still a major nuisance, and I imagine if I took any of my less durable builds in there I'd be roadkill moments after it spawned.

      setup that isn't gimmicky? those exist?

    4. >hurr stop bein' bad
      opinion officially discarded.
      no seriously, if you have nothing more to say than to imply the impossible in an insulting matter, just shut up.
      it might have been possible to straddle the line between hurting things and not crumping like a paper bag, but four years of MUH DEEPS obsessed twinks pushing sega to "balance" the game into "glass cannon or GTFO" have long since done away with it.

    5. I have significant difficulties seeing how the DPS Fascist Party is at all relevant to the discussion, or why anyone should care about them in the first place.

      What IS relevant is that you talk like useful damage output and decent survivability are somehow inherently mutually exclusive. They're not, and anyone who claims otherwise is either guilty of rhetorical hyperboles or plain terrible @ skilltrees. (whynotboth.jpg)

      And Fi/Hu isn't actually OBLIGED to go into LB if it isn't tactically sensible…

    6. Isn't Hu main have that parry sword PA or something? You can deal above average dps while negating all of enemy attack if you're skilled enough.

    7. Clearly, you just don't know how the Solo Heaven and Hell XQ works. That'll be your assignment. For example, enemy spawn patterns, stage weaknesses, etc. ( I mean Diabo and Bru at the same time? wat? You can spawn Bru w/o spawning Diabo lol ). And no, stop being a Te/Ra, Te/Ra is only good for MPAs. Try levelling your Hu or Br as subclass because Te/Ra is strictly a support class combination. If you want me to explain why just reply.

    8. I know how to solo I'm just sick or relying on the same two gimmicks. Both of which involve HU Iron Will luck draws or Automate/Massive Hunter.

      Did it as BR/HU with Iron Will and Never Give Up, another character. Iron Will activated EVERYTIME during the trek to the end at floor 10. 6 Nyaus spitting out more damage than expected Iron Will activates. Katana Combat is still on CD during Gig multi slash and no PB to use as a dodge Iron Will activates. Wasn't facing right way during Diabo spin dive Iron Will. The fight with Anga and all them Iron Will activated about 3 times. Not once did I need a half doll or skill for that matter.

      I have 4 characters and besides Mr. TE/RA they all sub the same thing HU, BR/HU, RA/HU, BO/HU. BO and BR are Iron Will builds and RA is automate/massive for obvious reasons.

      As TE/RA that is when I started playing as I had intended, as support. It was how I played in PSU online, Guntecher. I knew how I wanted to play a teammate, our team's guru, told me how to make it work while not being a burden to the MPA. Been like that since which is about 1200 hours ago for that character, over 3500 hours total between my characters.

      The MPA was the only concern because until H&H showed up there was no solo exclusive quests, not counting story, and until that block thing shows up it is of little importance anyways. As I will never care for the exclusive stickers when all four of my characters will always use Greennill in remembrance of my first PSO character Spawn the RAcast.

    9. have you tried Su main with Wanda tank build, if you just want to clear it? Wanda tank still does decent large-AoE dps and receive only 2digits damage per hit in the second part solo XQ (if you focus on 1 type def, and you can have more than 1 Wanda to swap for infinity HP anyway) and it'll pull nearly all Hate from its owner.

    10. I cleared Floor 1-5 3 days ago. Look at the bottom of this apparent ongoing discussion I created.

    11. >you can spawn one without the other
      even if you do, you still have to deal with diabo, and diabo is still bullshit no matter the class. maybe if he didn't take up a city block and whip around like he's on speed, there'd be an argument.

    12. I'm all up for challenges that could block katana combat tier tactics, but lets get a perspective on a situation.
      You can't reliably dodge a telegraphed attack from a boss that you can meet in normal conditions anywhere else, worrying about getting into "pro block" (where everyone will surely be happy seeing you dead after every sudden ohko attack or a juggle) is really one of the most distant goals.

      For starter, I would search for more reliable ways to avoid being hit.

    13. I did it as a TE/RA and like SEGA should know it is easily circumvented making it so even those with crappy builds or builds that are terrible solo, TE/RA, the idea of creating a block exclusive to people who can get past floor 1-5 is rather pointless in the long run.

      Thanks for the info Lien on floor 3 that hint was just vague enough to make me realize something simple for the bosses. Took me a couple of tries to make it work to my advantage though. Also glad I increased the invincibility frames for dodge roll quite frankly I'm surprised I didn't do that sooner considering rifles, launchers, and tmgs dodge is quite terrible. Now I can dodge diabo's spin and gig's multi slash stab no problem.

  5. Sorry to be out of the subject. I've taken back Nova since three days after long and I wanted some thougts. What did you guys here think about this episode?

    Some here think it's not so good… But some other even think PSO2 is a "poor" game… (Stupid guy who didn't play more than two hours? =__=)

    And uh about that, I've reached Grand Act 2… Don't tell it's like "Episode 2" already?

    1. What were the requirements? I got 5 camos and some of my friends got 4, and one didnt get anything.

  6. A question in regards to this potential Solo XQ requirement for 'special' blocks.

    Will each character in your account need to complete the XQ individually in order to qualify for said blocks? Logically, that would make sense, but who can say with Sega at the helm :^)

    1. This anxiety about privilege blocks has a potential to be real funny. I look forward to those conditions just to see variety of complaints about unfair conditions to 9star geared Bo/Gu and halfdoll limitations.

    2. I'd prefer a class specific VR quest, because I don't think Solo XQ actually tests for anything all that fairly.

      I wouldn't mind a ship or account wide unlock, but only for each specific class you beat it with.

      That's just assuming that they go through with this idea, it seems like it's just an idea that they've thought of do far.

  7. Why are all these people complaining about the block segregation? If they really think that not having a dps build is fine and think that equipment doesn't matter they can just group up with everyone else that feel the same.
    Why not just let the build/equipment obsessed people go into their special block and play with one another? It seems like the best of both worlds, the socialist community gets to play with the socialists that won't bitch about contribution and the dps obsessed community will get to play with others that are of like mind and won't have to bitch about leechers.

  8. Let me correct myself, socialist isn't the right word for it (English is not my first language)but my point still stands there are people that are in it just for fun and there are people that want to take it more seriously given that these communities are becoming toxic to one another why not give them separate spaces?
    The quest requirements are not even that difficult as long as you have grinded and extended 9*units/brisa and a 12* weapon which, let's face it, is insultingly easy to get if you abuse collection sheets.
    And if you think about it, more-so than equipment isn't the quest requirement gate a test of "skill"? A shitty player with insanely good equipment can barely drag his/her self through it but a skilled player with basic equipment can clear it by applying good tactical decisions and cool-down management, to argue that the quest limitation is one based purely on equipment requirements also disregards how good players with crappy gear will clear it regardless.
    Why don't people think of this new system less of a skill based barrier and more as a equipment based one?
    In every game there will always be the basic gear required to be able to challenge upper level content and this will probably never change. I mean how hard is it really to get the basic gear needed to clear that lame quest and progress to the block if you really wanted to?
    In the end I do not think Sega will change the requirement it's kind of the difference between the Japanese mentality versus the western audiences mentality, the JP community expects that people that show up to end-game content to already pre-know what to do and have at least the basic equipment required to challenge it and they are the main audience for the game after all.
    Could a moderator please wipe my earlier comment?

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