Phantasy Star Nova and PSO2 Tokyo Gameshow Lineup

Planet Machia

Phantasy Star Nova's official site updated with some basic information surrounding the game. Phantasy Star Nova is a project to create a new Phantasy Star game that takes place offline. It includes a single player story mode, and a multiplayer ad-hoc mode with up to 4 players. The story consists of group of comrades who form deeper bonds as they encounter various trials and tribulation. Tri-Ace plans to use real-time cutscenes to capture their events throughout the story. 


Phantasy Star Nova Battle

The player and crew make an emergency crash landing on planet where photons hold no power. Though at first the planet was thought to be uncivilized, the crew encounters a gigantic boss heavily adorned in artillery. Without the aid of the main fleet, the crew must now rely on materials procured on the planet to fight against the beast known as Gigantes.


Sail and Lutina Phantasy Star Nova

Sail (pictured left) and Lutina (the main heroine of the story)



Fieldia (acting as captain of Delta Variant)


PS Nova Scan 3

A new page was recently scanned.


Phantasy Star Nova will be streamed live on Nico Nico on September 19th @ 13:00 ~ 13:30 JST. In addition, Phantasy Star Online 2 livestream begins September 19th @ 12 ~ 13:00 JST and September 22nd @ 10:45 ~ 11:30 JST.

Tokyo Gameshow Schedule

PSO2 September 25th Update

  • New Scratch: Autumn Sports Festival
  • New EX Quest: Ruins and Oceanids
  • New Spellstone Items
  • New Story Quest: An Unexpected Encounter
  • New Team Room: Desert Base
  • New Team Feature: Team Bulletin Board

PSO2 November Update

  • New Field: Seabed (Playable at TGS)


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