Final Fantasy XIV and PSO2 Collaboration Announced



A collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Phantasy Star Online 2 was announced at the Phantasy Star Festa 2016 event! Phantasy Star Online 2 will receive Odin as a collaboration boss! In addition, other items will be planned as well including costumes from the popular Miqo'te race. The collaboration is expected to begin this summer, please check back with us in the future for further details.

49 thoughts to “Final Fantasy XIV and PSO2 Collaboration Announced”

  1. Maybe I'm alone, but I'm not really enchanted by this.

    PSO2 Will receive FFXIV but Will FFXIV receive PSO2 too anyway? x)

    1. I'm not enchanted by this because I'm sick of obnoxious collaboration bosses that waste my time and have incredibly crappy drops not worth the effort to deal with them (I'm looking at you, Cougar and Knight Gear).

    2. You can kind of just… ignore e-codes and keep going you know. An astonishing revelation, to be sure.

    3. Knight Gear can sometimes be ignored, depending on what area you meet him in.

      Cougar is exasperatingly persistent about following you around harrassing you until you either kill him or zone out.

    4. I wouldn't mind killing them if it weren't for the facr that once you've killed them a few times and have all their camos and such there is nothing to gain by fighting them anymore. They don't even drop junk rares I can feed my mags or sell on my shop.

    5. Cougar NX is such a pain sometimes. But these E-Trials in a past Limited Quest with the two of them beaten by 12 players cool, anyway.

    6. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've only been playing the game for less than a month so I was unaware Knight Gear and Cougar NX were originally from a collaberation like this one. I would've never even guessed with Cougar NX, I figured it was just another mech from Lillipa. What franchises are they originally from?

    7. Huh, interesting. Well I'm excited to see how Odin turns out, then. Personally I kind of wish we were getting Gilgamesh instead of Odin, partly so we can have Battle at the Big Bridge play while we fight him and partly because he's canonically a dimensional traveler, so it would make sense for him to appear in the Phantasy Star world.

    8. If we were getting FF-Gilgamesh, I would go to that EQ every time just for the music…

    9. When they first came out they had good drops worth millions, i would expect this boss to drop some 13*s

    10. It will, it just wasn't announced this time. They do one "interdimensional boss" every year. But its the first time the boss isn't coming out of one of Sega franchises.

    11. I see. Well, as long as it's JUST a collaboration of this kind, it's okay.
      After all, we did it with Disgaea and Tales of which are "rival" licenses…

    12. FFXIV and PSO2 are real big rivals. In the interview, they realize that, but the idea of a collaboration kinda popped out of a joke initially. Kimura occasionally said something like "man if we'd do a collab it would be nice", and Yoshida was "ye sure". Despite the competition, they both run online games, and this sort of cooperation was considered as a good experience nonetheless.

    1. I'd rather have a world area/dungeon or fight homage to PSO2 . Neat looking gear would be nice too. Something that would last. Rappies are literally less cute chocobos. -_-

    1. Why not Half-Life 2 ep 3 confirmed? The leap in logic is in about the same order of magnitude…

    2. short answer : no
      long answer: noooooooooooooooooooo
      hope I cleared that up for ya

  2. Don't know what is worse the generic short skirt female outfit or how that boss will end up just spamming his jump and flame waves.

    1. Like a "Fire Emblem/Shining Force" Collab' for example? It kinda is, but… Capcom and SNK made a lot of titles together 8D (Nonsense comment, I guess…)

    2. lol nuku.
      too much FF in your Pso2?
      I don't even know who Odin is in FFIv lol
      last I recall it was a summon for Rydia in FF4 xD

    1. This is the best thing I've heard about this yet.

      I hope he drops more than just camos, though, or after a while everyone will have them and nobody will want to fight him anymore.

    2. Eh. People still merrily fight [Elder] and [Loser] (talking about the solitary versions, not the cube-rain tag team) despite the fact they drop basically el zippo nada that's not pure vendor trash or cube fodder.

    3. Cube fodder is still somewhat useful, though. Camos everyone already has are pure vendor bait.

    4. I'll still want to fight him if the battle is fun, I love fighting the Vardhas regardless of their drops just because I have such a blast dismantling them piece by piece until they're powerless to stop me from hammering their cores at point blank range with my rifle.

  3. I am curious to see if they are going to give odin his full potential in this as any fan of the ff series will know odin can be a deadly opponent capable of wiping out entire squads of 12 players with a single strike from his zantetsuken attack regardless of hp or armour if he is not killed fast enough.

    1. Well, it's not like mission-failing RNG checks would be new. Appy's "giant" "laser" in Demise is for all practical intents and purposes one – whether you survive or not is irrelevant if the towers get rekt.

  4. Looking foward to fighting him on pso2 but would love if they gave him his full Field fate power that can wipe groups of players in one shot (and that before his OHKO everyone in a 100 yard raidius shin zantetsuken)

    1. Between assorted temporary immortalities (mainly KC), Moons and Halfdolls a party-wipe move that isn't also a Fission Mailed isn't actually that big a deal here you know. PD already does that if the MPA sucks hard enough to fail the DPS check.

    2. Okay [Loser] too, in the off chance there's still an MPA derp enough to fail the Sword Storms around these days.

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