PSO2 JP: Maintenance (8/6/2014)

The next update is scheduled for August 13th.

August 6th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 8/06/2014 @ 10:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 8/05/2014 @ 9:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

Mission: Episode 3 Adjustments

The following adjustments will be carried out in August 27th's Maintenance:

  • Chroto's time attack client order rewards will be increased.
  • Chroto's time attack client orders can be re-accepted in 166 hours.
  • Meseta rewards for some Daily Orders will be increased.
  • They will also add new Client Orders unrelated to time attack quests.

These adjustments will allow one to acquire lots of meseta even from quests outside of Time Attack Quests.

The following PSE adjustments will be carried out in August 27th's Maintenance:

  • Some PSE Bonus Effects will be improved.
  • Some PSE Bonus Effects will be removed.
  • PSE Omen animations will change to be easier to understand.
  • They will also adjust the frequency the omens appear.

The development team has determined that some of the items obtained in the Matter Board are not that useful in accordance with the game's current balance.

The following Matter Board adjustments will be carried out in August 27th's Maintenance:

  • Change some of the item contents listed in the Matter Board.

Prior to this update, accounts in possession of Matterboards targeted for these changes, will be able to acquire items in the future. More details about this will be discussed at a later time.

The following changes will occur to the names of ores and fragments to make them easier to understand.

Old Name New Name
Scarlet Ore
Heart Key Ore
Scarlet Fragment
Heart Key Fragment
Crimson Ore
Bloody Moon Ore
Crimson Fragment
Bloody Moon Fragment
Cerulean Ore
Phantom Night Ore
Cerulean Fragment
Phantom Night Fragment

 The names will be changed on August 27th's Maintenance.

Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • If you are using a mobile device or external application, please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with their start and completion times as separate entries.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


Special Campaign: Over 3.5 Million IDs!

Sega is holding a special campaign to commemorate PSO2 amassing 3.5 million registered IDs! If you login during the campaign period, you can acquire various items and receive boosts throughout the week.


Period August 6th ~ August 13th's Maintenance
  • +100% EXP Boost
  • +100% Rare Drop Boost
  • +100% Rare Enemies
  • +50% Meseta



Login Prizes

1x Grind Risk Reducers (+2)
8.8 10x Advance Capsules a/b/c/d/e/f
8.9 4x Extreme Pass
8.10 1x Half Doll
8.11 +250% Rare Drop Booster
8.12 1x Free Salon Pass
8.13 1x 100% Tribooster


You have until 23:59 JST on the appointed day to pick up your item from the Visiphone. If the item doesn't show up, please log out and log back into the game again. Don't forget to transfer any half doll in your inventory to storage before picking up the half doll reward from the Visiphone.


Client Order Campaign #60

Client Order Campaign 60

Complete the qualifying client orders for Hans and Kressida during the campaign period to receive various prizes!

Campaign Period

  • August 6th until August 13th's maintenance.

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Hans' client order 「地より出ずる龍」 Earthbound Dragons to receive:

  • +50% EXP Booster (x2)
  • Grind Risk Reducer +1 (x2)

(2) Clear Kressida's client order 「華麗なるウォパル救助隊」 Splendid Wopal Rescue Team to receive:

  • +50% Rare Drop Booster (x2)
  • Grinder (x30)

Prize Distribution Date

  • August 27th at the Visiphone after maintenance.

30 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Maintenance (8/6/2014)”

  1. So since they are taking the easy money away, is there going to be a list of where to go to find the best replacement for the TACO's? Seems Sega doesn't care about us free players anymore.

    1. Actually – free players DO make them money because without us – the population of game would shrink to the point that paying players would have a lot less people to play with decreasing their incentive to stick with the game. Free players also buy lots of items from premium players' shops which is also important. Lastly, SEGA gets to claim stuff like 2 Million Players – which attracts others to the game – but is a number they would never come close to reaching if there were not free players.

    2. Oh please. The VAST majority of players spend RL money on the game at some point or another. Those who LITERALLY never spend ANY money on the game are not responsible for the high population, ESPECIALLY in Japan. Free loaders are terrible. The rest of us pay for your existence.

