Phantasy Star Festa 2014

Interlocking Web Event

It's time for the Phantasy Star Festa 2014 ~Online~ event! Players are tasked with clearing the targeted quest over and over to earn points that will be used to unlock rewards at a later date. Each player will contribute the following points when clearing the targeted quest.

Targeted QuestBorder-Piercing Blade

  • 1 Point = Normal
  • 2 Points = Hard
  • 3 Points = Very Hard
  • 4 Points = Super Hard

Every week we'll get a new mission that lists the rewards we can receive if we achieve certain scores. Points are accumulated through the power of all ARKS members, let’s aim towards clearing all missions!


Mission 9: Chrotov M238 / Edel Io /
Grind & Affixing Boosts

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Mission 9: Chrotov M238 / Edel Io / Grind & Affixing Boosts

  • Target Quest: Border-Piercing Blade
  • Target Score: 30,000,000
  • Scoring Period: August 13th ~ August 27th
  • Prizes: Chrotov M238 / Edel Io / +10% Grind & Special Ability Affixing Success Rate Boost

Mission 8: Double FUN / Login Bonus / Recycle Shop Discount

  •  Target Quest: Border-Piercing Blade
  • Target Score: 25,000,000
  • Scoring Period: August 6th ~ August 13th
  • Prizes: Double FUN points / Login Bonus +1 / 20% Recycle Shop Exchange Rate Discount



Mission 7: Rare Drop Boost / Rare Enemy Boost

  •  Target Quest: Border-Piercing Blade
  • Target Score: 23,000,000
  • Scoring Period: July 30th ~ August 6th
  • Prizes: +150% Rare Drop Boost / +150% Rare Enemy Chance Boost



Mission 6: Rappy Photon Chair / Voice Drama

  •  Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 19,000,000
  • Scoring Period: July 23rd ~ July 30th
  • Prizes: Rappy Photon Chair / 「VD『一位の価値は』 (Voice Drama Music Disc)



Mission 5: Meseta / EXP Boost Period  FAILED

  • Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 17,000,000
  • Scoring Period: July 16th ~ July 23rd
  • Prizes: +150% EXP and +150% Meseta Boost Period.



Mission 4: Hunewearler / Fonewearler

  • Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 12,000,000
  • Scoring Period: July 9th ~ July 16th
  • Prizes: Hunewearler / Fonewearler



Mission 3: Rare Drop Boost / Rare Enemy Boost

  • Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 8,000,000
  • Scoring Period: July 2nd ~ July 9th
  • Prizes: +150% Rare Drop Boost / +150% Rare Enemy Chance Boost



Mission 2: Meseta/EXP Boost Period

  • Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 6,000,000
  • Scoring Period: June 18th ~ July 2nd
  • Prizes: +150% EXP and +150% Meseta Boost Period.



Mission 1: Red Puyo

  • Target Quest: Chaotic Silence
  • Target Score: 3,500,000
  • Scoring Period: June 11th ~ June 18th
  • Prizes: 1000 FUN Ticket (x1) and Evo. Device / Red Puyo (x1)

2nd Anniversary Bingo II

2nd Anniversary Bingo II
1+75% EXP Booster
2500 FUN Ticket
3+50% Rare Drop Booster x2
4Tamaya no Uchiwa (Twin Dagger camo)
5+50% Tribooster
6+10% Grind Success
Complete+100% Tribooster
2nd Anniversary Bingo II (Reverse)
1+10% Ability Affixer Success x3
2Half Doll
3+250% Rare Drop Booster
4Cabracan Mask
5Extreme Pass x4
6+100% Tribooster x2
Complete+30% Ability Affixer Success

2nd Anniversary Bingo II
A-1 Defeat a Blutorbon  Lv.1+
A-2 Clear Xie's client order
The Endless Search I
A-3 Defeat a Sil Sadinian Lv.1+
A-4 Clear Xie's client order
Reaping the Rewards
A-5 Defeat a Jagd Vargr  Lv.1+
B-1 Defeat a Caterdra'nsa Lv.1+
B-2 Defeat a Pendran Lv.1+
B-3 Defeat a Dirandal  Lv.1+
B-4 Talk to Faina Daily Order Admin
B-5 Defeat a Vardha Soma  Lv.1+
C-1 Defeat a Goronzoran  Lv.1+
C-2 Destroy a green container  
C-4 Destroy a blue container  
C-5 Defeat an Org Blan Lv.1+
D-1 Feed an item to your Mag  
D-2 Talk to Lachesis Title Counter Attendant
D-3 Defeat a Gulfur Lv.1+
D-4 Defeat a Signo Gun Lv.1+
D-5 Defeat a De Malmoth Lv.1+
E-1 Defeat a Deegalla Lv.1+
E-2 Clear Xie's client order
The Endless Search III
E-3 Defeat a Fangulfur Lv.1+
E-4 Clear Xie's client order
The Endless Search II
E-5 Defeat a Yede Lv.1+

