Phantasy Star Online 10th Anniversary is Today!

Today is Phantasy Star Online's 10th Anniversary. Today on December 21st 2000, Phantasy Star Online was launched to the public. The Phantasy Star Online 2 portal was updated to reveal a brief history of all the games we've seen thus far after the release of Phantasy Star Online.

Now that PSPo2i brings back several memories of Phantasy Star Online, we can now head forth into the future with Phantasy Star Online 2.  Unfortunately no new information about Phantasy Star Online 2 was revealed, but the day is still young, I'd expect something to leak out on today of all days.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, Sega is holding events across PSU called the Ragol Memorial Festa where you play in the PSO areas. Also there's a screenshot event for PSOBB where players can take pictures of their time before it shuts down. PSOBB Japan shuts down next week Monday.


Item Design CGs

So we had the PSU Item Design Contest, and the Nico Nico Item Design Contest. These below are the CG models for the PSU contest.


Verdecoat the second place cast male outfit!


Imperial Cross, 4th place winner!


Croce Segmantata 3rd place winner!


Nachtlotus the first place winner.


King of Vlad (Twin Claw) representing the Dracula style.


Bigetsu (Axe)


Juggernaut (Knuckles) with the PSIV SE


Acknowledge (Saber) combines with Denial (Saber)
  They become a Double Saber and Twin Sabers


Revolution Will (Twin Sabers) of Acknowledge and Denial


ShijimaAkatsuki (Rod)  or otherwise known as Silent Dawn.


Sleipnir (Grenade) wants his master.


All the winners' items are completely done and will soon ship to each game in the Phantasy Star Series. The details on when that will happen will be revealed in the future.

[via itemdesign]

*The sidebar Charge Shot II will be updated today to reflect the new changes to the weapons.

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