PSO2 Live Broadcast #40 Recap

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PSO2 EQ 40

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • A Boisterous White Day (+140% Rare Drop / EXP Boost)
  • Extra +10% Boost by attending the live event.
  • March 21st @ 22:00 JST after the Arks Dance Festival


Suganuma Code

Suganuma Secret Phrase

  • Say すがぬまおつたろう in chat to receive a Head Riding Suganuma accessory and two Ghidoras Triggers.
  • This phrase can be said at any point in time as long as it is done before March 30th's Maintenance.


easter event

Early April Update

  • Easter Event 2016
  • Easter Bingo, Rappy Ball (~5/11)
  • Wild Easter (~5/11)
    • Obtain a new ★13 weapon: Eggscarpe (Jet Boots)
    • Eggscarpe can be equipped by Hunters, Gunners, Techers, and Bouncers.


Early April 2

Early April Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • Hitsugi and Al appear inside the ARKS Ship.
  • Pietro and Katori are arguing?


Early April 3

Early April Update

  • Winners Design 3 [Side A]
  • Part 1 of the Item Design Contest Winners.
  • Includes Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items.


Late April Update 1

Late April Update

  • Stage 6 Graphics Setting for the PC version
  • Set 6 actions to your weapon.
  • "Effect Reduction" settings added.


Late April Update 2

Late April Update

  • Toro and Kuro Collaboration
  • They will even appear in the lobby for the PS4 version.
  • T-Shirts featuring the duo will appear as basewear in a new scratch.
  • New Toro and Kuro Suits can be obtained as AC Scratch bonuses.


Late april 3

Late April Update

  • New Scratch: Toro & Kuro Station
  • Suit & Slacks and CAST-style Layered Costumes.
  • New CAST Parts
  • New Mag Evolution Device


new age grind

Late April Update

  • New Grinding System for "New-Age Weapon" Category.
    • Grind without failure by combining fellow weapons.
    • Has a "Great Success Rate" during the grinding process.
    • Increase the grind cap by unlocking a potential ability.
      • Example 1: 10 → 11 | Example 2: 20 → 21
    • Combine the same item to increase the grind cap even more.
      • Example: 30 can be grinded up to 35.
    • You can also increase the elemental values through weapon grinding.
  • The player found [Nox Kuviel NT] on the field, brought it to the item lab, and selected it as the base weapon for the new grinding process.
  • There were other NT weapons in their item pack, including Vita Arch NT, Vita Crashelb NT, Heretic End NT, and Sword NT.


New System Collect File

Late April Update

  • New Weapon Acquirement System: Collection File
  • The Collection File screen lists the reward weapon at the top, and the items it requires below.  The gauge increases upon clearing the quest when you defeat enemies listed in the 'file sheet'. When you reach 100% for a particular item, you'll get the item as a drop.
  • Complete your 'Collection File' to get the reward item shown at the top.
    • Here you can get the New-Age "Revolucio Series" weapons.
  • Collection File is basically another take on the old Matter Board system where instead of nodes, you can pick up weapons after defeating a set number of specific enemies.


Star Gem System

Late April Update

  • New Currency: Star Gems
  • Some AC content will change into consuming Star Gems. (For example, Gathering and Pet related features.)
  • While it's possible to purchase Star Gems with AC, you can also acquire them for free.
  • For example, you can acquire a star gem by wearing new outfits. As you continue wearing them, their "Affection Gauge" rises until it maxes out.  From here, you can click on the outfit in your Item Pack, and select the option to retrieve your Star Gems.
    • This can only be done once per newly released outfit.



PSO2es Anniv 2

PSO2es 2nd Anniversary (Late March ~ Early May)

  • Jeané will appear in PSO2's lobby!
  • You can acquire her partner card.
  • Jeané's costume will appear in the March 23rd AC Scratch lineup.
  • There will also be an interlocking PSO2 x PSO2es event where you can get rare items.
  • From Jeané's exchange shop you can get the [*Jeané Makura] weapon camo.
  • The limited Jeané&More [Anniversary] chip will be available on April 1st and April 2nd.
  • New Weaponoid Chips include Kazanō and Bluesy Requiem.



Weaponoid SS

PSO2es Latter Half of April Update

  • Weaponoid Side-Story Chapters will also be released.