2nd Anniversary Bingo II (Reverse)
A-1 Clear Io's client order
Party Practice I
A-2 Clear Koffie's client order
New Mission Simulation:
A-3 Defeat a Blundarl Lv.21+
A-4 Defeat a Zeshrayda Lv.41+
A-5 Talk to Pudding Extreme Quest Admin
B-1 Clear any Extreme Quest Any Stage
B-2 Clear Xie's client order
Operation: Summer
B-3 Defeat a Talobecko Lv.21+
B-4 Clear Xie's client order
Beach Essentials!
B-5 Defeat a Blu Ringahda Lv.61+
C-1 Defeat a Dagacha Lv.21+
C-2 Clear Kressida's client order
Fierce F. Cont
C-4 Clear Kressida's client order
Fierce Sanctum
C-5 Defeat a Dahgash Lv.21+
D-1 Defeat Falz Hunar Lv.61+
D-2 Clear Xie's client order
Phase One: Seaside
D-3 Defeat a Seglez'n Lv.21+
D-4 Clear Xie's client order
Get Out, Bal Rodos!
D-5 Defeat a Knight Gear Lv.61+
E-1 Clear the Emergency Quest
Beach Wars 2!
E-2 Defeat a Biol Meduna Lv.41+
E-3 Defeat a Krabahda Lv.21+
E-4 Defeat an Org Blan Lv.41+
E-5 Destroy a red container  


2nd Anniversary
Client Orders & FUN Shop


珍素材で工作 / Working With Rare Materials

  • Objective: Deliver 「ナイトギアの破損した剣」 x3
  • Objective: Deliver 「ナイトギアの破損した盾」 x3
  • Objective: Deliver 「ナイトギアの破損した部品」 x10
  • Note: Drops from Knight Gear if shield and sword are broken.
  • Reward: Evo. Device / Knight Gear

お宝探して三千里・その壱 / The Endless Search I

  • Objective: Deliver 「乳白色の玉石」 x20
  • Note: Drops from Natives.

お宝探して三千里・その弐 / The Endless Search II

  • Objective: Deliver 「蒼色の玉石」 x20
  • Note: Drops from Dragonkin.

お宝探して三千里・その参 / The Endless Search III

  • Objective: Deliver 「琥珀色の玉石」 x20
  • Note: Drops from Mechs.

お宝が呼んでいる / Reaping the Rewards

  • Objective: Deliver 「紅闇の玉石」 x30
  • Note: Drops from Darkers.

サマーリゾート計画! / Operation: Summer Resort!

  • Objective: Defeat [Oceanids] x30

まずは海岸の安全確保! / Phase One: Seaside Safety!

  • Objective: Defeat [Darkers] x30

バル・ロドスを追っ払え! / Get Out, Bal Rodos!

  • Objective: Defeat [Bal Rodos] x1

ビーチの必需品! / Beach Essentials!

  • Objective: Deliver [ラッピーのゴムボート] x5
  • Note: Drops from Summer Rappies.
  • Reward: Camalots Mask

みんなのリゾートを守って! / Defend Our Resort!

  • Objective: Defeat [Biol Meduna] x1
  • Objective: Defeat [Blu Ringahda] x1
  • Reward: Lilli Shark


  • レッドテンガロンハット Red Ten Gallon Hat
  • トゲトゲのリストバンド Spiked Wristband
  • ドクロネックレス Skull Necklace
  • うさ耳リボンA Bunny Ear Ribbon A
  • チャオのおめん Chao Mask
  • 天使の羽 Angel Wings
  • 天使の輪 Angel Halo
  • シャト帽子 Sato Cap
  • オニオンヘアー Onion Hair
  • ツートーンショートボブ Two Tone Shortbob
  • ゆるふわシニヨン Light & Fluffy Chignon
  • 男性[EX]ボイスA01 Male [EX] Voice A01
  • 男性[EX]ボイスA02 Male [EX] Voice A02
  • 男性C[EX]ボイスA01 Cast Male [EX] Voice A01
  • 男性C[EX]ボイスA02 Cast Male [EX] Voice A02
  • 女性[EX]ボイスA01 Female [EX] Voice A01
  • 女性[EX]ボイスA02 Female [EX] Voice A02
  • 女性[EX]ボイスA03 Female [EX] Voice A03
  • 女性[EX]ボイスA04 Female [EX] Voice A04
  • 女性[EX]ボイスA05 Female [EX] Voice A05
  • 女性C[EX]ボイスA01 Cast Female [EX] Voice A01
  • 女性C[EX]ボイスA02 Cast Female [EX] Voice A02
  • 女性C[EX]ボイスA03 Cast Female [EX] Voice A03
  • 女性C[EX]ボイスA04 Cast Female [EX] Voice A04
  • 女性C[EX]ボイスA05 Cast Female [EX] Voice A05
  • 頬染め Blush
  • 追加ロビーアクション13 Lobby Action 13 -Cry-
  • 追加ロビーアクション14 Lobby Action 14 -Ball-
  • 追加ロビーアクション36 Lobby Action 36 -pose6-
  • 追加ロビーアクション47 Lobby Action 47 -Cam-
  • 追加ロビーアクション67 Lobby Action 67 -Kick-
  • ほくろセット Facial Mole Set

