Phantasy Star Online 2: Happy New Year 2014


Ring in the New Year with a new Story Quest, Team Room, and revival scratch selection featuring popular costumes and accessories.

Story Quest Episode 2 Chapter 4


Available: December 25th

Chapter 4 takes place in the Seabed with returning characters like Cabracan and Theodore…as a Deuman!? Be sure to pick up those new red bladed weapons that drop from the Matter Board.

New Team Room

Snow Team Room

Available: December 25th

This snow themed Team Room comes with cute Rappy and Lillipa snow sculptures and a large slide. Utilize the stage and seating area in the center of the room to host your own team event. By the way, it's said that if you in a certain spot, you might be able to reach an unexpected location.

New Years Event

Available: Jan 1st ~ Jan 15th (JST)

Along with the New Year's Lobby comes two revival scratches. The "Year of the Horse Lucky Bag G and Accessory Select" Scratch features popular costumes and accessories for two whole weeks! The Lucky Bag G scratch will contain costumes and accessories; parts and head parts, with items bundled in a pack. The Accessory Select scratch will contain accessories, lobby actions, and voice tickets among other things.

Time converter at

Japanese New Years Begins Dec 31st @ 10:00AM EST!

Happy New Year Party! AC Scratch and FUN Scratch


(Evo. Device / Kagamimi)
Available: December 25th

Let's welcome the New Year in style with Shrine Maiden and Techer inspired costumes!

Surge Picaro

サージュピカロ Surge Picaro


Lukhter Orbit

ルフターオービット Luchter Orbit



グアルディ・シリーズ Guardi Series



バイラリン・シリーズ Bailarin Series


New Year's accessories and room items are available in the FUN Scratch!


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