PSO2 Station #22 Recap

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August 4th Stream

Moai Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below to receive Voice Tickets
  • モアイマスクに似合うボイスちょうだい
  • These tickets are voiced by Moai Iwashita
  • You can pick these items up at the visiphone!

Conqueror's Crest Campaign

  • This campaign will end August 29th's Maintenance.
  • In Mid-October they will make adjustments so that you can obtain them as drops from Bonus Quests and certain Raid quests.

King's Crest Campaign

  • The King's Crests campaign will begin August 29th
  • King's Crests will drop from certain raid quests and [Trigger: Underground Nightmare].
  • The ★14 Weapon lineup will be different.
  • You can convert King's Crest into Conqueror's Crest.

Freezing Lobby Actions

  • You can freeze lobby actions if you're a premium user.
  • This is done through a chat command

Beach Wars

  • Moai Iwashita is in charge of announcements.
  • Nasunakan's E-Trial appears at random.
  • You can get Sweet and Sour Pork with the E-Trial
  • Stats: (30min) ALL + 10 and Rare Drop Rate +50%
  • Navy Rappy Suit Mini can drop in this quest.

Evleda Unit Upgrade

  • Apparently Evleda Units are getting an upgrade but it will take some time for that to come. There was a miscommunication in a previous stream where they said it wasn't getting any upgrades.

Evleda Collection Sheet

  • Evleda Collection Sheets will be revived at some point in the future.

Phantasy Star Zero Collaboration

  • They are planning to have a collaboration to mark PSZero's 10th Anniversary at the end of the year.

First Arts JA Addition & Next Jump Skills

  • They do not consume skill points.

Bouncer Skill: Break SD Bonus

  • This skill will receive a buff balance adjustment in October.

Phobos Potential

  • Phobos pot will receive a buff around September

Ares NT Conversion

  • You will not be able to upgrade Ares OT into Ares NT

Ares NT Potential

  • Power based on the photon blast gauge.
  • In addition to the above, another effect will occur based on the summoned Photon Blast. For example, Helix would be power, while Ketos gives natural PP recovery, etc.

Expert Conditions

  • At the present moment, they do not have plans to update the Expert Player conditions.

Nyau Voice

  • Unfortunately they do not have plans to implement Nyau's voice.



PSO2 x Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • PSO2 will be collaborating with Valkyria Chronicles 4
  • Collaboration planned for Fall 2018
  • A PSO2es Collaboration will also be held.


PSO2 x Soul Reverse Collaboration

  • PSO2 will be collaboration with the Soul Reverse Series
  • Soul Reverse is a mobile & arcade RPG
  • Luce's costumes, hairstyles, and other items will be available.
  • Collaboration planned for Fall 2018


Character Song CD ~ Song Festival 4 ~

  • Mother: Tears of the moon(Mother ver.)
  • Phaleg: アマランスの空
  • Och: 普遍数のlogic
  • Phul: fantastic seeker
  • Och & Phul Duet: エキセントリック・パーフェクト
  • Och, Phul, Phaleg, Mother: Fly me to the moon
  • Pre-Sales: September 20th ~ 23
  • General Sales: September 28th
  • Price: 2800 Yen


Phantasic 3D Live 2018

  • A Live 3DCG event where Quna and Matoi will dance and sing!
  • Characters will sing New Music and wear New Costumes
  • Schedule: October 27th and October 28th
  • Location: Hulic Hall Tokyo


July 24th Stream

Secret Phrase

Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive the following items:

  • 夏休みはナスナカンと海で握手
    • Suwa Dance (Lobby Action
    • 6th Anniversary Badge (x66)
  • You have until August 1st Maintenance to complete this task.
  • Pick up these items at the Visiphone!

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • July 24th @ 23:00 (Persona Dancing First)


Idola Tidbit

  • In this game you battle the "Idola"
  • Idola are giant creatures that are regarded as Dark Falz' kin.
  • Ketos (Cetus), pictured above, is one of the weaker types of Idola.


