Phantasy Star Online 2: Code Episode 2 Rundown


Dewmans are Red and Blue

On July 17th, Dewmans will join the cast of PSO2 as the fourth race. Dewmans have two special racial customizations. You can select different eye colors and position their horns.


2nd Character Free PSO2

You will not be able to convert a pre-existing character into a Dewman, however, once Episode 2 launches, everyone will be able to create a second character for free! Those who already have more than 2 characters will receive 1 free character creation pass.

Braver is a new class that has access to Katanas and Bullet Bows. Katanas are close ranged weapons that specialize in quick attacks, and through just-guarding the opponent can unleash a powerful counterattack.  Bullet Bows, on the other hand, are ranged weapons that specialize in charged attacks.


New Photon Arts, Technics, and Skills!

Hunter Skill

  • Absorption: While Guard Stance is in effect it recovers HP when enemies die within a certain range.
  • Massive Hunter: When activated, it reduces damage when hit and prevents the character from getting knockbacked and launched.

Fighter Skill

  • Adrenaline: Extends the duration of the shifta and deband effect on your own character.
  • Crazy Heart: Increases PP regen rate while your character is under a status effect. This also applies to PP gained from attacking enemies.
  • Crazy Beat: Increases S-ATK while your character is under a status effect.

Ranger Skill

  • Tactics Trap: Recover PP when a trap damages enemies.
  • Power Bullet: Right after loading a special bullet, it increases R-ATK for a limited time.  (Seems to apply to Weak Bullet and Jellen Shot, etc…)
  • Bullet PP Save: Reduces Photon Art PP consumption after loading a special bullet. (Seems to apply to Weak Bullet and Jellen Shot, etc…)

Gunner Skill

  • Showtime Star: Raises the Max PP while Showtime is activated.
  • S Roll Up: Increases attack damage during the Stylish Roll
  • S Roll Arts: During the Stylish Roll, press the PA Button to release a powerful attack. Some PP is consumed.
  • S Roll JA Bonus: Just-attacks from a stylish roll receive bonus power.

Force Skill

  • Freeze Keep: Makes it difficult for enemies to become unfrozen even if you attack them.
  • Photon Flare Boost: It increases the status effect inflicting rates during the Photon Flare skill.
  • F Ignition Boost: Increases the power and range of Freeze Ignition.

Techer Skill

  • Wand Lovers:  Maxes the Wand Gear Gauge while reducing your PP to 0
  • Wand Reactor: Adds a certain percentage among the Wand's T-ATK as S-ATK.


Echo the Hunter


Meet Cabracan [VA: Masaya Onosaka]

Echo, filling in for Xeno, has switched her class to a Hunter and wears a brand new outfit. She encounters Crabacan, a planet Vopar native who appears to be searching for someone… Chapter 1 "The Road to the Unknown" will release on July 24th, 2013.


Support Partners

Support Partner Creation A

Support Partners are NPCs that assist the player in various ways. They can perform activities for you even when you're offline. Players can create their very own partner by clearing a specific client order. During the character creation process, you can customize their race, gender, class, name, and physical appearance. While they're in your room, you can customize their equipment and clothing options. You can purchase extra support partners for 300 AC.


Support Partner Quests

You can even take support partners along with you on a quest!


Support Partners CO

Although support partners are usually confined to your room, you can send them out to collect client order items for you. They'll return home within a few hours to report on their findings and results of the quest.

Mini Room and Support Partner

Up until now, the only way you could access your room was through Premium Set or a My Room pass. Starting with the launch of Episode 2, all players will receive access to their very own free "Mini Room!" Unlike regular rooms, you can only place a small amount of furniture in your Mini Room.  (Mini Rooms have a total furniture placement cost of 5).


Arks Road System

Astarte Road

ARKS Road is a tutorial-like system that guides players through the ins and outs of PSO2.

Arks Road Icon

Follow the onscreen icon towards the next destination and complete the objective to receive a stamp on your card. Clear the entire stamp card and receive a prize!



Team Search Function

Team Features

Whether you're tired of playing alone, or looking to expand your network of friends, the new team search function at the Visiphone compiles a list of all available teams in one convenient location. You can check the team's status and send a message to the team manager.


Login History

Login History

View your login history from the Start Menu!


Story Summary

Story Novel

Read through a summary of all the chapters you've completed.



Auto Equip

Sets the strongest equipment among the items you possess.


Astarte's Private Lessons!

Astarte Quiz

Test your PSO2 knowledge with a quiz from Astarte! Answer correctly and receive a prize!


Boss Strategy Hints

Boss Strategy

If you're incapacitated during a boss battle, the screen will display a tip that may help you succeed in the next fight.


Extreme Passes at the Net Cafe Counter

EX Pass NetCafe

You can trade in your Net Cafe Points for an Extreme Pass.


Vita Version Features

Vita Feature

The Net Cafe Counter is now available for PlayStation Vita users!


  • Episode 2 will deliver brand new trophies for players to earn.



Even More Changes and Features

Other Adjustments and Features

  • My Room furniture placement cost has increased from 100 to 150
  • Subclasses will gain 10% of the EXP until level 40
  • The difference in levels that triggers the EXP penalty has changed from 5 to 11. 
  • Repeatable client orders can now be accepted in 22 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Relaxed the achievement conditions for some 'enemy attacking/item acquiring' client orders.
  • Relaxed the unlocking conditions for some Klotho client orders
  • Relaxed the client order time limits for clearing Kressida's "Rookie Subdue Za Oodan" and "Velocity Annihilation I"
  • Increased rewards for some client orders
  • Adjusted the unlocking conditions from some client orders.
  • Improved the rewards for some Emergency Trials
  • PP Slayer S-ATK Boost
  • Relaxed the amount of points needed in acquiring S-ATK Up 2 and Flash Guard 1 on the Hunter Skill Tree
  • Relaxed the amount of points needed in acquiring R-ATK UP 2 on the Ranger Skill Tree
  • Adjusted Forest's map sizes for "Za Oodan, Fongalf, and Dagan Extermination" Arks Quests.
  • Relaxed the Nab Rappy Capture quest's failure conditions.
  • Added some information you can view in the "Nearby Characters" menu.
  • Made it easier to acquire items for your class when a rare 7 star+ item drops.


Heroes Summer Beach Scratch

Summer Wear

Available: July 24th

Celebrate the long days of summer with new swimsuits and bikinis! The "Sexy Bikini Swimwear" and "Panther V Pants" make for the perfect summer outfits on Planet Vopar.  But if that's not your style, this scratch also includes costumes from Huey, Claris Clae, and the rest of the Council of Six.

Panther V Pants

パンサーVパンツ Panther V Pants


Summer Rappy

サマー・ラッピースーツ Summer Rappy Suit


Dengeki Playstation Vol.547 (On Sale July 25th)

Keikouto (Katana Weapon Camo Item Code)




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