PSO2 JP: Episode 2 Maintenance Extended and Patch

Finally the moment you've all been waiting for! Phantasy Star Online 2 : Code Episode 2 launches July 17th, 2013. This jam-packed update will bring a new planet, new field, new boss, support partners, mini rooms, new photon arts, technics, skills and more. For more details, check out the Episode 2: Rundown post!

Episode 2 Mega-Patch

  • Launcher Version: Version 02.00.00
  • Client Version:  ver. 2.0001.0
  • PC Patch Size: 5.0 GBs (731MBs if Pre-Patched)
  • Vita Patch Size: 2328MB

PC Downloader

On July 17th, the PSO2 Downloader will receive an update so that it only acquires the setup installation files from the server. Once PSO2 is installed, the launcher will download the rest of the 12.9 GB update. Please note, the new PSO2 Downloader is only required for those who have not yet installed PSO2.

 July 17th's Patch Notes

Extreme Quests

  • The Payment Method screen will show up after you close the payment confirmation window.
  • You can return to the stage selection screen from the payment confirmation window
  • The payment confirmation message has changed
  • The EQ Time limit has been extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • The game will inform you of the reward item's name once you cleared the final stage.
  • The Extreme Terminal will allow you to confirm the stage orders you've cleared.
  • The Extreme Quest tutorial will state that you will receive 1 pass per account every 22 hours.
  • Added voice clips when you start and clear an extreme quest.
  • Pudding will countdown the hours remaining to receive your next Extreme Pass


  • Added a Story Summary
  • Added an option to scout players for your team


  • The team status window has been split up to display public and private information
  • The visiphone will display teams that are currently recruiting members.
  • Added a setting that that allows teams to show that they are recruiting new members.
  • A new setting lets you type a message for team members to see when they sign on.

My Room

  • Furniture placement cost has increased to 150
  • You can now have two My Room Layouts (My Room A) and (My Room B)
  • Added an option that removes all the my room furniture at once.
  • You can now remove room furniture even while it's accessed by another player.
  • Using a reform ticket in large-sized rooms will keep the furniture in place.
  • All players receive a free mini-room

Net Cafe Shop

  • Cafe Points can be traded in for an Extreme Pass

AC Shop

New AC Shop Entries

  • 獲得経験値+150%(3個) EXP+150% (x3)
  • 獲得経験値+150%(10個)EXP+150% (x10)

Removed AC Shop Entries

  • Cosmo Atomizer (x5)
  • EXP+100% (x10)

EXCube Shop

  • Added items to the excube shop

Latent Abilities

  • Added Latent Abilities to some pre-existing weapons.

Other Changes

  • Added a new background to the game launcher
  • It will now save the text you entered in the chat box, you can scroll through your textbox history by pressing Ctrl+UP or Ctrl+Down
  • Added a login history at the start menu
  • Type nw after a command to remove the cut-in chat window. For example type: /ci2 1 nw
  • You can extend the number of seconds a cut-in chat animation plays by typing s and the number of seconds.  For example type: /ci2 1 nw s60
  • Closing the chatbox in mid sentence will restore the previously entered text.
  • The story quest has been split to indicate [EP1] and [EP2]
  • The damage counter can display up to 6 digits.
  • Parallel Area teleporters can now be seen on the radar map.
  • Rare items on the radar map will stand out more.
  • While a skill is in effect, the timers will show up in blue text.
  • When a skill wears off, it will blink for 10 seconds.
  • You can view accessories in a tabbed interface.
  • You can save/load character data in the Esté Counter
  • Added more information to the nearby players window
  • There will be a comma for every 3 digits when depositing meseta in the storage box, or displaying items in My Shop
  • The blacklist sub-category in the friends list will close by default.
  • The status window will display the amount of experience needed to level up a subclass.
  • A "solo play" tickbox was added in the playstyle section of the Party Settings window.
  • You can now write a brief message when sending a friend request or team scout.
  • When a rare item drops, a message will display over the screen.
  • The volume for the rare drop sound effect will remain consistent and is no longer affected by distance.
  • A hint will display if you are incapacitated during a boss battle.
  • A message will display indicating the number of items available in the Special Storage Box
  •  "sd" will no longer censor in chat.
  • Selecting a chat command at the good job counter will replace existing commands of the same type.
  • Changed the graphic of the Glim Monoliths you cannot purify in a story quest.
  • A new "Class Drop" system was added. Increased the drop rates if a boss has a rare item that can drop for your main class.
  • Some enemies will now drop rare Katanas and Bullet Bows
  • Made enemies easier to spawn during a PSE Burst Chance
  • The gun turret will no longer automatically change directions even if an enemy approaches it.
  • The camera will no longer change directions when accessing the gun turret.
  • The AC Symbol for "My Room" was removed from the Quick Menu and Block Changer
  • Voice and accessories tickets that do not match your character's gender can be used by the Support Partner, since you and the support partner share the same data.
  • The ドン room item can now hold up to 100,000 meseta.
  • The "Esté Pass" explanation notes now state that you can use it o edit a support partner.
  • Monica, the Item Lab assistant, will now replace Dudu on even block numbers.
  • Updated the credits screen.
  • Added new tips and useful information to the loading screen
  • With the addition of the free partner system, you will now receive 10 FUN points when clearing a quest with a Friend partner.
  • When several emergency quests occur on a planet, the announcement voice overs will mention the planet's name.
  • Some field music transitioning rules have been changed.
  • You can now view a friend partner's ARKS Card from the Partner terminal in the Camp Ship.
  • You can now view a friend request's ARKS Card.
  • The EXP Penalty kicks in 11 levels away instead of 5.