Offline Event

The Phantasy Star Festa will be touring across Japan and kicking off its first event on June 15th! Those in attendance can receive item codes for fan t-shirts and items depicting the mascots of the hosting cities.


ARKS Festa 2014 shirts

感謝祭2014TシャツM (Festa 2014 T-Shirt M)
感謝祭2014TシャツF (Festa 2014 T-Shirt F)




~ Tokyo 6/15 ~
ノッポン兄弟チェーン (Noppon Brothers Chain)
タワオ人形 (Tawao Doll)



~ Osaka 6/21 ~
いしきりんチェーン (Isikirin Chain)
いしきりん人形 (Isikirin Doll)


kawarimi senbei 1-horz

~ Fukuoka 6/28 ~
かわりみ千兵衛チェーン (Kawarimi Senbei Chain)
かわりみ千兵衛人形 (Kawarimi Senbei Doll)



~ Sapporo 7/26 ~
コアックマ&アックマC (Koakkuma&Akkuma C)
コアックマ&アックマ人形 (Koakkuma&Akkuma Doll)



~ Nagoya 8/3 ~
オカザえもんチェーン (Okazaemon Chain)
オカザえもん人形 (Okazaemon Doll)


Danbo Collab

~ Tokyo 8/16 ~
ダンボースーツ (Danbo Suit)
進化デバイス/ダンボー (Evo. Device / Danbo)

58 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Festa 2014”

    1. Speculatively there will be other quests each week, maybe they will include Angel.

    2. My only guess then is that the bingo will last until the next update, where Angel will either show up anywhere or will be a guest in another event quest.

    3. I believe there is a video for a new EQ that is coming on the 25th of this month that has Falz Angel in, so lets hope 😀

    4. From EQ 闇へのいざない (The Mothership EQ SH) At the end you fight him
      I already got it. Only D-1 and E-2 remains for me.

  1. These devs must be on crack if they think a score of 3.5m in a week is reasonable. Especially considering the lackluster rewards. Currently only at 168k after nearly a day. This score would need to increase 20-fold to meet the requirement. -_-

    I'm not sure why they would put it so high. Were there that many runs of the previous limited quest (the one with chrome dragon on the beach)?

  2. So is PSO-WORLD.COM hacked too .. I guess the hackers are pretty mad , but it's no problem , they will have to stop this shit eventually since they'll find out that there is nothing to get from what they're doing , I mean even the money that we pay for the AC is unreachable , yea i'm giving those guys the middle finger.., everyone should give those retards the middle finger , because they are sick lifeless poeple that noone gives a fuck about.

  3. Can I ask how do we get a score of 3.5mil points? Because I've seen that I got some score of 4.6mil on thier site the other day.

  4. hmmm, guess we missed most of these missions due to the ddos attacks (i only knew about the first mission), but if we keep going we still might get these prizes.
    What exactly are the prizes for mission 4 ?

  5. Sorry to ask it here but I was wondering something… I just get my LV70 a few hours ago and the indication for the remaining exp became "To next Cube". What does it mean
    Thank you.

  6. well and i cant still play, its a bit frustrating…. i dont know why the hackers use Ddos or whatever it was… didnt they realize they destroy the playerbase with that?


    1. actually that might of been why they did it because i dont see any other reasoning for them to of done it

    2. for almost 2 months (for me at least) the site and game have bin down..and the more it goes on the more annoyed I get… this whole situation is just flat out frustrating.. it like i'm at that point where i just go down a list of things to blame.. 1: sega cuz they don't give two @#$%s about their foreign audience. 2: optimum for not being one of the internet providers that connect.. (at least for me.. idk if any other ppl have that prob) 3: the DDoS Attacker……i don't even need to talk about this one… 4: MEEEE for not having the balls to cheat….ugh sad face

    3. i can't really afford to pay for one of those… and i heard the free ones get caught easily. And i can't really ask my family for it cuz they'll throw a blunt "no" at me… so basically i'm screwed atm..

