Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka are Holding a Live Concert in PSO2!

Hatsune Miku Live Concert Event!

Hatsune Miku Live

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Project Diva series, Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka will be holding concerts starting July 23rd, 2014! Together they will sing Phantasy Star Portable 2's main theme song, "Living Universe," live in the Arks Lobby!

Boost Effect

Those who attend the concert will be granted a [rare drop] [exp] [meseta] boost which will last two hours after the concert ends.

All content below will appear July 16th, 2014.

Timed Abilities

Data Drive PSO2

Timed Abilities could be thought of as potentials for your units; only that they last for a period of time. First, the player crafts a "Data Drive" which is then used to craft "Timed Ability Data Items." These items can be appended onto a unit for various effects.


Timed Data

When this update goes live, [Timed Ability Installations] will have a lv. 30 cap. As you increase your crafting levels, you can achieve additional bonuses. Some bonuses include increased chances of extending the effect's duration, decreased cooldown times, and more!


Timed Ability Features

Timed Abilities have several features:

  • Main Effect: HP Recovery, EXP Boosts, etc.
  • Sub Effects: HP/ATK/Parameter Boosts
  • Extra Effects: HP/ATK/Parameter Boosts
  • Effect Period: # of Days
  • Effect Conditions: Specific Fields/Quest Types
             ※The effect requires the above conditions to be satisfied.

Certainly, there will be new craft builders that can decrease cooldown times for this too.


Mining Base Defense: Despair

Darker Particle Gun

A new mining base defense mission will be arriving on Wednesday. This time, the stage takes place at a base that's starting to get infected. As infestation settles into the defense socket, the Darkers will have complete control releasing their Darker Particle Gun. Players should try purifying these sockets as quick as possible!


Darker Wall

The Darkers have a few more tricks up their sleeve. They can now divide the battlefield by placing a large wall made from a substance allowing only them to go through. In addition an infected airship—the menace from the skies—will rain down terror on the battlefield. The Arks should utilize long distance attacks to bring it down.

Sorza Brahda

Keep your eyes peeled for the Sorza Brahda. This enemy, who wields a staff in both hands, provides logistical support for the Darkers. Players should eradicate this threat immediately as not only can it strengthen the Darkers, it can also infect sockets nearby.


But not all hope is lost, once the ARKS unleash a powerful weapon….
But not all hope is lost, once the ARKS unleash a powerful weapon….

Arks Interception Silhouette

The Arks Interception Silhouette, nicknamed the A.I.S, is a robot here to assist us with eradicating the Darkers. It features high-mobility and powerful weapons. This robot is available at 200, 7,000, and 10,000 points, and can be activated 3 times during the quest.

New 11 stars that display a coat of arms are expected to appear. Weapon types will include a wand, bullet bow, twin machine gun, twin dagger, and wired lances.


Episode 2 Ch.6 and Event Chronicle

Ep2 Chapter 6

The year is AP 228. See the event that took place 10 years in the past. The birth of the second generation Clariskrays, and all the records before they vanished.


Event Chronicle

The Event Chronicle lets you recapture your moments in history for Phantasy Star Online 2. You can rewatch NPC conversations and scenes from the story in a neatly organized list.


Theodore's Partner Card

Theodore Card

In the newly released matterboard, watching a certain event in the shopping area will lead you to acquiring Theodore's partner card.

Other changes

  • The Team Name Changer is available to teams level 2+. After the initial change, they'll be locked out of editing the name again for 30 days.
  • A new setting in options will notify players if their Premium Sets are about to expire within 7 days.
  • Some AC Scratch Gold content will come with several items.
  • The turrets in all mining base defense quests will have improved range.
  • Enemies defeated by turrets and photon particle guns in all mining base defense quests will count towards the contribution score.


 Electronic Diva AC Scratch

Megurine Luka Repca
巡音ルカ ・レプカ Megurine Luka Repca


鏡音リン・レプカ Kagamine Rin Repca
鏡音リン・レプカ Kagamine Rin Repca


鏡音レン・レプカ Kagamine Len Repca
鏡音レン・レプカ Kagamine Len Repca


ユカタリュウスイ Yukata Ryūsui
ユカタリュウスイ Yukata Ryūsui


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