PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (7/16/2014)

July 16th Maintenance

July 16th Patch

Notice: The compensation for the temporary service interruption caused by the DDoS attacks will expire after July 16th’s maintenance if you haven’t picked it up from the Visiphone.


  • PSO2es is planned to resume on July 16th.
  • An update to the application will be required.

Characters made prior to June 19th:

※The items below are available for pickup by mail until July 30th's Maintenance.

  • 45 Rappy Medals for each character [Premium Sets active as of June 19th.]
  • 15 Rappy Medals for each character [Premium Sets inactive as of June 19th.]
  • 5 Singing Rappy Chips
  • 2000FUN

Users who played PSO2es and linked their accounts with PSO2 before June 19th:

※The items below are available for pickup in PSO2 after July 23rd's maintenance.

  • 4 Triboosters
  • 1 Free Salon Pass


New Crafting System

  • Timed Ability Installations (Craft Lv. 30 Cap)
  • Attach an item to a unit to add various effects for several days.
  • The Crafting level cap will rise in a future update.

New Enemy

Sorza Brahda small
Sorza Brahda

New Emergency Quest

  • 採掘基地防衛戦:絶望 (Mining Base Defense: Despair)

New Client Orders

New Partner Card

  • Theodore

New Story Quest

  • わたしがうまれたそのりゆう (The Reason Why I Was Born)

New Feature

  • Event Chronicle: Rewatch events from each chapter.
  • Available in My Room.

Potential Abilities

  • Added new potentials
  • Added potentials to some pre-existing weapons.
  • Fragile Assault, Crushing Blow, Discerning Eye, and Perfect Calamity's Potential Ability effects have improved!

AC Scratch Gold

  • Several items will appear together in a set for AC Scratch Gold. (This doesn't apply to Shining Heroes G scratch.)

Shop Updates

  • Added items to the Crafting Shop, EXCube Shop, and FUN Shop.
  • Updated the content listing for the My Room Shop


  • Added a team name changing function.
  • Team names can be changed once every 30 days.

 Stage Event Update

  • Players in the Arks Lobby, once the live event is over, will receive a [Rare Drop] [EXP] [Meseta] boost for 2 hours.
  • Players within the Beauty Salon are not covered by the boost.
  • This boost behaves differently from general boost items in that time is consumed even while the player has logged out.

Other Things

  • Added a setting in options to notify the player when logging in that the premium set is about to expire.
  • Io and Klotho's NPC partner equipment has changed to display the weapons from the General Election.
  • The Preannouncement messages and audio for Mining Base Defense has changed.
  • Toned down the explosion effects for the fighter aircraft / infected fighter aircraft.
  • Concerning Client Order Items and Craft Materials, the category's name has changed to say "Order Item / Craft Materials."
  • Hatsune Miku's hairstyle thumbnail is set to be the same color as hairstyles in other thumbnails.
  • When receiving a request to merge teams, the initial cursor position will default to "No"
  • Added an extra message to say that team client orders will be canceled once the team has been taken over.
  • Item trading passwords will be required to access the Team Storage Box.
  • The Victory Pose scene has changed to not display cut-in chats, symbol arts, and chat bubbles.

Changes for all Mining Base Defense Quest

  • Turrets will now have improved range. (Does not apply to turrets outside of these quests.)
  • Enemies defeated by turrets and photon particle guns will count towards your personal score.


PSO2es v1.4.0

  • Download (Uploaded by Synth)
  • Rappy Special Survey update: King Rappy!
  • Improved the number of items that drop per quest.
  • Added a drop animation when a Rare item drops.
  • Improved the amount of CP that recovers from wand and rod attacks.
  • Adjusted the animation as the player continues to fire a launcher.
  • Lowered the attack frequency and aggressiveness for some enemies.
  • Adjusted the CP and Cost for both Quna chips
  • Added a paste button to the secret password screen.
  • Inserted an Age Confirmation screen when purchasing AC/iAC.
  • Displayed the amount of exp required to level up at the class counter. *(Corrected Typo)
  • Removed class restrictions on the Fighter, Gunner, Techer license applications.


