PSO2 Live Broadcast (Thanks Festa Special) Recap

The Phantasy Star Fan Thanks Festa is now live!  As usual, the recap will be posted once the show is over, in the meantime our notes will be posted below.

This post updates in real-time.
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Updated: June 9th: 2013


Phantasy Star Fan Thanks Festa 2013 Recap

  • To commemorate surpassing over 500,000 players on the PSVita version, all players will receive a Triboost+100% if they logged in between June 12th through July 31st
  • Musical instruments are coming to the FUN Shop
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Project Dream Arks Drama CD (Xeno, Echo, Afin) releases July 24th.
  • PSO2 Drama CD: Initial release includes item code tickets for Afin, Xeno, and Echo battle voices.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 es Closed Beta Test: Begins this summer
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 es: Android 2.3+
  • PSO2 es CBT: Recruitment begins June 9th through July 16th
  • PSO2 es CBT: Taking in around 50,000 players
  • PSO2 es CBT: If you reach level 20 in any class you'll get Sato Cap, Triboost+50%, Fun 500 Ticket at a later time.
  • PSO2 Episode 2 Dewmans new Race (New weapons look like Katana and Bow)
  • The Dudu shirt sold out?
  • Hair Project: Onion style hair
  • They had a battle between Vol Dragon and Dark Ragne, and Vol Dragon lost

Secret Campaign

  • 「なまたろう」 is this week's secret campaign.
  • Type なまたろう in chat by June 12th and receive some Ningyo-yaki Earrings (Fried Dolls)

June 19th Update

  • Kuna Live Stage Event
  • Harder Dark Falz EQs

June 26th Update

  • Upd: Burning Rangers themed quest "Arks Ship Burning Maelstrom"
  • New Scratch PSPortable 2 and Arks Idol Kuna costumes.
  • Tanabata Lobby

Episode 2

  • Begins July 17th, 2013
  • Supported through updates for the rest of the year.
  • Continues where the story left off.
  • All characters are given a "Mini Room"
  • New Voice Actors include Ayana Taketatsu, Masaya Onosaka,  Takahiro Sakurai….
  • Subclass will gain a small amount of EXP
  • My Room supports more furniture.
  • Support Partners (like PSU Partner Machinery)
  • Rare Drop Information
  • Automatic Equipment Function
  • A Team List
  • Arks Road


  • Dewmans have heterochromia
  • Attack-centric race with low defense.
  • You can change their skin color from pale to a pale dark blue.
  • Males have unicorn style horns, females have twin 'demon' style horns.
  • New character slot for free!

Planet Vopar

  • Planet is covered in water.
  • New Field: Coast
  • Neptunian Enemies
  • Midboss: Olgebran
  • Boss: Val Rodus/Bal Rodus
  • The third darker type is birdlike. (Ryuda Sorcerer/Luda Sorcerer)
  • Enemies behave differently based on the time of day.
  • Vopar might be a reference to the goetic demon Vepar.

Support Partners

  • Support partners are reminiscent to PSU's partner machines
  • You can customize them in character creation.
  • Support partners can perform activities even when you're offline. (In the video it appears they gather client order items?)

Braver Class

  • New Weapon Category: Katana and Bullet Bow
  • Katanas can perform a Just Guard counter.
  • Bullet Bows have short and long-range PAs


  • July: Support Partner and Arks Road
  • July: Planet Vopar
  • July: New Class (Braver) New Race (Dewman) New Categories (Katana and Bullet Bow)
  • September: New Field
  • October: Super Hard difficulty and Level 65
  • November: New Field
  • December: 12 person quest and a new system update for item customization.

PSO2 Premium Package Vol 2.

  • On Sale July 17th

Dewman New Race PSO2

New Race: Dewman


PSO2 Main Visual

PSO2 Episode 2 Box Art (Main Visual)


Bullet Bow Katana

New Weapon Category: Katana and Bullet Bow
New Class: Braver


Beach Area

Planet Vopar (New Field)


New Planet Wopal

Planet Vopar seamlessly transitions from day to night.


PSO2 Luda Boss

Bird-like Darkers (Ryuda Sorcerer/Luda Sorcerer)


Bal lodus

Val Rodus / Val Rhodes (New Boss)

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