Million Arthur Collab

PSO2 and Million Arthur Collaboration (Square Enix) (April)

  • Popular characters from Kairisei Million Arthur will appear as chips!
    • Mercenary Arthur
    • Thief Arthur
    • Millionaire Arthur
    • Diva Arthur
    • Nimue




PSO2 Anime Vol 3 Bonus

PSO2 The Animation Vol. 3 Bonus Items

  • Seiga Academy Summer Uniform F and M (Basewear)
  • Musashi Repca (Costume)
  • Aika and Musashi's voice
  • Aika and Yutaka's hair
  • Seiga Academy Uniform Ribbon and Necktie
  • Seiga Academy High Socks and Socks
  • Musashi Hat, Glasses, Rear Unit
  • Magia Earrings Crimson
  • Black PSO2 Anime Eyelashes C
  • PSO2 Anime Vol. 3 Poster


PSO2 Special Book Slide

PSO2 Special Book Vol 1

  • Anime interviews from Keiichiro Kawaguchi, Hirokazu Hanai, Sakai, and Kimura.
  • Anime main cast interviews.
  • EP4, hitherto and henceforth, developer interviews.
  • Anime, EP4, and PS4 version information, playing guide, and a "Fan Project."
  • Item codes include a PSO2 Anime Wall Seal (#2), a Tribooster, and a Half Doll.
  • Expected release: April 28th



29 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #40 Recap”

    1. If i heard it right at the stream, the 6 action slot also include weapon "shift" action and you can freely remove it. So you can have 1 pallete full of PA for your Volg Grapter combo or taking more advantage over Hunter's charge parrying or tech c parrying ring.
      Also based on the screenshot you can see that there's R1 and L2 button to switch action slot and there's no Mirrage Escape assigned. So my guess is Ranged/Tech weapon will get extra button to switch to newly added slot and Melee weapon just simply have 6 continous action slot like usual, with 1 PA that can be executed anywhere on the combo if you replace the "shift" weapon action slot with PA.

    2. I'm still confused at how it will work out, because that means changing the keymap.

      I'd actually would like to be able to revert to the old way just in case since I play BR/HU and I don't think I will benifit from it.

      While it seems like I'm whining for nothing, I actually liked the way it was and this sort of change seems to highly benifit Technic based classes.

    3. To be fair katana-Br palette setups tend to be rather aberrant compared to pretty much everybody else's.

      Not like this is gonna change a lot for them, obviously. If anything "tech/ranged style" switch option just lets them do their old thing without having to actually change weapons as much, FWIW – avoids those pesky lag-related delays if nothing else I guess.

    4. As far as how this works for melee, I think anyone who has played a melee class in Nova will find it feels very familiar. It looks very much like that scheme, except you'll have three action buttons instead of two (so you'll have a place to put your weapon action, which was done in Nova by tappinng the screen.).

      If it does in fact work that way, I will be thrilled.

    5. I hope its not work like that Nova button honestly,
      i hope it work more like this,

      if i set PA on the 4th slot and let the other 5th and 6th empty the combo will become 1>2>3>4> and then rollover again,

      or if i set the 4th and 5th and let the 6th empty the combo become 1>2>3>4>5 then rollover again.

      but that`s my hope only, but i`m allowed to dreaming right since yay the Graphic Effect is back again with a slider, for those who easily blinded or have a bad PC spec that easily got frozen screen just make it as transparent as possible while i will enjoy more Flashy graphical effect.

  1. Collection File system seems to be the best thing in this entire list… but will eggs also be obtainable by this method too? Right now getting 12/13* eggs is near impossible (for me at least) and there's no method of stone trade-ins for them… So I'm hoping eggs will be obtainable via this new system too.

  2. The 6 actions for weapon palette just hit the spot, I'm looking forward to this.

    Now if they updated subpalettes a little bit they'd really make my day. They could use some tweaks for characters that use all of them on a regular basis. If they got rid of subpalette "books" and/or allowed fast switching between all of them, that would be great (I wonder why they added books in the first place).

    Some extra non-switchable hotkeys for things that people put on all subpalettes (like Photon Blast/Moon Atomizers) would be even better.

  3. palette change is pants-on-head retarded. anyone who thinks it's a good idea for weapon actions to have to consume a PA slot instead of having their own button probably has never played any melee class outside leeching off exit burst nonsense to get the class bonus and thus has no right to form an opinion about it. sega is breaking something that didn't need to be touched in halfassedly attempting to fix something they did wrong. one of nova's biggest control problems, now dragging down the playability of PSO2 itself, hur-fucking-rah.

    collection file is trash because it's yet another thing hinged on things that never fucking drop and trading anything above 9* requires a pass AND binds on purchase so people can't even help eachother out with it, not that they would because greed.
    after spending the past six months grinding anything with a zesh or hunar with boosts coming out my ears and only two days ago getting a nox kvell I can attest that the drop rates are screwed; I made a 10603 orbit weapon in half that time, ffs.
    and the kicker is that the weapons you get for doing it are stated to still be inferior to austere. which means orbit will probably still top them…

    stargem looks to be an absolute fail at trying to address the reasons that 2ch and twitter have panned the unholy fuck out of gathering. "if you don't like that we locked down being able to do this for more than ~5 minutes every five hours without being a whale, be a whale and buy AC 2.0 so you can STILL be a whale!"… and as a bonus it's a thing that's going to fuck up the costume market even more, which is marvelously inept given that half a month ago one of the talking heads got called out by a magazine about how layeringwear has made fashion a far more costly and new player unfriendly thing, and they claimed they were going to do something to make it friendlier to newbies.

