Phantasy Star Online 2 Ep.2 Deluxe Package

Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 Deluxe Package will go on sale March 20th, 2014. This package will release for both PC and Vita and will include codes for items designed by manga artist and animator, Mamoru Nagano.

PSO2 Episode 2 Deluxe Package [PC]

  • JP Title: ファンタシースターオンライン2 エピソード2 デラックスパッケージ
  • Price: 4980 Yen (w/o Tax)
  • Contents: 3 DVDs + Item Codes
  • Available: March 20th, 2014

PSO2 Episode 2 Deluxe Package [Vita]

  • JP Title: ファンタシースターオンライン2 エピソード2 デラックスパッケージ
  • Price: 4980 Yen (w/o Tax)
  • Contents: PlayStation Vita Game Card + Item Codes
  • Available: March 20th, 2014

Recent Post Updates:

  • Added each individual item contained in the package. [2/7/2014]

Mercy of Lillipa

BulletBow: Mercy Of Lillipa  (マーシー・オブ・リリーパ)
Costume: Orakio Pareo Sakura Pink (オラキオパレオ桜)


Heart of Naberius

Twin Dagger: Heart of Naberius (ハート・オブ・ナベリウス)
Costume: Orakio Dress (オラキオドレス)


Soul Of Wopal Katana
Katana: Soul of Wopal (ソウル・オブ・ウォパル)
Costume: Orakio Jacket  (オラキオジャケット)


Bonus Items Include:

  • (#1) Sixteen Green Arks Badges
  • (#2) Three weapons designed by Mamoru Nagano.
  • (#3) Two Mags designed by Mamoru Nagano.
  • (#4) Four Yellow Arks Badges (New Color Variations for PSP2 Costumes)
  • (#5) A jukebox and PSO2 メインテーマVer3 (Music Disc)
  • (#6) 30 Day Premium Set
  • (#7) 1000 FUN Ticket
  • (#8) 100% Tribooster + Grind Success (100%) + Liliparium Full Charge
    Liliparium Full Charge drops the cooldown times to zero for all craft lines.


16 Green Arks Badges

Orakio Pareo

オラキオパレオ Orakio Pareo

Purchasing the Deluxe Package nets you sixteen Green ARKS Badges
! Use these badges to exchange for the costumes, hairstyles, voice tickets, and lobby actions shown below!

Mamoru Nagano Designed Costumes (4 Badges Per Costume)

  • オラキオパレオ Orakio Pareo [All-Race Female]
  • オラキオパレオ桜 Orakio Pareo Sakura Pink [All-Race Female]
  • オラキオドレス Orakio Dress [All-Race Female]
  • オラキオドレス雪 Orakio Dress White Snow [All-Race Female]
  • オラキオジャケット Orakio Jacket [All-Race Male]
  • オラキオジャケット紅 Orakio Jacket Red [All-Race Male]

Mamoru Nagano Designed Hairstyles (1 Badge Per Hairstyle)

  • オラキオセミロング Orakio Semi-long [Female]
  • オラキオロングヘア Orakio Long Hair [Female]
  • オラキオショートカット Orakio Short-cut [Male/Female]
  • オラキオオールバック Orakio All-back [Male/Female]
Voice Tickets
1 Badge
Voiced by…

Female [EX] Voice C01

Cast Female [EX] Voice C01

Maria Kawamura

Female [EX] Voice C02

Cast Female [EX] Voice C02

Ayako Kawasumi

Male [EX] Voice C01

Cast Male [EX] Voice C01

Junichi Suwabe

Hear sample voice clips at the official site.

Lobby Actions (1 Badge Per Lobby Action)

  • フォトンチェア金 Photon Chair Gold
  • フォトンチェア黒 Photon Chair Black

Other Items (Costs 4 Badges)

  • アークスバッヂ黄 Arks Badge Yellow

 Four Yellow Arks Badges

New color variations for Phantasy Star Portable 2 costumes will be available in time for the Deluxe Package! Each costume costs four badges. Each cast part costs 1 badge.


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