PSO2 JP: August 27th's Pre-Patch

We're in the home stretch towards the release of the Mission: Episode 3 update. Since the file size for this update is quite large, SEGA will be splitting up and distributing the patch across several days.

August 27th Patch Schedule

Patch Release Date Size
#1 8/15 @ 15:00 JST 886MB
#2 8/18 @ 15:00 JST 743MB
#3 8/22 @ 15:00 JST 711MB
#4 8/25 @ 15:00 JST 729MB

There will also be a patch distributed during August 27th's maintenance. The prepatch files will be stored in the following folder:

[installation folder] / [pso2_bin] / [_precede]

You may delete the _precede folder after confirming you're able to login after August 27th's maintenance.



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