    the +35 weapon stuff is also high on the pointless scale; the drop rates are probably no less terrible and the latents probably exist only to permit pushing the grind higher, and judging from the collectionfile stuff they're probably ensured to not be better than preexisting things… while yet again we're at a point where the minmaxers trivialize everything and various stuff is still balanced around the minmaxers with the best of everything with half a billion funneled into each item plus heaps of AC; the people who need more power probably won't get it, while the people who don't need it will probably roll in it, as it's been for quite some time.

    it amuses me to note that along with the unnecessarily flashy nonsense being ported over from the PEE ESS FOH client, they're also apparently including settings to dial it back while having dialed it up. MPAs (or even soloing for a wand melee tector) are already framerate-devouring balls of "CAN'T SEE SHIT!" even with settings minimal; this all just reinforces that the game didn't need to get flashier. graphics whores can go homf a dong, they're another category of people without valid opinions.

    story progression and scratch stuff are the only good things out of this broadcast, and that's even conceding yet more CASUAL ERF CLOTHES that we don't need, much like the next patch's MOAR UNIFORMZ because of sakai's fetish, and the fact that only one of the design contest winner outfits was only even somewhat okay, and all of the camos that won were trash.

    yes. I am pissy. I stayed up all night watching that livestream and it was 70% "people performing at a level that implies everything was gimped or they somehow were hacking on sega's computers/vitas", 10% lolanime, 15% pointless nonsense that .jp folk could already see anytime by turning on their blasted televisions(bad manzai, random variety show crap) and/or is degrading even to witness(anything related to that dance festa garbage they polluted the lobby with over and over last year), and 5% actual information. I remember when they first started doing these and the broadcasts didn't take all bloody night, and were predominantly relevant instead of such a pathetic breakdown of wasted time.
    even the audience looked bored most of the times we could see them during the livestream, bloody hell.

    1. Here comes z crying as usual. It's late here so i won't bother reading your wall of text and only replied to some that caught my attention from skimming it.

      >weapon actions to have to consume a PA slot instead
      Dude, it's not like they added 3 extra PA slot. They just unlocked the previously hardcoded normal atk button slot and weapon action button slot so that it can be replaced with PA/Tech for your "original combo" if needed. Of course manually setting up your combo with switch system like ranged/tech weapon is harder than the usual PA button spam for melee weapon or leeching of exit burst, but who knows.

      >stargem looks to be an absolute fail
      Aside from the costumes thingy this is actually kinda good, like the pso2 equivalent of rappy medal. You can use it for various ac related stuff and probably also included in future campaign reward for free (with efforts).

      >and it was 70% “people performing at a level that implies everything was gimped or they somehow were hacking on sega’s computers/vitas”,
      Pfft. I thought that it's already common sense that almost every enemies in GP has custom stats, especially the boss enemies with way lower HP.

      >and all of the camos that won were trash.
      Nah, it's just you with your shyd taste.

      >bad manzai
      Did you even checked the viewer's reaction? Maybe your taste in joke is too different with the japanese. Can't deny it if you say that it's average at best, tho

    2. So much this. There are just so many people here and on PSOW that I just hope will do that. It is so unhealthy to insist on continue playing something they claim they are so incensed by, yet continue to login to and spew vitriol down any and every avenue they can. When I no longer want to play a game, for whatever reason, I stop playing it. A foreign concept for sure for some of the same individuals time and time again for some strange reason.

    3. "…As solemn audience said farewell to Suganuma, only illiterate Z was busy making a fool out of himself in attempts to find flaws in a picture he couldn't comprehend."
      Phantasy star testament, Sierra 20:8

  4. Did someone say Weaponoid side chapters? Kinda follows the WaruEku/Chain Chronicle model. I kinda like it.

    1. Pretty sure they said it's a new weapon category. I'm guessing current weapons don't apply.

  5. Watced and replay many times this livebrodcast, here's I thinking about weapon NT series…

    1. Weapon NT series can get it just like rare drop
    2. Weapon NT series upgrade system is like "feeding weapon" on your grinding weapon
    3. Weapon NT series unlock potential is similar to old one, after +10 can unlock potential, but unlock it will not reduce back to +0, it will keep the upgrade +. So it's like this example: +10 unlock lvl 1 pot, +20 unlock lvl 2 pot, +30 unlock lvl 3 pot
    4. Weapon NT series max upgrade is +30 with lvl 3 pot, but you can keep upgrading to +35, but to do that, need use "same weapon name" upgrade your weapon to continue upgrade further. Example: Agito lvl 3 +30, to upgrade further +35 need collect tons Agito to grind upgrade it till +35
    5. It seems upgrade to +35 weapon NT stats is higher than max +30 weapon

    I wonder that is this NT weapon upgrade also effect on crafted weapon NT? Will highest lvl crafted weapon NT go upgrade 35+ increase stats?

    Imagine that Red weapon series with "NT" name with highest lvl crafted weapon go to +35 with lvl 3 pot…….

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