PSO2 JP: Dengeki Game Festival 2014 PSO2 Recap


Begins at 17:00

April Pa techs

New Technics and Photon Arts

  • イル・メギド Il Megid
  • カイザーライズ Kaiser Rise [Wired Lance]
  • コスモスブレイカー Cosmos Breaker [Launcher]
  • メテオフィスト Meteor Fist [Knuckle]

Cosmic School Life

New Scratch

  • Cosmic School Life Scratch.
  • Children's Day Samurai Costumes.
  • Samurai Lillipan Suit.


shaq city

More Super Hard Advance Quests

  • City, Ruins, and Dragon Altar added!
  • New 11 star weapons.
  • Large Pyroxene trade weapons added.

Stage 51 60 Forest and dragons

Extreme Quests

  • Forest and Dragons Stages 51 ~ 60 added!
  • Level 70 enemies!
  • New Bio Weapons.

 PSO2 mook

PSO2をはじめよう! [Let's Start PSO2!]

In conjunction with the release of the Deluxe Package comes a new Mook titled, "Let's Start PSO2!" This Mook [Book/Magazine] comes attached with a PSO2 install disk obtainable from participating convenience stores across Japan. Enclosed is an item code for the スカルソーサラー/リヒト Skull Sorcerer / Licht assault rifle.


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