Dark Blast TGS 2017 Tidbits

Attendees of the Tokyo Game Show got to experience the "Dark Blast", a new feature releasing within the October update. So far we've learned that the Dark Blast can be used only once per quest, and has several actions that can be activated via the sub palette. Whether these details will remain in the final version are yet to be seen, but for now we'd like to present some tidbits discovered by fans at the event.

Dark Blast

  • Can be activated once per quest via the sub palette.
  • Lasts for a certain duration, or until you run out of HP, or swap areas.
  • "Omega Hunar" appeared as a boss during the quest.

Sub Palette Actions

  • Darkness Wall: Spawns a wall which attracts enemies.
  • Physical Dash: Performs a high speed dash for a certain duration.
  • Ultimate Impact: Unleashes a powerful attack dealing heavy damage. Can only be used once during transformation.
  • Bloody Heal: Heals yourself and allies around you.

It is unknown at this time as to whether these limitations will be present in the final version. Please check back later for more details once they become available.

21 thoughts to “Dark Blast TGS 2017 Tidbits”

  1. so it's basically a more versitile AIS mode that can be used once at any time? anyone think this is a tad overpowered?

    1. I don't think it is BQ exclusive. The PV shows the Dark Blast being used on Tundra, Kuron, Tokyo as well as fighting some UQ bosses, Train Ghidoran and Deus Hunas.

    2. @Derp Blast: LMAO, check the Dark Blast trailer again, there are scenes where Dark Blast is on Tokyo maps, Ultimate quest, even fighting Deus and Guranz :v

    3. @kaizo without a ui in areas that could be SQ/LQs, which combined with the skill layout and vagueness left me confused. But I did confirm with guild lead it does appear elsewhere. Finally took forever to get that 100% confirm compared to "most likely is but that hopefulness that Kimura didn't eff things up again".

      Well, rip… on the flip side, area change apparently deactivates it. Gonna be hilarious when people activate it on Deus during a down moment only for the cutscene to change the area on them and for them to have nothing. RIP Loser though. Any group that knows their stuff could easily bypass the swords with this.

    1. It's a Darth Vader is Luke's father kind of spoiler.
      In the very beginning of Ep4 you are told that protagonist is the Profound Darkness, and new players are forced to start with ep4 and are told this outright anyway.

    2. Eh? No? Neither Episode 4 or 5 spoiled that. They are told they were involved with those events but neither spoils that particular detail about Persona.

  2. pso2 seems to have disabled nvidia profile inspector from doing anything, its like these guys think I want to play their jaggy mess

  3. "Lasts for a certain duration, or until you run out of HP, or swap areas." hold on, wait. So area swap I understand and duration is probably going be under a min. But hp? is it like going to have your hp as fuel to run? I would understand it if you got KOed, but they didn't word it like that, they worded like your if your hp drops to a point and can no longer "fuel" your DB.

    1. It's safe to assume that it's like AIS where when you run out of HP by taking hits you'll be forced out.

    2. I assume it's just a death trigger. Basically, when you die, it goes away. Though it could be an extra health bar like Bob mentioned, which adds the need of the ability to self heal which it provides…

      Would be nice to confirm

  4. When they're going to stop recycling and add real content? Dark Blast is ugly, uninteresting and will add only boredom to the game, it is already enough with the class Hero …

    1. even if what you said is true, nobody will stop in using it, I can still see 12 dark blasts vs 1 deus happening every freaking time

    2. Deus has become a chore, the faster it is finished, the better it is. If Dark Blast allows to have 4:45 or better remaining on the timer of Deus instead of 4 minutes currently, fine, but that's crap.

  5. Well…I like the idea of dark transformation…except they could make it unique for different classes depending on weapon U've been holding at the moment of transformation or main class type [aka S-ATK/R-ATK/T-ATK types as for hero – depending on highest ATK – literally depending on weapon U were holding during transformation].

    And yeah…I agree that it would remind Mabinogi Heroes' transformations a bit..
    but still transformations out there are the only good thing that DevCat invented 😀

    P.S. Since Episode 1 I knew Persona was gonna be protagonist but nobody believed me 😛

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