Idola Tidbit

  • The Pre-Registration Campaign will deliver ★5 Quna as a reward if 100,000 people pre-register for the site.
  • Details of these campaigns can be found in the previous post.


Idola Tidbits

  • Quna will have a side story quest.
  • She will also battle as the rare class "Bard"


Early August Update

  • Summer Lobby (~ 9/12)
  • Summer 2018 Bingo (~9/12)
  • Bug-Type Darkers and Omega Apprezina will appear in Enchanted Forest.


Early August Update

  • Mid Summer Wave (AC Scratch)
  • Huey And Stratos Swimwear
  • Gene, Seraphy, Annete's Swimwear from PSO2es Chip Artwork
  • A summer Sailor One-Piece
  • Lobby Actions Dance 53, Swim 2, Marine Pose


Early August Update

  • Battle Arena Weapons
    • Assault Rifle, Talis, and Sword
  • Battle Coin Exchange Shop Updated
    • Gekkou Anbus Crimson / Night
    • Yaten Anbus Crimson / Night
    • Ninja Lobby Action
    • Rear / Yaten Hollow
    • Rear / Gekkou Hollow


Early August Update

  • You can get [Summer Huey]'s Partner Card
  • Beach Wars 2018 (~9/12)
  • Oceanids and Phantoms will appear this year!


Early August Update

  • New Mascots [Nasunacan] will appear!?
  • If you clear their E-Trial, you'll receive:
    • [Nasunaka's Special Sweet & Sour Pork]
  • Beach 2018 Collection
    • Calamity Stinger
    • Calamity Smasher
    • Tridia Yart
    • Tridia Isela
    • Vardes Greave
  • 14 Star Drop Quelle Neigea
  • Scorching Heat Aratron Phemut appears at the end!


Late August Update

  • Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl Collaboration #2
  • Gorai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Gorai Kai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Gorai (Cast Parts & Suit) FA
  • Baselard (Parts & Suit) FA: Girl
  • Baselard (Parts & Suit) FA
  • Blast Shield Accessory
  • Other Accessories
  • Evo Device / Gorai G
  • Evo Device / Baselard G


Late August Update

  • Frame Arms Reload (AC Scratch)
  • Rail Gun Camo
  • Mega Slash Edge Camo (11 Categories)
  • Segment Rifle Camo
  • Lobby Actions: Charging Kun and Flying Base 2
  • Room Items
  • Fantasy Assassin themed outfits.


Late August Update

  • Dark Falz [Double] showing up in Omega!?
  • What was the incident that took place in Es-Ars?


Late August Update

  • Premium Set users can freeze Lobby Actions through a chat command. (/la trance s3.9)
  • S-Class Ability Swapping
  • Team Shop
    • Triboosters
    • Cradle of Darkness Trigger
    • Beckoning Darkness Trigger
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Silver
    • Advance Capsules
    • Extreme Pass
  • The Team Shop has purchase limits somewhat like the Casino.
  • Temporarily turn off Expert Settings to start up quests.


Late August Update

  • Battle Knuckles will appear in the Battle Arena
  • Battle Knuckle (PA: Straight Charge)
    • Has a stun effect when charged
  • Battle Arena Weapons
    • Knuckles, Twin Machine Guns, Rods
  • Battle Arena Scratch Rewards
    • Popular Weapon Camos (Coat Edge/Vilantz Actor)
    • Evolution Devices (Petite Anga)


Late August Update

Added "New" Skills

  • First Arts JA Addition
    • The first attack becomes a Just Attack
  • Next Jump
    • Perform a Double Jump


Late August Update

  • Apprentice Form is finally here!
  • Utilize two types of bugs (Close Range Types) (Support Types)
  • Activate a certain skill to ride aboard a bug.
  • The [Aura] Display mode will also be available.


Late August Update

  • Ultimate Amduscia Renewal
  • Level 85 enemies will appear at random.
  • In addition, enemy stats were adjusted.
  • Ares-NT ★14 Weapon Series can drop!
  • Ares-NT weapon category conversion at Zieg
    • Example of an Ares-NT wpn converting to an Ares-NT Sword
      • Ares NT Weapon (x1)
      • Goldnia (x999)
      • Saphard (x999)
    • Requested materials may be different based on weapon type?
  • The elusive [Dia] weapon series can drop.
  • Maron and Melon ★14 versions will appear.


