Journey Through the Crystal Caverns of Ultimate Amduscia

~ October 19th ~


Ultimate Amduscia


The crystalline caverns of Ultimate Amduscia are finally here! Deep inside the cave is a powerful boss whose destination is blocked off by several crystals.

In order to remove these crystals, each room's trial must be cleared. Each room pits players against the quest's unique assortment of enemies and bosses, coupled with the relentless assault of the Dragonkin Meteorite. With all of the crystals gone, a new boss will emerge.

*Access to this quest is available to those whose main and sub classes are level 75 or higher.


Gruezoras Drago


Radiant in its design, this dragon moves swiftly, firing off prismatic lasers within its vicinity. Prithee take heed when the beasts' wings are spread!


Drago Deadlion


Wielding a sword on its left, and a shield on its right, this boss inflicts great devastation when plunging its blade into the ground. Be vigilant in destroying both of the tools at its disposal.


Box Dewbles


Aided by its jet propulsion ability, this dragon swoops down from above, delivering a mighty jab to players below.


Anga Fundarge


A form of Anga Fundarge like we've never seen before. Its new beast-like visage allows for unpredictable and powerful attacks.


Amduscia Aberrations

Several new enemies resembling dragonkin will appear throughout the quest. Luda Sorcerer's aberration form is also expected to show up.


Ultimate Amduscia Drops

Aside from weapon drops, Ultimate Amduscia will offer players the chance to receive ★12 Units. Aside from that, ★13 eggs from Aero, Popple, and Zinga, can also drop within the quest.


Corrupted Amduscia Collection

The Gix weapon series featured in this collection has a potential whose power rises when a certain condition is met.


Zinga: Wanda's Superior


Zinga Assault

  • Stronger with a wider area of effect, this attack strikes enemies at lightning speed.


Aero: Torim's Superior


Aero Spiral

  • This attack unleashes a powerful blow due to the addition of a shockwave attack within Torim Spiral.


Popple: Cery's Superior


Popple Plosion

  • A chargeable PA that delivers a giant explosion.


Rarity Evolving

You can even rarity evolve the original pet over to it's superior type at the pet lab!


★12 Unit Skills

You can now create Unit Skills by consuming an L-Skill Ring into a ★12 Unit! This can be done for Rear, Arm, and Leg units leading to a total of 4 L-Ring skills on your character.


New Story Events

Peace has returned to the ARKS Ship following Mother Cluster's invasion. Matoi is delighted to have reunited with the player at last. However, a new problem arises. For one, Phaleg has reemerged, coming to blows with Combat Commander Huey.



By progressing through these new story events, players can receive a new partner card for Matoi!


Trick or Treat 2016 Trigger


Celebrate Halloween on your own schedule with the Trick or Treat 2016 Quest Trigger. It works exactly like the EQ, giving you a costume bonus if you wear certain outfits.


Million Arthur Collection (AC Scratch)

魔法の派・レプカM/F | Sorcery King Repca M/F
魔法の派・レプカM/F | Sorcery King Repca M/F

PSO2 is collaborating with Square Enix's mobile Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur game to add costumes and accessories based on several of its characters! Huey's new Episode 4 layered wear and hairstyle will also be available in the scratch.


歌姫アーサー・レプカ | Diva Arthur Repca
歌姫アーサー・レプカ | Diva Arthur Repca
盗賊アーサー・レプカ | Thief Arthur Repca
盗賊アーサー・レプカ | Thief Arthur Repca
ニムエ・レプカ | Nimue Repca
ニムエ・レプカ | Nimue Repca
*魔法の派・エクスカリバー | Sorcery King Excalibur


*盗賊・エクスカリバー | Thief Excalibur
*盗賊・エクスカリバー | Thief Excalibur

PSU 10th Anniversary (Part 2)

~ November 2nd, 2016 ~

Emilia and Vivienne of the Phantasy Star Portable games will appear in the Shop Area for a limited time! Watch as the two interact in additional story events, featuring all-new voice recordings!



Obtain the girls' partner cards, clear their client orders, and receive their ★13 weapons.


Emilia's Rod and Vivienne's Double Saber can be earned through clearing their client orders. They can also be received as a clear reward for Emergency Trials in which the two girls appear. Both weapons have photon color changing functionality, which can be performed at the Item Lab.


Gurhal Collection 2 (AC Scratch)

The second Gurhal Collection scratch features Howzer and Helga layered wear, as well as a Vivienne costume!



33 thoughts to “Journey Through the Crystal Caverns of Ultimate Amduscia”

  1. Wow wow wow, Vivienne and Emilia PC, now I have a full reason to move and hurry fixing this stupid PC or updating my laptop…

  2. [pokemon intensifies]

    …well, at least the plus versions of doge and tweety should shut up the peeps who whined about the pets being "too cutesy" back in the day.

  3. Not to be picky about small things, but why is Sally constantly referred to as "Cery"? サ Sa is the first letter in her name. "Cery" would be せ Se. Also, Sally just makes more sense and goes along with wanda and viola.

    1. This is one of the few instances where we officially know where the reference came from. In an old interview, they were asked what "Sally" was supposed to be, because at the time, the JP fanbase thought the name was some weird alteration of the Japanese word for Monkey. They said "サリー" came from the word "ソーサリー" hence why we spell it Cery here.

