Downloading the Infinity Trial License

As you may already know as we try to beat it into your head over and over, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Demo requires the Infinity Trial License from the Playstation Store. The Infinity Trial License has expired on the Japanese Playstation Store.

Infinity Trial License!

  • インフィニティ・トライアルライセンス
    • 2/21/2011 Trial License End!
    • The Trial License Expired
    • Requires Japanese Playstation Store Account
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Demo Server
    • Demo Server Expired.
  • Partner Card Number
    • Will Change if you used a different PSN account for Infinity
    • Will NOT Change if you use the same PSN account as PSP2.

When you connect online and select lobby you will be whisked away to a lobby. Here you can meet up and chat with up to 12 players in a lobby. In order to start a party, you must select the appropriate option at the lobby counter.

[via pspo2iblog]


Terada's Corner

  • The Dev staff appeared in a lobby from noon to night to meet players
  • On twitter Terada saw players saying how they met Sakai, and Suganuma, but not him…
  • Terada's character TERRA was also there too.
  • Male Cast head parts will increase in retail version.

Terada's Support Character.

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