PSO2 Live Broadcast: TGS 2016 Day 4 Recap

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October 8th Tidbits

Notable tidbits will be added here after October 8th.

There might be some context lost so please bear with us..

  • Around 25% of (active) users have cleared H&H prior to the block's implementation.
  • They plan to increase the number of expert blocks soon!
  • They currently have no plans to have a gathering system for Support Partners.
  • Grind Skip →5 is coming back, but this time in the Treasure Shop.
  • Las Vegas Collection is getting an extension.
  • They are thinking about making an [Evo Device / Stealth] for Mags.
  • Sometime between November and December you'll get a new Solo Extreme Quest.
  • The One More! stream is so full that not even I can watch it.
  • ★12 Unit drop rates are worse than Saiki units.
  • Austere Units aren't dying just yet.

Day 4 Recap


EQ Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • 200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • 9/18 22:00 ~ (After Sachiko Concert)




Early October Update

  • Halloween Lobby (~ 11/9)
  • Halloween Bingo (~ 11/9)
  • Franca's Night Cafe (~ 12/7)
    • View fireworks in the shapes of Mascots.



Early October Update

  • Level Up Quests will be added into the Featured Quest lineup.
    • Winged Border Breaker
    • Shironian Pandemonium
    • Chaotic Beguiler
    • Chaotic Darkness
    • Darkness from the Chaos.
  • You can acquire the Queen Rappy Suit from PSO2es Ranking Rewards.
  • In the Beauty Salon, you can now switch outfits stored in Character Storage.
  • You can now place Skill Rings up on the Player Shop market or trade them between players.
  • The number of active A.I.S units will be shown near the side map.
  • The map will display icons for A.I.S.
  • Added more weaponoid potentials.



Early October Update

  • Improved the contents of the Item details page for Units.
  • You can open the storage menu from the Appraisal shop.
  • New Chat Commands will be added.
    • /skillring (/sr) [name] to switch skill rings.
    • /myset (/ms) [#] to switch My Sets.
  • Bulk recycle several rare items (ex: Recycle ★10 ~ 11 Weapons)



Early October Update

  • Volcanic Caverns and Tundra will finally support Gathering Spots.
  • Added new Skill Rings and Cuisines
  • L / Jet Boots Tech Arts SC
    • Reduces charge times when you combo from a PA to a Technic.
  • L / Air Reversal
    • Allows you to perform a reversal in the air.
  • L / Slow Dive Roll
    • Extends the duration by slowing the Dive Roll speed.
  • L / Step Jump
    • Increases movement speed if you jump during the [Step] action.

Even more Skill Rings (From Shougai PSO)

L / Non Weak Bonus

  • Available only to Launchers
  • The skill "Weak Hit Advance" will also apply to Non-Weak Areas.

L / Just Reversal JA Combo

  • Creates a JA ring from a Just Reversal.

R / Just Reversal PP Gain

  • Restores PP after a Just Reversal.

R / Healing Guard

  • Heals both you and nearby players after a Just Guard

R / Wide Support

  • Expands the area of effect for Resta, Shifta, Anti, and Deband.



Early October's PA Customizations

  • Sacrifice Bite Type Zero
    • Quickly absorbs Photon, and makes the photon blade stronger when dishing out normal attacks.
  • Straight Charge Type Zero
    • Hold the button down to charge through enemies.
  • Strike Gust Type Zero
    • Hold the button down to extend the rising portion of the attack.
  • Sharp Bomber Type Zero
    • Makes forward attacks possible. Deals a powerful blow when charged.
  • Parallel Slider Type Zero
    • Allows you to shoot while hovering and moving around.
    • Now you can perform the attack just like Gilliam in the opening cinematic.



Early October's Tech Customization + New Skills

  • Sa Foie Type Zero
    • Makes you approach the target before it activates.
    • Becomes even powerful when charged.
  • Ra Megid Type Zero
    • Orbs which circle your character can damage enemies within its vicinity.
    • Deals damage in shorter intervals when charged.
  • Summoner Skill: Assist Share
    • The previous pet's ability rising effects get handed over even if you switch pets or weapons.
    • For example: Shifta / Deband
  • Summoner Skill: Long Distance Love
    • Pet Sympathy requests can be fulfilled even at long distances.
  • Pet HP and Ability Rising Effects will now display on your palette.



Early October Update

  • New AC Scratch: Wonderland Party
  • Fairytail style Layered Wear and Parts.
  • Halloween Accessories and a Evo/Device.
  • Scratch Bonuses include the Selfie Stick and Lillipan lobby actions.



Early October Update

  • Battle Ship Team Room



Early October Update

  • Trick or Treat 2016! Emergency Quest ( ~ 11/9)
  • Phantoms will now join the enemy lineup
  • NPCs with Halloween accessories may show up.
  • A special prefix named Zeta Guranz will appear.
  • A golden new enemy, [Izane Kazuchi] may spawn.
    • There's also an Izane themed weapon camo that supports 4 weapon categories.
  • Trick or Treat 2016 Collection will run until 11/9.
    • An "Ultimate" supported Parfait is available for summoners.
  • New ★13 weapons will also drop.