    4. That particular division of Sega might not, but Sega as a whole is a different story. It seems like PSO2 is managed solely by the Japanese branch of Sega, so they're free to deny any support/concern to audiances that basically aren't theirs.

      With other games, even if they were Japanese games but distributed overseas, it's likely that any kind of support of customer feedback would be handled by respective branches overlooking area said customers are in.

      If the game wasn't meant to be for foreign audiances to begin with, and it clearly wasn't, even though there is a foreign audience now, they don't really have any obligations. Sure that becomes touchy when money is involved, such as foreigners buying AC. But meh, they can still easily play the easy "Didn't force them to buy anything" card and point out such purchases were never meant for foreign audiances in the first place.

      tl;dr: Sega isn't the monster people make it to be. It's a business, with clear objectives to meet.
      Also, for those who after all this time still don't know, a good part of the issue now is sorta above PSO2, and is rather with their own provider/host.

      PS: lolwhat. Using a VPN isn't cheating.
      Also any ban happening with VPN isn't because you're using a VPN itself, it's because some VPNs will change your IP fast/often enough to trigger PSO2's account security measures, which is perfectly fine and normal.
      What happens is that when people connect from say, different parts of a country, like different cities, in a very short amount of time, the game assumes that's physically not possible and that someone's doing something iffy with your account. So just in case, it locks it. And then you'd just tell them it's okay, it's really you.
      The problem is, if it goes beyond the email-confirm-code-sending and goes into something that requires you to actually contact PSO2 support, well, as stated in their ToS, they don't legally have to help you, even as a paying customer.

      Woo I wrote another wall text, I'm sorry. I hope I could make sense of a few things though.

    5. lol it does… i guess mostly i'm just mad cuz i was GOING to get back on this game due to all the cool things coming out.. not to mention i have a character thats lvl 65/50.. but your right sega jp is responsible for its own country… *sigh* anyone can explain how the proxy works? lol

    6. Any kind of workaround is against the ToS. However let me give you and -Z- a piece of advice: Screw the ToS. Did you guys actually read the whole thing? And is the translation accurate? whatever the case ToS can go blow goats for all I care, why? Because before this whole DDoS farce NOBODY gave a flying blip about the ToS. Also, right after SEA was locked out of JP servers they did not care and kept playing vía VPN. And now to answer your question: VPN's are the less safe alternative for connecting now. Just as pointed before it changes/hides or spoofs IP's. Proxies are very similar but are far safer since they are like a "dummy" of the real servers. They essentially fool the launcher and the client into believing they are connecting to the SEGA servers when they are in fact connecting to the proxy. This makes it harder to get banned. Now the ban system is automated (stop thinking there are a bunch of people monitoring account movements carrying a ban hammer, there's 3.5 million ID's as of now) A set of circumstances trigger the bans, there's no knowing what those are but IP jumping all over the place is surely one of them. The icing on the cake is that these bans are not permanent but temporary. Problem is there is no support for users outside japan so it becomes a perma ban for those not living in japan.

    7. actually, I thiiiiiiiiiink proxy IPs are against the ToS, kinda like playing from outside glorious nippon. take it as you may.

    8. hmmm will it get me banned.. i might all ready know the answer to this but i'll ask anyway.. -. –

    1. well..anyway thx for the advice guys. I guess i'll listen to helvetica and just wing it… even if i do get banned, its not like i was left much of a choice. So whatever thx again everybody.

  7. Well i tried VPN much times out and i still see all ship´s as "Unknown" and still getting the error. after now sofar the 2 month im starting to think to forget this game… i dont think so or so i will see my Vocal Patrols friends too anymore… in short words. im losing the hope i will be able to play the game again with or without vpn.


    1. Give me an idea of the vpn server you are using. If you are using the "Awesome" vpn book servers. I can tell you the connection is fast and everything but it will show the ships as unknown.

    2. Don't know if my previous comment got posted but what server are you using. If you are using vpnbook servers. It will let you connect to game but will give unknown status on ships.

  8. I been useing vpn for a while……Private Amazon vpn for the 12mo for 1 doller seems good. and i yet to get ban or know any 1 who has been o.o even with public 1s….

  9. Mission 9, afx and grind 10% is a 10% success rate ITEM, or its an EVENT(like, 1 day or 1 week of additional 10% to put ability 3) ?

    1. You can expect to see all of the remaining rewards from the event after next week's maintenance.

      We'll list all of them in that maintenance post.

  10. Hey everyone i live in sydney and i used to play pso2 on the vita. but now all i see is the maintenance symbol for all ships. can anybody help please?

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