Meet Up with Nasunakan In PSO2's Summer Update

~ August 8th, 2018 ~


Beach Wars 2018

Venture out in the sizzling summer heat with Beach Wars 2018. While this quest will use last year's version as a template, some contents will be adjusted such as enemy levels and emergency trials, among other things. For example, some bosses on Extra Hard will randomly appear at level 85.


Another change is a brand new Emergency Trial starring Nasu Nakanishi, the comedic duo hosting PSO2 Station and Arks Summer Challenge. These two comedians will appear as the in-game characters "Nasunakan." Clearing their Emergency Trial will supply you with "Nasunakan's Sweet And Sour Pork," providing a 30 minute effect of [ALL +10 and RDR UP +50%].

Players who wear beachwear can experience a PSE [Costume Bonus] effect that slightly raises the rare drop and exp rate. The list of compatible outfits are available at the Summer Costume list.


Those who participate in this quest will have the chance to acquire the new ★14 rod, [Quelle Neigea]. Aside from this, players can also obtain the [Navy Rappy Suit Mini].


Summer Huey

Huey, sporting new swimwear, will be available in the lobby for a limited time. Clearing his client orders will reward you with (Summer) Huey's partner card and the weapon camo [*Let's Go Ocean]


Summer 2018 Bingo

Our Summer 2018 Bingo will mainly focus on defeating enemies appearing within Beach Wars and clearing (Summer) Huey's Client Orders. Bingo rewards include Leontina's Certificate and a new weapon camo
[*Liter Water].


Beach 2018 Collection

A Collection File containing five S-class ability supporting weapons will be released alongside this update. Here you can acquire [Calamity], [Tridia], and [Vades] weapons, along with Summoner's [Super Daredevil Parfait].


Battle Arena

Battle fellow ARKS using a new rotation of weapons and photon arts.
This update's lineup includes the following:

  • Sword: Ride Slasher / Rising Edge
  • Assault Rifle: End Attract / Piercing Shell
  • Talis: Na Grants

Additionally, the [Battle Coin Exchange Shop] will have its product listing updated with new costumes, accessories, units, and the ninja lobby action.


Omega Apprezina Joins Enchanted Forest

Omega Apprezina and her Darker types will be joining the enemy lineup for Enchanted Forest. Battle Apprezina and her two servants as you fight for the chance to receive the ★14 weapon, Appress Grudge Omega.


Mid Summer Wave (AC Scratch)

This year's swimsuits have arrived! Check out the beachwear of the azure-haired pair, Huey and Stratos, as well as PSO2es' Gene, Annette, and Seraphy! 

Activity Summer [Ou][Ba]
Burning Summer [Ou][Ba]
Sailor One-piece [Ba]
セラフィ水着[Ou] & セラフィ水着A[Ba]
Seraphy Swimsuit [Ou] & Seraphy Swimsuit A [Ba]
Gene Swimsuit [Ba]
Annette Swimsuit [Ba]
Focus Lines Effect

Some sections written by Lostbob117

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