Episode 4: Chapter 5

  • This time we head to Mother Cluster's Base on the [Moon].
  • Mother's face is finally revealed. (CV: Rina Satō)
  • Face Phul and Och!



Mid October Update

  • Introducing superior types of the three original pets.

Jinga (Wanda's Superior)

  • New PA: Jinga Assault
  • Attacks an even wider range than Wanda Assault.

Aero (Torim's Superior)

  • New PA: Aero Spiral
  • Added a forward shockwave attack during Torim Spiral.

Popple (Cery's Superior)

  • New PA: Popple 'Plode
  • A chargeable attack with a wide area explosion

If you bring the superior version's egg to the Pet Lab, you can rarity evolve your original pet over to its superior type.



Mid October Update

  • New Story Board Events
  • Become reunited with Matoi!
  • Matoi will also appear in the lobby with her new costume.
  • You can also receive her partner card.
  • Matoi can show up in E-Trials.
  • A fight between Phaleg and Huey!?




Mid October Update

  • AC Scratch: Million Arthur Collection
  • Includes a variety of items from Sorcery King Arthur, Diva Arthur, Nimue, Thief Arthur.
  • Weapon Camos are also covered.
  • Huey's Layered Wear will make its appearance.



Mid October Update

  • Ultimate Amduscia is finally here!
  • Features powerful dragonkin aberrations weak to Lightning.
  • Yuga-type Darkers will also appear.
  • Contains field gimmicks described as being vicious.

New Enemies

  • Box Dewbles: Uses both fists while rushing forth in his attacks.
  • Drago Deadlion: Deals damage over an extensive range with its giant sword.



Mid October Update

New Enemies

  • Gruezoras Drago: Watch out for its crystal laser attack.
  • Anga Fundarge: A new form of Anga like we've never seen before. This version is swift in its attacks.



Mid October Update

  • Corruption Amduscia Collection (~ 1/11)
    • Featuring the ★13 weapon series [Gicks].
  • The quest itself also has ★13 weapon drops themed after the enemies.
  • ★12 Units will finally drop, which brings us to a new feature

Unit Skills

  • Only available for ★12 Units!
  • The selected L Ring is consumed and the Ring Skill is added to the Unit.
  • You can add 1 Ring Skill to each individual unit (Rear / Arm / Leg).




PSU Collaboration Part 2 (Nov 2)

  • PSU 10th Anniversary Scratch: Gurhal Collection 2
  • Howzer and Helga Layered Wear!
  • Vivienne's costume debuts!
  • Emilia's Swimsuit and Costume revived!
  • Impressive poses as lobby actions!
  • Scratch also includes makeup, body paint, and accessories.
  • Contains Visual Posters of Box Art and other illustrations.



PSU Collaboration Part 2 (Nov 2)

  • Vivienne and Emilia will appear in the lobby with COs.
  • Clear the COs to receive ★13 weapon rewards!
    • Vivienne
    • Clarita Visas-NT
    • You can even change their photon colors.
  • Vivienne and Emilia partner cards will become available.
  • Newly voiced story events will unfold.



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest: Chapter 6: The Forgotten Promise
  • This story chapter will take place in a PSO2es original field
  • Here we meet Zackard again in [E.M.A's 2nd Research Facility]



PSO2es Feature Improvements

  • An improved Chip Sorting function.
  • Increased the max chip limit to 600!!
  • You can now buy rings from My Shops
  • Adjusted the conditions that add EQ bonuses
  • The Weaponoid Side Story Unlocking Gauge will now display on the Chip Details screen.
  • Added a new limited time effect that [boosts the Side Story Unlocking Gauge]
  • (Your equipped Weaponoid's Side Story Unlocking Gauge and Present Gauge will have its filling rate doubled)



PSO2es New Chips

  • Shooting Drive
  • Millioblight
  • Flowdia
  • Dio Tigredor
  • Cracker Bullet
  • Na Barta
  • Patty and Tiea [Premium] (AC esScratch Only)



Weaponoid Side Stories

  • Motav Prophecy (9/28)
  • Bluesy Requiem (10/5)
  • Akebono (10/5)
  • Nyoibou (10/5)
  • Salus Panisher (10/12)

New Weaponoid Potentials (10/5)

  • Dies Ryu
  • Shut Rounder
  • Seimei Kikami
  • Motav Prophecy



PSO2es Events

  • Avenger chip is currently available as a reward from the current EQ.
  • Late Septembers Ranking Reward will have the Queen Rappy Suit.
  • If you collect Halloween event items you can trade them in for the Pumpkin Rod chip.
  • Aurora [Halloween] will be available in the mid-October scratch lineup.



3 Huge Game Collaborations

  • Million Arthur in October
  • Gravity Daze 2 in November
  • Persona 5 in Winter



Gravity Daze 2 Collaboration

  • A collaboration that will run on both PSO2 and Gravity Daze 2.
  • PSO2 will receive Kat and Raven costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • GD2 will receive the Crazy Kitten costume.






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