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Information provided by ShougaiPSO

Development Team

  • Series Producer: Satoshi Sakai
  • Producer: Yasuyuki Tsuzuki (Sega)
  • Producer: Hiroyuki Tamura (Tri-Ace)
  • Sound: Motoi Sakuraba

Development Progress

  • 40% done as of September, 2013
  • Tri-Ace in charge of overall development. (Approx 70 people on staff)
  • Phantasy Star team merely supervises.

Game Features

  • Character Creation Available
  • Single Player Story Mode
  • Ad-hoc Multiplayer Mode
  • Missions occur when you progress through the story.
  • As you complete missions, more story elements unfold.
  • Players are apart of the ARKS Planetary Exploration Group known as Alter.
  • Alter's Warship "Delta Variant" crashes on Planet Machia
  • Planet Machia is an uncivilized planet where photons have no effect.
  • Planet Machia features a huge enemy known as "Gigantes"




Lutina ルティナ



Fieldia フィルディア



Sail セイル

Main Characters

  • Lutina ルティナ (18yo) Female Human Force (Main Partner)
  • Sail セイル  (18yo) Male Human Hunter
  • Fieldia フィルディア (28yo) Female Human Hunter (Acting as captain of Delta Variant)

Battle System

  • Agrios (Enemy variant of Gigantes)
  • Kuklonahda (PSO2 Enemy)
  • Wolgahda (PSO2 Enemy)
  • A Green Vol Dragon.
  • Photon Arts and Technics cannot be used on Planet Machia
  • Instead of Photons, you'll fight against enemies using "something" they'll reveal at a later time.


  • Hunters use Swords and Partisans
  • Forces use Rods
  • (We'll probably have more information later)
  • You'll be able to obtain weapons, not through item drops, but by creating them through materials found on Planet Machia


PIle Weapon CategoryPile Weapon Category

New Weapon Category: Pile

  • Piles are ranged weapons that fire Anchors (Harpoon). They create weakpoints on the area that hits the enemy.
  • You can fire the Anchor and destroy Gigantes' armor by hitting around the area; then ascend his body and attack the anchor to drive it further down its skin. This action will allow you to gain control of him. (Shougai described it sort of like hacking the system. They didn't explain in what way you'll gain control, but more information is coming in a few hours.)
  • In an interview with Famitsu Magazine, Producer Tsuzuki mentioned that they're considering having a "Gigantes vs Gigantes" battle. (So maybe you'll be able to control Gigantes and fight other enemies. Either way we'll probably know more about this system once Tokyo Game Show arrives.)

Tokyo Game Show 2013

  • PSO2 Live Broadcast is scheduled to air on September 22nd.
  • Attendees can try out the new Seabed field. It takes place within a structure built on Planet Vopar; said to have a… radiant, colorful display.
  • Seabed will arrive this November.

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