Dark Blast TGS 2017 Tidbits

Attendees of the Tokyo Game Show got to experience the "Dark Blast", a new feature releasing within the October update. So far we've learned that the Dark Blast can be used only once per quest, and has several actions that can be activated via the sub palette. Whether these details will remain in the final version are yet to be seen, but for now we'd like to present some tidbits discovered by fans at the event.

Dark Blast

  • Can be activated once per quest via the sub palette.
  • Lasts for a certain duration, or until you run out of HP, or swap areas.
  • "Omega Hunar" appeared as a boss during the quest.

Sub Palette Actions

  • Darkness Wall: Spawns a wall which attracts enemies.
  • Physical Dash: Performs a high speed dash for a certain duration.
  • Ultimate Impact: Unleashes a powerful attack dealing heavy damage. Can only be used once during transformation.
  • Bloody Heal: Heals yourself and allies around you.

It is unknown at this time as to whether these limitations will be present in the final version. Please check back later for more details once they become available.

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