Phantasy Star Nova: The Gigantes "Gration" and "Alkyone"

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The Phantasy Star Nova demo will be releasing on August 12th, 2014. In this demo you'll fight against the Gigantes 'Agrios.' Please note that character creation functions, story progression, and base functions, among other things, are not available in the demo. Please choose from one of the sample characters available for selection.

Since the game is currently in development, some aspects of the demo will be different from the final version.  The demo features a single player mode and it can support up to four players in multi-player mode via Ad-Hoc connections. The demo requires around 1.2 GBs of space, and will be available for download at the Japanese Playstation Store. Guides will be available once the download goes live! Stay tuned..

In Phantasy Star Nova, players will go up against these biomechanical beasts known as the Gigantes. There are several different kinds of Gigantes, and the most recognizable one so far is the Gigantes 'Agrios' available in the demo. Today we're going to take another brief look at two other Gigantes which were mentioned in previous articles.


Gigantes: Gration


The Gigantes 'Gration' is around 41 meters long and 45 meters high. Its main attraction are its infinite blades cutting through everything. It's a unicorn-type Gigantes with chainsaws sprouting from its body. It can also become enraged performing charge attacks. Use the various weapon types at your disposal to see if you can destroy the blades.


Gigantes: Alkyone

Alkyone Alcyone Nova

The Gigantes 'Alkyone' is a jellyfish-type equipped with flamethrowers. It can attack in various ways such as releasing a huge fireball. Getting exposed to its ink can also darken the screen. Like the Gration, it seems it too can become enraged.



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