New Special Quest

Awaken Tranmizer

覚醒!トランマイザー Awaken! Tranmizer

  • A mano-a-mano fight against the Tranmizer
  • July 16th ~ July 23rd

Push Notifications

  • Emergency Quest push notifications 1 hour in advance for Premium Set users.

AC Age Confirmation
AC Purchasing Age Confirmation

When purchasing AC, you will be requested to enter your birth year and month. Certain ages are severly limited from purchasing large amounts of AC. After inputting the birth year and month, press the left blue button on the next screen to confirm.  



Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

 Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • If you are using a mobile device or an external application, please [sync] the calendar after maintenance has ended.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with their start and completion times as separate entries.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.

60 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (7/16/2014)”

  1. Oh boy… I STILL can't log into the game after nearly a full month, and they're getting rid of the compensation. This is just fantastic. 107 launcher, 249 tweaker, can't visit, and all that, and I don't want to risk getting banned by using a VPN. I guess I'm just shit out of luck… GG Sega, GG.

    1. Just use the VPN for the compensation awards. I used a VPN for about a week with no problems, so i'm sure if you just used it for the compensation awards you will have no problem.

    2. vpn since SEA release and it no bans yet. but i doubt they'd fix your connection issues since for Japan, it's already fixed. they dont have any responsibilities to foreigners

    3. It's not like it says in the TOS that PSO2 is Japan only right?… ohwait…
      Foreign PSO2 JP players were always on a tightrope by playing while keeping this in mind unlike you who thinks SEGA should cater to your immature needs.

    4. If you have Time Warner Cable you can log in fine, and maybe some other providers I haven't tried. I have to go to Starbucks just to play

    5. i hear that someone is workin on the network of pso2, i don't know all the detail, but thats somethin to look forward to. also, i heard about this amazon network thing, which is WAAY better than VPN. 🙂 so yeah check it out on reddit website. 🙂 I hate using the VPN Thing as well. so either this week or next pay period, im doin that amazon thing (which is free for a 1yr) course afterwards its 9 bucks i think, like i said, i don't know all of a lot of intel, so yeah check it

  2. 3gb for PC??? is that when you didnt download the pre patch???? or addition to pre patch then its 6 gb in all? can someone enlighten me with this =D

  3. given the failure of the backbone provider for sega's ISP to properly announce the new routing for pso2's IP range, putting a timer on the compensatory stuff is rather foolish of sega. -_-;

    1. The only foolish people are the ones that believe SEGA should be prioritizing the handfull of westerners on a single block of a ship compared to the hundreds of thousands of actual JP players , yes some of you maybe bringing in money for them , but its nothing compared to what their hombase players bring in .

    2. you in japan? because last time i heard all their fixes and services are towards japan. not westerners.

  4. ..this is quite a disappointing way to go while having no idea if an acceptable official version will ever be released… -_-

  5. so im guessing we cant log in normal for awhile or at all still having problems like the 107 for pc and 249 for the vita. Back to star wars the old republic.

  6. I am having problem right now patching my PSO2 via PSO2 Tweaker, the patcher seems to stop at certain point when patching the game? I was patching the whole 3gb so i was already at 195/3000 and progressing then the patching process stopped at 341/3000 and i waited for 3min nothing happened then i restarted it again same thing :/

  7. hey Ricardo how do i like apply the pre-patch ".precede" files if i manually downloaded it? do i just leave it down on my download folder or i have to drop it somewhere else? because i just started patching my pso2 tweaker now and it's like downloading 3,575 files i'm currently at 500/3,575 and 400mb downloaded so i doubt that it's 800mb or so. So.. i'm guessing that my precede files wasnt actually gotten altho when it did ask me for the pre-patch files. tweaker did say
    Downloading pre-patch filelist… Done!
    Checking for already existing precede files…
    Your precede data is up to date!
    Installing prepatch, please wait… Done!
    so i'm quite lost now on why i'm downloading 3,575 files =(.. Do I need to like drop it to win32 folder of my pso2 or sumthing? :l

    1. You can do this 2 ways; unzip the "_precede" folder to your pso2_bin folder in program files then run with pso2 launcher/tweaker, or replace or merge the contents of the win32 folder of the manual prepatch files into your win32 folder in the pso2 folder in program files, then running a file check on the main launcher/tweaker.

