Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 Launches July 17th, 2013

Today Sakai revealed footage of the next episodic "expansion" to Phantasy Star Online 2! Episode 2 launches July 17th, 2013 and will add a new race, new weapon category, and a new planet.


New Race & Class: Dewmans And Bravers

Female Dewman PSO2

Female Dewman with two horns.

Male Dewman PSO2

Male Dewmans with one horn.

Dewmans play on the offensive side with high attack power but low defense. The two physical features that separate Dewmans from other races are their separate eye colors and horns. Whereas females have two horns, males only have one.  Since your existing PSO2 characters cannot be converted into Dewmans, each player will receive 1 free character creation キャラクター作成権 pass accompanying the launch of PSO2 Episode 2.


Katana PSo2 s

New Weapon Category: Katana


BUllet Bows PSO2

New Weapon Category: Bullet Bows

The Braver class adds two new weapon categories, "Katanas" and "Bullet Bows." Katanas are close-range weapons that can perform counters by just guarding your opponent.  Bullet Bows on the other hand are ranged weapons that can perform charged attacks.




New Planet: Vopar


After the battle with Dark Falz came the discovery of a new planet deluged in water. Scattered across the shores are strange facilities that are still in operation to this day. This field will introduce two new types of enemies, bird-like Darkers, and the "Oceanids" aquatic creatures native to this planet.


Coast Field PSO2

Planet Vopar: Coast Area

On the surface, Planet Vopar is a resort-like area where the Oceanids roam free. One distinctive characteristic about this field is how the day to night transition affects the Oceanids' behavior.  This field is home to two bosses, the Olgebran, a land shark type enemy, and the Val Rodus, who bears striking resemblance to PSO's De Rol Le.



オルグブラン Olgebran


Val Lodus

バル・ロドス Val Rodus/Bal Rodus

Val Rodus boss arena is a deck set inside a giant whirlpool with turrets and a capturing device that can reel him in. Use this opportunity to destroy the numerous parts on his body and expose his weakpoint directly!


PSO2 Premium Package

Premium Package Vol 2

Order the Premium Package at Play-Asia!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium Package Vol 2 will go on sale on the same date and will include various promotional items codes for costumes and weapons, and a bonus mini soundtrack CD.


Ethan Waber Costume

Ethan Waber Costume


Karren Erra Costume

Karen Erra Costume


Ken ei Licht PSO2

剣影/リヒト Ken'ei / Licht


Hirokteri LIcht PSO2

ヒロクテリ/リヒト Hirokteri / Licht


The mini soundtrack CD contains the following tracks:

  • 01 – The whole new world – PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 OPENING THEME for VITA
  • 02 Gate Area
  • 03 Forest: Battle
  • 04 Desert: Battle
  • 05 Floating Continent: Battle
  • 06 Big Vardha
  • 07 Falz Hunar
  • 08 Chrome Dragon
  • 09 Dragon Altar : Battle
  • 10 Beach: Battle

Goetic Demon: Vepar

So far the development team has referenced two Goetic demons, "Naberius" and "Amdusias." I think it's best to conclude that Planet ウォパル is a reference to ウェパル a goetic demon who can command the winds and sea to create terrible storms. Since her name is spelled as "Vepar," the closest name we can form to match the Katakana is Vopar.

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