Quest Adjustments

  • Enemy spawning in the Amduscia Time Attack Quest have been adjusted since it was easy for the Dragonkin to be defeated by the Darkers near the beginning of the quest.
  • Relaxed the time limit for a timer switch at a certain spot in the Lillipa Time Attack quest.
  • Made the map sizes narrower for the first three forest Arks Quests
  • Adjusted enemy spawning for the following quests: Arks Search: Tundra, Rare Mineral Excavation, Subdue Caterdran, and Subdue Caterdransa.
  • The Nab Rappy Capture quest will no longer fail if the Rappies escape.
  • Improved the rewards for some Emergency Trails
  • Adjusted the conditions that changes the weather on each field.
  • Adjusted the tutorial in Chapter Zero's story quest.

Enemy Adjustments

  • R-ATK damage to the Gilnas/Gilnatch's head has increased.
  • Crabarda will receive the following changes; it will spend less time guarding, have increased damage to the weakpoint area, and will be much easier to damage all around.
  • Corrected the Vol Dragon's behavior so that it's possible to interrupt it from continuously spawning pillars of flames when it changes from its later forms.
  • Made it easier to hit the weak points on Spardan A and Spargun
  • Adjusted the Digg's reaction when hit.
  • The Tranmizer/Tranzexia scratch attack collision range has been adjusted.

Other Changes

  • Some client orders can be reaccepted in 22 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Some Item Collection, Enemy Attacking client orders have been adjusted.
  • Relaxed the conditions needed to unlock Klotho's client orders
  • Increased the rewards for some client orders
  • Relaxed the equipping conditions for some units
  • Increased the number of team orders available each week to 4
  • Relaxed the achievement conditions for the main route through the matter board.
  • Buffed the medical drink sub-effects for "Weak Point Damage Rate Up"





**PlayStation Vita Players**

The Episode 2 patch requires 2.3GBs of space to install. If you already applied the previous patches, your memory card may not have sufficient space to complete the update. Since the patch and installation data can not be deleted separately, you must uninstall PSO2 and redownload the game. Installing the patch data from this point on should bring your entire PSO2 installation to 5,430MBs.



Episode 2 Patch Schedule

Episode 2 Patch

You can download July 17th's patch ahead of schedule with the Precede Downloader. This pre-patch is split up into several parts across the following days:

Episode 2 Pre-Patch

Patch 1: July 3rd | 809MB (Mirror by Sera) (MegaZone Mirror by oOSARoo)
Patch 2: July 5th | 915MB (Mirror By Sera) (MegaZone Mirror by oOSARoo)
Patch 3: July 8th | 1,008MB (Mirror by Sera) (MegaZone Mirror by oOSARoo)
Patch 4: July 10th | 1,203MB (Mirror by Sera) (MegaZone Mirror by oOSARoo)
Patch 5: July 12th | 903MB  (Mirror by Sera) (MegaZone Mirror by oOSARoo)


An additional patch is scheduled to be released during July 17th's maintenance.

All files in the precede folder are automatically deleted once the update is complete.



In regards to Datamining (OLD NEWS)

Section 9 of the User Agreement prohibits players from analyzing data and releasing game assets to the public prior to its official release. This action may force the company to suspend the player's account or take legal action. (This notice may be in regards to a Japanese PSO2 blog that was recently suspended for leaking game materials and Episode 2 story content. )



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