    2. Oh ok thanks. and one nub question. xD how do i unzip it lol. it isn't a rar file o,o

    3. use any of these
      Winzip or Winrar or any free softwares that can extract a zip/rar compressed files

  8. Uwah, I was sure I had to come here after trying to log. I had some fear seeing this error message when I just tried… I didn't see Maintenance would occur one more hour this week. I was waiting to see the new features before leaving but nevermind, this will have to wait some more hours now… It's time to sleep. ^^

  9. So they changed some stuff on pso2es on how to purchase AC
    Can someone link to a guide explaining the new system?

    1. It sets limits on how much you can spend via age. It just asks you for your Birth year and month, and from there it works as it should.

    2. Does the limit of how much you could purchase get lifted after 30 minutes? Can't believe they won't let a 21 YO buy 5000 AC.

    3. You get asked to input your Date of Birth, you shouldn't have any restrictions after that. Anything that does, it's all on google's end and not sega's.

    1. Because you're not Japanese and or don't live in Japan.

      Tough luck kid, go fight with your ISP or get a proper VPN.

  10. Is the PSO2es compensation accurate? I received only some of the slated compensation. The one I'm most concerned about is I didn't seem to receive the 2000 FUN points.

    1. It seems they gave out the Rappy Medals so far. The website says they are sending out mails sequentially, and it may take some time for the items to arrive. They said if you haven't received your mail yet, you should wait a bit more.

      They also say if your chip-pack is full, you won't be able to receive the chips. I'm assuming that's when the mail arrives. I've only seen one mention of someone not getting their FUN points on twitter. But I'll keep you posted if there are any developments.

    2. Sweet, awesome! I really appreciate the response on this, being unable to read what's posted there very well.

  11. Looks like pso2 vita is off limits to foreigners thanks to ddos attack ISPs have blocked and sega have blocked me guess I take my leave for ever and don't. Lke using VPN cause I don't want to get baned from. My vita game so yah by every body from pso2 will miss you all in game and on my team :3:(

    1. I subscribed to a VPN service, and the service gives me my OWN PRIVATE IP address.

      So rather than using a public shared vpn, I have my own ip in Tokyo, so no one else can fuck me over, been using it for 3 months and I've been fine.
      I'm using a VITA as well.

  12. I've been away from pso2 for a while and after coming back I've patched everything. I just wanted to know is there still maintenance, are westerners just block from jp pso2 or something? I'm getting error code 249 when ever I try to log in and the ships status are unknown.

  13. Hi my isp is videotron and i was wondering if anyone who has the same isp could tell mf how i would contact them to reopen services to pso2 again

    1. I contacted Videotron about it and they said it was a problem on SEGA's end, and that they should contact Videotron themselves to fix things.

    2. well, this is the countermeasures of SEGA JP against DDoS, so i doubt SEGA JP would call a foreign ISP to fix it. Considering that Japan doesnt have these problems anymore.

  14. Just use VPN gate ffs, its entirely free but i cant guarantee that youll get decent latency since they use servers hosted by people

  15. I think PSO2es has been IP-Blocked to the SEA region also. Because I cannot able to connect to the server without the VPN.

  16. Ohhh i love it.
    A new day, a new error.
    Is it this what sega means with:
    The Experience of PSO2 change every day?!
    In that case.
    My new "EXP" is, i cant play this new Tower Def Mission.
    All Stages an Missions works fine.
    But after im in front of the teleport to start the Tower Def, i cant move anymore.
    I done updates and fixes but changed nothing. o.O

    1. that has nothing to do with sega's end. if you installed the story patch it will glitch the new td

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