    3. dozens of my friends in pso2, 100% of them never spend any money on the game. Banzai freeloaders!

    4. Good. I'm glad you have to pay for my existence NHISSO! And there is NOTHING you can do about it either. Bwhahahah! Just like there is NOTHING you can do about getting rid of daily TACOS – hallelujah! Also, most people I know have never payed a dime to play PSO2. Glad to know you're not just having to pay for me, but a lot of people I know too – woohoo! 😛

  2. Daily TACO's were ruining the game in some ways – those who had multiple characters – especially max lvl peeps – could rack up tons of $$$ while others were still playing the actual game. I know people who ONLY play TACO's and EQ's – in fact I know quite a few people like that. Regardless of the amount of messeta rewarded in the new version of TACO's, I think this will significantly help the game. Also, doing the same TACO maps every freakin day gets really old. Maybe the insanely high prices of some items in the player stores will drop once the change happens…

    1. It wont change anything I think. Won't stop people to do more stuff for gain more meseta. And probably prices in shop won't drop. I bet out there there's people buying meseta with real money using the ac scratch way. XD

    2. Daily TACOs were actually improving the game. Daily TACOs allowed non paying users to actually make some sort of money once a day, even then it wasn't much compared to the amount a paying user could make from selling random stuff they get from missions. Most of the paying users I know don't even do TACOs because they aren't worth much. With this update only non paying users are hurt. I can even see the prices raising because of this update…

    3. The economy is, in one way or another, based on TACO's. They are the only consistent source of income for every player, premium or not. As a premium player myself I do them every day because premium or not, dropluck =\= a consistent source of income. Having weekly TACO's will affect the economy, but if people can't afford to buy as much or for as much, those who try to sell suddenly have to sell for lower or they make less themselves.

      How do you expect prices to rise if available income per player is reduced? If something costs 10m now, and suddenly people cant afford to buy it, it either sits there till someone saves up, or an impatient seller lowers the price to attract people. The longer an item sits on the market, the more of them are put up, and the more of them that get put up, the lower people try to sell to get rid of theirs.

      TACO's get annoying when it feels like you have to do it on a daily basis or you fall behind, personally I'd rather they be weekly.

    4. You might have missed the part where other COs will raise in meseta compensation as well. Normally you'd just have 3 sets of TACOs (Ns,Hs,VHs/SH) per character. With this update other COs will be worth doing meaning a potential of more money. Now, there are some people who have multiple characters and do every TACO on each of thier characters but after this there will be people who will do all of the vaible COs on each of their characters. To catch up, people will have to do more than just TACOs which means spending more time and effort. Available income per player will not be reduced as stated. Available income per (time frame) will be reduced however.

      If TACOs are annoying for you on a daily basis then imagine having to do them plus even more COs just to keep up.

    5. At least there will be some variation in the missions instead of the same TACOs everyday. You even make my point for me saying that it will require more time and effort to get the amount of money people with multiple characters make every day off of relatively quick TACO runs. That is a good thing – there is so much more to do in PSO2 than just rack up tons of meseta on the same few maps over and over and over and over and over. And yes hopefully this will bring the price of items down since people will no longer have to do all the TACOs every day on 4 different characters for days on end just to be able to afford to get a new weapon camo. The point SEGA is making by doing this is to get people to play more than just daily TACOs. I like running different missions and if SEGA wants to pay me more for it that's great. Personally I'm very glad to see that this daily TACO grind is coming to an end. The game is PSO2 – not Daily TACOs. Only having to do them once a week sounds about right.

    6. No, I didn't miss it, but neither did the post you made mention CO's aside from taco's in any way. Not once was it said players would make more or less in general, but even then, income per X amount of time translates into how much people have to spend at a given time and what investment they can put it, so no matter how you slice it, average income PER TIME goes down. If i can make 600k in an hour, I'll blow 600k and not care, but if it takes 5x that amount of time doing random other things, either A. people wont invest the time, thus having less money, or B. people will make the money, and still likely make less on average than before, just due to IRL constraints an excessive amount of time invested for similar gain.