Late August Update

  • Battle OF Apprentice once again in a 4 Player Trigger Quest
  • According to the video, it has a 15 minute time limit.
  • A weapon camo that supports 17 categories will drop.


PSO2es Lobby Update

  • PSO2es is getting a lobby redesign
    • (Time to redo the entire guide 🙁 )
  • A Quick Menu feature has been implemented, making it easier to move to each screen.

PSO2es Update

  • New feature: esOrders
  • Receive Items and Chips when you clear esOrders.


PSO2es Update

  • PSO2es Story Season 3 Chapter 1 begins July 25th
  • New Character:
    • Sorūsh (CV: Taketora) The Big Green Guy


PSO2es Update

  • New Chips
    • Slave Feather (8/22)
    • Bullet Kunai (7/25)
    • Slave Bullet (8/22)

PSO2es Update

  • Cool Breeze Gene (Summer Vacation) (8/1)
  • Blue Sea Annette (Summer Vacation (8/8)


PSO2es Update

  • Bio Glion (8/15)
  • Divine Raikou (Eternal Tower)
  • Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation) (Special Quest)


PSO2es Update (Side Stories)

  • Fighting Beat (7/25)
  • Cool Breeze Gene (8/1)
  • Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation) (8/1)
  • Blue Sea Annette (8/8)
  • Assassin Claw (8/22)


PSO2es Update (Special Quests)

  • Summer Break! Beachside Clubhouse (8/1 ~ 8/15)
  • AAF General Election: Seaside Soldier (8/1 ~ 8/22)
    • Obtain Shooting Drive (Summer Vacation)


PSO2es Update

  • The 8th Eternal Tower (8/8 ~ 8/22)
    • Divine Raikou Chip
    • Spear Dominacio (Partisan)
  • EQ: Tranzexia and Rigshrayda (8/2 ~ 8/7)
    • Arion Series / Raete Series
    • Gen Oboroyo Chip

Dengeki G's Comic Item Codes

  • In the October issue of Dengeki G's Comic, which goes on sale August 30th, you can receive item codes for [Love Yakan Memories].
  • You can trade in these Memories for items such as the Love "Yakan" lobby action and mats, as well as a Weapono Memory.


Come Back Arks Campaign

AC Scratch Ticket Present (August 2nd ~ August 31st)

  • Those who login with a character that's level 60 or above, will receive an AC Scratch ticket for each day they login during the campaign period. You can receive a maximum of 30 AC Scratch Tickets if you diligently log in each day.

Bonus Key Present (July 25th ~ August 1st) (August 22nd ~ August 31st)

  • Those who login during the campaign period will receive items based on the day they logged in.
  • Monday ~ Friday: Bonus Key Tokyo Silver & Bonus Key Magatsu Silver
  • Saturday: Bonus Key Tokyo Gold
  • Sunday: Bonus Key Magatsu Gold

Boost Item Present (August 15th ~ August 21st)

  • Receive Boost Items based on the date you login during the campaign period.

Returning Player Friendship

  • Friends of [Returning Players] will receive the following items
    • Conquerer's Crest x 100
    • Bonus Key Tokyo Gold
    • Bonus Key Magatsu Gold
    • Bonus Key Rappy F
  • You need to be a friend of a [Returning Player] at August 1st's maintenance.
  • You need to be a friend of a [Returning Player] at September 5th's maintenance.
  • Rewards are distributed in the future.

We will talk about these campaigns in detail during maintenance posts in the future.





Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collab

Monster Hunter Frontier Z x Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration

  • The Tower from MHF-Z will appear in PSO2
  • A collaboration boss from MHF-Z will also appear in PSO2.
  • Coming Fall 2018


Emergency Buster Quest

~ New Devil Castle: Buster Vales ~
~ The Games Begin [September] ~




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