PSO2 Live Broadcast #40 Recap

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PSO2 EQ 40

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • A Boisterous White Day (+140% Rare Drop / EXP Boost)
  • Extra +10% Boost by attending the live event.
  • March 21st @ 22:00 JST after the Arks Dance Festival


Suganuma Code

Suganuma Secret Phrase

  • Say すがぬまおつたろう in chat to receive a Head Riding Suganuma accessory and two Ghidoras Triggers.
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before March 30th's Maintenance.


easter event

Early April Update

  • Easter Event 2016
  • Easter Bingo, Rappy Ball (~5/11)
  • Wild Easter (~5/11)
    • Obtain a new ★13 weapon: Eggscarpe (Jet Boots)
    • Eggscarpe can be equipped by Hunters, Gunners, Techers, and Bouncers.


Early April 2

Early April Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • Hitsugi and Al appear inside the ARKS Ship.
  • Pietro and Katori are arguing?


Early April 3

Early April Update

  • Winners Design 3 [Side A]
  • Part 1 of the Item Design Contest Winners.
  • Includes Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items.


Late April Update 1

Late April Update

  • Stage 6 Graphics Setting for the PC version
  • Set 6 actions to your weapon.
  • "Effect Reduction" settings added.


Late April Update 2

Late April Update

  • Toro and Kuro Collaboration
  • They will even appear in the lobby for the PS4 version.
  • T-Shirts featuring the duo will appear as basewear in a new scratch.
  • New Toro and Kuro Suits can be obtained as AC Scratch bonuses.


Late april 3

Late April Update

  • New Scratch: Toro & Kuro Station
  • Suit & Slacks and CAST-style Layered Costumes.
  • New CAST Parts
  • New Mag Evolution Device


new age grind

Late April Update

  • New Grinding System for "New-Age Weapon" Category.
    • Grind without failure by combining fellow weapons.
    • Has a "Great Success Rate" during the grinding process.
    • Increase the grind cap by unlocking a potential ability.
      • Example 1: 10 → 11 | Example 2: 20 → 21
    • Combine the same item to increase the grind cap even more.
      • Example: 30 can be grinded up to 35.
    • You can also increase the elemental values through weapon grinding.
  • The player found [Nox Kuviel NT] on the field, brought it to the item lab, and selected it as the base weapon for the new grinding process.
  • There were other NT weapons in their item pack, including Vita Arch NT, Vita Crashelb NT, Heretic End NT, and Sword NT.


New System Collect File

Late April Update

  • New Weapon Acquirement System: Collection File
  • The Collection File screen lists the reward weapon at the top, and the items it requires below.  The gauge increases upon clearing the quest when you defeat enemies listed in the 'file sheet'. When you reach 100% for a particular item, you'll get the item as a drop.
  • Complete your 'Collection File' to get the reward item shown at the top.
    • Here you can get the New-Age "Revolucio Series" weapons.
  • Collection File is basically another take on the old Matter Board system where instead of nodes, you can pick up weapons after defeating a set number of specific enemies.


Star Gem System

Late April Update

  • New Currency: Star Gems
  • Some AC content will change into consuming Star Gems. (For example, Gathering and Pet related features.)
  • While it's possible to purchase Star Gems with AC, you can also acquire them for free.
  • For example, you can acquire a star gem by wearing new outfits. As you continue wearing them, their "Affection Gauge" rises until it maxes out.  From here, you can click on the outfit in your Item Pack, and select the option to retrieve your Star Gems.
    • This can only be done once per newly released outfit.



PSO2es Anniv 2

PSO2es 2nd Anniversary (Late March ~ Early May)

  • Jeané will appear in PSO2's lobby!
  • You can acquire her partner card.
  • Jeané's costume will appear in the March 23rd AC Scratch lineup.
  • There will also be an interlocking PSO2 x PSO2es event where you can get rare items.
  • From Jeané's exchange shop you can get the [*Jeané Makura] weapon camo.
  • The limited Jeané&More [Anniversary] chip will be available on April 1st and April 2nd.
  • New Weaponoid Chips include Kazanō and Bluesy Requiem.



Weaponoid SS

PSO2es Latter Half of April Update

  • Weaponoid Side-Story Chapters will also be released.


Million Arthur Collab

PSO2 and Million Arthur Collaboration (Square Enix) (April)

  • Popular characters from Kairisei Million Arthur will appear as chips!
    • Mercenary Arthur
    • Thief Arthur
    • Millionaire Arthur
    • Diva Arthur
    • Nimue




PSO2 Anime Vol 3 Bonus

PSO2 The Animation Vol. 3 Bonus Items

  • Seiga Academy Summer Uniform F and M (Basewear)
  • Musashi Repca (Costume)
  • Aika and Musashi's voice
  • Aika and Yutaka's hair
  • Seiga Academy Uniform Ribbon and Necktie
  • Seiga Academy High Socks and Socks
  • Musashi Hat, Glasses, Rear Unit
  • Magia Earrings Crimson
  • Black PSO2 Anime Eyelashes C
  • PSO2 Anime Vol. 3 Poster


PSO2 Special Book Slide

PSO2 Special Book Vol 1

  • Anime interviews from Keiichiro Kawaguchi, Hirokazu Hanai, Sakai, and Kimura.
  • Anime main cast interviews.
  • EP4, hitherto and henceforth, developer interviews.
  • Anime, EP4, and PS4 version information, playing guide, and a "Fan Project."
  • Item codes include a PSO2 Anime Wall Seal (#2), a Tribooster, and a Half Doll.
  • Expected release: April 28th



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