      You can certainly do your once a week taco's on three characters, and sure, if you have the time to invest, go ahead and run a ton of CO's per day on 3 separate chars, in between EQ's and whatever else might pop up, be my guest. But if you can't be that committed, you ARE making less money, and even if you can keep up with it, you're making less per time.

      As Slayme said, I find logging in and doing Taco's to be a boring way to make money, and it doesn't really encourage playing very much. In all seriousness most of the games content isn't even touched anymore since it's out dated and not worth the investment unless you just like the scenery.

    7. This reminds me Minecraft´s discussion about cave density. It comes to the simple cheap loved fast money (taco) versus playinjg the dam(n) game.. Im always for the later… Rather spend 1 hour to gen 100k in quests, then do the same thing every day… I have enough of this daily **** in RL…

    8. Problem is, before we was spamming TA for money, from episode 3 we will spam DAILY everyday for money again. Despite that daily change, you will do always same thing over and over again…

    9. @Black Pearl: Except you missed the part that the vast majority of Daily COs can be dumped on support partners. Which, if you were smart, you'd be doing already, and having them farmed the crap out of to the point you have almost 500 of every non-boss SH turn-in, because the VH/SH-level dailies are great XP sources, and are about to be great meseta sources as well.

    10. Is not even sure if they stay as now. They could change them worse, like kill 30 Vol Dragons in SH for 100k meseta. Or clear 3 x TA Riripa (for example) for 100k… at that point would be the same. I'm not complaining of course, just pointing out, you will do the same over and over again, no matter if co change, it's the same, one day is SH TA sancum, next day is naberius. One day is killing x thing, next day is killing another x thing. It change the target, but still remain the same thing. Tho, I'm sorta happy to don't have to spam TA anymore.

    11. I have 4 chars soon 5, but is not that I like do 4-5 TA round each day, tho I did soemtimes 4 rounds each day, but only cause had to go back to some milions after the affix/grind. I usually do 1, max 2 runs each day. Today for example, will do only once. On the other hand, as I read above, "These adjustments will allow one to acquire lots of meseta even from quests outside of Time Attack Quests.", so have to wait and see.

    12. lol talk about it. I caught a team in which a player had been so mastermind of TA-VH and couldn't even save some measly lillipians on normal mode, even with the spoiled fact of only having to do it once when back in my days there with some players who were early birds we had to do it like over 4 to 6 times and in a much shorter time limit. It was hilarious.

      Though no offense, seeing this fact that TA-VH pay will be locked for a week instead of at first 24 hours then dropped to 22 hours got bumped this far badly up makes me cringe, and also about the meseta-hungry brutes I wouldn't know… I hope you are right about this though o.O

      The official number wasn't even admitted of how much the pay would be. Would it only be slightly? will it be equal of a full 700K or greater? will it be up to 1.2 Million?
      We don't know yet………. (well, actually I don't know. Others may, but this is just me actually agreeing with the case instead of disputing.)

    13. IBRAHEEM – I'm actually on team Chrono Shift (maybe there is another slayme out there)… but our team has not been doing well since the DDOS as many have just never come back.. doh. I think if people don't show back up soon our team is gonna have to address the problem and figure out what to do. bah.

  3. TACOs become weekly… but other things are supposed to be paying out better. do remember this. it's not like they're ONLY nerfing the meseta waterfall that is clotho.

    also, with the whole routing problem, I find their commemoration of 3.5m IDs slightly insulting. the jp playerbase is the dominant fraction, but for something with raw numbers like that even the foreigners who can't get in right now and people who quit count.
    people who quit may not care, but those of us who are stuck because the ASN that pso2's servers are attached to isn't announcing the routing info properly are sure to feel used/abused. granted, it's not like sega is obligated to care about loldirtygaijin, but all the same…

    1. I also find it insulting and I hope the log ins don't reach half of 3.5 million. It's not fair than only WTC and Verizon can get in on the west without VPNs because they accept preffix /25

  4. Will those MB changes also include amount of monsters killed for drops? Because mb6 with the ridiculous amount of times to fight Quartz and Vardha is pain… And only mb i didnt finished 100%

  5. I only received a grind risk reduction +2 from that event where you had to type something in the chat. Did i do smth wrong?

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