Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test Starts April 19, 2012

Today it was announced that the Closed Beta test will start April 19th, 2012 through April 28th, 2012.

  • This date is subject to change due to any unexpected problems.
  • The Closed Beta data is deleted after it is finished.

Even though they are still accepting applications for the beta, they have already started sending Beta winner emails. These emails are not sent all in one go, so just wait until yours arrives. They have 100,000 emails to send out and they don't want all of you downloading the client at the same time so the emails will be sent out in bursts.

When you receive the email, you can go ahead and log in.

Each ARKS Ship is a server. It appears there are 10 servers now.

One of the newest things added into the settings area is Video Codecs, including Microsoft Video 1, Matrox MPEG2 I-Frame HD, etc.

Beta Test Starts:

  • EST: Thursday, April 19th, @ 3:00AM
  • CST: Thursday, April 19th, @ 2:00AM
  • MST: Thursday, April 19th, @ 1:00AM
  • PST: Thursday, April 19th, @ 12:00AM
  • UK: Thursday, April 19th, @ 8:00AM


 Downloading the client

Click the BIG RED BUTTON, and again on the next page.

「サーバーのHTTPレスポンスが正しくありません[12152]」????? HTTP ?????????????? [12152] Error

  • If you get an HTTP Response error, please change the destination folder of the download to the Desktop instead of Program Files.
  • Your security software may be blocking access to the download server.


The third form of currency in the game is FUN points, whether you are a paying user or not, all players can gain FUN points through the following methods.

All Players Can Acquire Fun Points by:

  • Logging into the game
  • (If you log in each consecutive day, you could get bonus points. For example, you can log in Wed, Thur, Fri to get bonus points, instead of Wed, then Friday.)
  • Sending and Receiving Good Jobs (The amount of FUN you can get in a day is limited)
  • When you summon a "Friend Partner" and clear the quest, or someone summons your character.
  • Game Ranking rewards

You also get a small percentage of FUN points when you spend Arks Cash. Isn't it fun?

Good Job is like Facebook's "like" button. You can say "Good Job" to  any player for any situation. When you say Good Job, you also get FUN points.

In the Character Menu for other players click on "Good Job"


You can also attach a comment, like saying "Thank you very much." You can also send Good Jobs to players in your "Communication History" like those you partied with before. You could also send it to players who used your character as a Friend Partner.

When you use FUN Points you can spend them on a FREE Gacha called FUN Scratch.

FUN Scratch includes

  • Room Items
  • Music Disks ( for use in My Room's  Jukebox to change the BGM)
  • Tickets for Accessories and hairstyles
  • Special Devices for Mags
  • Tickets for additional lobby actions
  • My Room 3 day usage
  • Limited Time Effect Items (These are not as powerful as AC versions)
  • Boost Items (These are not as powerful as AC versions)
  • Grinder and Synthesizer

Items you obtained in Fun Scratch can be  given to other players, (he didn't specifically state, but I'm assuming trading/player shops).

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