More Weaponoid Costumes Coming In September

Winners from last year's Weaponoid General Election will have their characters and outfits appear in the September 12th update. First place winners, Niren Kamui and Lightning Espada, will release male and female versions of their outfits in the AC Scratch.


Second place winners, Shooting Drive and Nox Cadina, along with third place winner, Lavis Blade, will all have their outfits included in the scratch lineup.


Bluesy Requiem and Yamigarasu will release lobby actions in the style of their PSO2es chip artwork.


The September 12th update also brings us Regiment of the Wicked 2018. Players can expect new drops like the ★14 Knuckle, "Powerful Blow," as well as the accessory supporting costume "Black Rappy Suit Mini."


Lastly, the "Regiment 2018" collection shall contain golden feather-like weapons known as the "Acht Series." Four weapon types will be included along with Viola, Synchro, and Jinga eggs.


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    2. ….. You mean the ones that were voted on with a previous poll? As it says in the post?

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  1. History proved time and again that repressed people getting triggered over sexy stuff don't play video games in general and just complain on social media outlets.
    If company wants to make money it gotta pander to the audience that actually plays their game.
    Which sega does.
    God bless sega, the best big devoloper in the current industry.

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