PSO2 JP: August 27th's Pre-Patch

We're in the home stretch towards the release of the Mission: Episode 3 update. Since the file size for this update is quite large, SEGA will be splitting up and distributing the patch across several days.

August 27th Patch Schedule

Patch Release Date Size
#1 8/15 @ 15:00 JST 886MB
#2 8/18 @ 15:00 JST 743MB
#3 8/22 @ 15:00 JST 711MB
#4 8/25 @ 15:00 JST 729MB

There will also be a patch distributed during August 27th's maintenance. The prepatch files will be stored in the following folder:

[installation folder] / [pso2_bin] / [_precede]

You may delete the _precede folder after confirming you're able to login after August 27th's maintenance.



7 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: August 27th's Pre-Patch”

  1. So, um, guys, when I went into my room to add an item to it, once I got in I realized that there is nothing in my room anymore…. any help on this, atleast some insight?

    1. Just buy room tickets using your EXcubes, or spin some FUN scratches, they drop common. You can stack your room tickets up to 90days (same as prem, heck all about non-prem room, you can get same as prem using tickets)

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