    2. Oh, that makes more sense. I'd still call her sally but I guess I can't say anything about cery now.

  4. My question is what happens to the pet rarity and level if you already have a 13* lvl 120 base form? Will it lose its level and rarity when "upgrading" and if it reverts to the lower star version of it's advanced form, when you go to increase its rarity, will the pet's level increase to it's respective level cap per rarity rank assuming you already had it at 120 prior?

    1. 5€ on digivolving into the Final Form following the same rules as regular rarity evolving, ie. need egg of at least same rarity. Would be sincerely surprised were that not the case.

    2. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw a picture of them "upgrading" a 13* trim (or w/e pet it was) to a 7* of it's evolved form or w/e it's suppose to be.

    3. if you need 13* jinga to upgrade a 13* wanda then fuck that shit

      if you can upgrade with any rarity egg, turning your 13* pet to those rarity then fuck that shit also

      fucking hell sega

    4. evolving a fully grown 13* pet to a 7* ""úpgraded""' version pet thus feeding it tons of omelette again plus finding a 13* ""úpgraded""' version pet for rarity grind

      no, it's not pleasing at all, it's redundant as shit

    5. Do you expect to be able to turn say a 13* Wanda into a 13* Zinga with the first 7* egg you find or something? While that would certainly make #SAMONALYFE a fair bit easier it's not exactly the most realistic scenario…

      'Sides, you're keeping your candy box (far and away the single most expensive part of any properly done pet) and pet slot.

    6. Jesus, now that I think about it, you can actually do just that – start growing your 7s pet right now, and when you get an advanced one week later, just do a rarity transfer, and you're set.

    7. If a nigga silently persevered filling his roster with 13 pets, then making another one will be just what he wanted.

    1. They have to be better than Saiki, it would be ridiculous for the new rarity to be useless.

      Plus Saiki isn't only good for the PP, if you already have decent PP from affixes and other things, Saiki's set bonus isn't very important.

      The day people stop treating Saiki like the only useful Unit set is the day builds can finally open up more.

    2. I don't think you quite understand the logic involved. Plus units have jackshit to do with builds as such anyway.

      Besides you can get by just fine on extended Hieis – what, 7* or so – and summarily ignore everything inbetween until you get to the "endgame" 11* sets, so not as ridiculous as you claim…

    3. @ random What oreno said is a metaphor. The fact units have nothing to do with builds is irrelevant.
      @ oreno From my view point, a lot of players currently do not see saiki units as the only useful set.

    4. Doesn't look particularly metaphorical to me. *shrug* Then again the language of his second and third paragraphs is terribly unclear about what he's trying to say anyway.

    5. @Oreno Given these Units give you 20 PP, it's the only thing that's allowing people to build flexible at all. With anything else, you had to make sure to put a ton of focus on PP or you're not doing much… I would rather see variety on affixes than people having to build solely around poor unit set bonuses.

      And no, Saiki's bonuses are amazing. 60 to all atk means they're flexible for multiple classes, and it's only 20-30 less atk than focused units. The trade for for 10 PP is a huge one, especially when you can instead put 30 atk via affixes on two pieces rather than needing to put spirita III/IV on both. It's stupid to consider anything else unless you have some niche ones with weapons like evils. Really, only Double's are worth noting, and that's only if you want a crap ton of HP.

      Of course if you only use Austere weapons, you can't touch Austere units that many people use if they have the money and time :U

      It's also nice to not have bajillion armor sets. I do feel like they need to do some focused ones personally, but I would rather not see a massive clutter, especially when I just want my set done, not have a ton of others drop that I have no use for.

    6. There's no "variety" of affixes though lol. Unless you're suggesting that people should affix defense, dex and resist. Everything other than atk, and/or hp/pp is completely pointless.

      If saiki's set bonus didn't give 25 pp, it would be another meme garbage set, no one really cares about the 60 atk (though I agree, its a nice bonus, but pretty much every single 11* trash unit gives something similar), the individual bonus for each piece is trash too, so crafting is pretty much required to make it useful.

      Its not that saiki is a glorious, super strong set, its that we really don't have access to anything better (except for austeres, which aren't accessible to everyone for obvious reasons).

    7. "Variety" as in leeway to affix what suits your particular needs (and budget), duh. And blame SEGAc for Def playing distinctly second fiddle – it's basically just safety margin for when you cock up your "active" defenses – and Dex being lolterrible.

    8. @Hua
      Blame yourself for not being creative and only follow generic modflict recipe. I personally always use my own recipe for my every gear.
      Also with how quest gimmick going on lately, affixing for def or resist is good for certain class.

    9. Sooo, if I am not wrong, a lvl 20 L ring have additional 20 stat right? be it atk or def. If the new *12 unit can eat 4 of those, does it means you can get free 80 atk not counting affix for one unit?

  5. I guessed that stat boosts wouldn't be transferred from L rings to 12* units but how about the effect of the ring skill. Must the ring be at max level for it to be combined with a unit? Or will you be able to combine the skill rings at any lvl and get the amt of effect based on the L ring level?

    I'm gonna guess its the first one because it sounds easier to program/make happen. That and It might prove a little too easy to combine 12* units w. L/rings of any level.

    In response to people comparing 12* units to current top/popular units, I feel like having a set of 12*s that enable you to have 5 skill rings in effect, will beat a set bonus. Saiki's great but it's not all that. I still use other units like brisa and 11*Noire Draal because they give stats i need more vs. saiki. Hardly big on pp bonuses.

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