Dengeki Playstation Vol 572's Jet Boots

Jet Boots
Rose Flots / Licht

If you puchase Dengeki Playstation Vol.572, you can acquire a Jet Boot item code, a +50% Tribooster, and a 500 FUN ticket.

The item contained in this magazine is an all class weapon with "Moment Gale" attached as its native PA. This magazine will go on sale August 12th, 2014.


In other news, Shougai (a PSO fansite) posted some of the extend level information for the Jet Boots.

  • Jet Boots: Beg. Extend Level 4 (479 S-ATK) and (496 T-ATK)

This puts Jet Boots in 3rd place for T-ATK and 6th place for S-ATK in comparison to all weapons at Beginner Extend Level 4. However, this doesn't factor in Dual Blades as that information is not available yet.

In addition, Rare Enemy Triggers seem to have some hidden effects. Rare Enemy Triggers are items that forcibly spawn a Rare Enemy. When you defeat the rare enemy summoned by that item, the rare drop/rare enemy rates go up. The value and duration of these effects are unknown at this time.

Lastly, Party Bonus effects are going to increase when Episode 3 arrives. Party Bonus applies an EXP boost depending on the number of people in a party. Currently it applies a 10% bonus for 2 members up to a 20% bonus for four members. However, the bonus will rise up to +40% in the Episode 3 update. But there's a catch, the +40% bonus applies to real party members, you won't be able to achieve that number with NPCs.

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